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  • How to create header section or top bar menu on Wordpress blog

    Have a query about using Wordpress blog? Want to know how to create tab bar, menu or header section as compared to using Blogger? Check out this page for advice from experts and decide how to make the best use of Wordpress.

    This website have different section on the top (header or top bar menu), like, Articles, Ask Experts, Exams, Education and on. Like that, how to create tab bar menu or header section on Wordpress blog? What are the basic steps to be taken to do so? Guide with the steps. Is there any difference between Wordpress vs Blogger procedure to create the header?
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  • How To Set up Top Bar Menu:
    1. You have to create your menu.
    2, You have to Go to Appearance and click on Menu.
    3. Then you have to click on Manage location button from the top/
    4. A list will dropdown. From that list select the menu you have created.
    5. You can save the above by clicking on the save button.

    Then you have to turn on the Top Bar Area by following the following:
    1. You have to go to the Dashboard. Then click on Appearance/ Then click on Customize and then Header and finally Top Bar.
    2. Then click on the Enable Top Bar.
    3. Save the changes by clicking on the Save button.
    4. Publish
    The menu on the Top Bar can be displayed on the right side or left side by turning on the align top bar menu left or right.

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  • Wordpress is a popular and exhaustive site where people can host their blogs and even create their own websites through Wordpress architecture. Many people and organisations have taken help of this great platform in designing their own websites being powered by the Wordpress facilities and software only. The platform is freely open to the developers and contributors who can append any number of plugins to this site for various usages and in fact this is one of the largest site from that aspect using all types of plugins for the use of a particular customer. So one can use any plugin of ones choice.

    The top menu bar is also a very common plugin that people use for easy navigation to their blog or site powered by the Wordpress. There are standard procedure to create the header section on top bar menu as follows -

    For setting up the header menu, first we have to create a menu by going to 'Appearance' and selecting 'Menus'. Now click on 'Manage Location tab' and select the newly created menu from the drop-down beside top bar navigation. Click on 'Save' to save the changes.

    Next step is to turn on the top bar area. For this go to 'Dashboard' and select 'Appearance' and then select 'Header' and ten select 'Top Bar'. Now turn on the 'Enable Top Bar'. Click on 'Save' to save changes.

    After this one has to enable the top bar. For this one has to assign a menu to top bar area. One has to go to 'Appearance' then select 'Customize' and then select 'Navigation'. At this stage one has to select a menu from top bar navigation drop down. Once it is done go to 'Dashboard' and select 'Appearance' and then select 'Customize' and hen select 'Header' and then select 'Top Bar'. Here one has to select 'Display Top Bar Menu' and turn it on. Click on 'Save & Publish'.

    There are many other tasks like changing the position and colour of the top bar etc which can be done following exactly the above sequence with appropriate selections and if interested one can explore and practice more with such settings.

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