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  • Does Unani medicine really works for skin issues?

    Suffering from issues with skin like pimples or acne? Searching for natural unani medicine since allopathy is not giving any results? Here, on this page our ISC experts shall give you advice to resolve the skin issue.

    My friend have skin issue, like a small few pimples or acne on elbow side. It doesn't go even after shown to skin specialists and used ointment and medicine etc.

    Few suggested, natural medicine would work on this, like Sidha or Unani. I would like to know whether Unani or Sidha treatment works for any health issues including skin one?
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  • You can try the following.

    1. 4 grams each of fumaria indica, Chirata, Taphrosia, Globe flower are weighed and then 5 numbers of Jujube fruit are also taken. The above are added to 200ml of water and boiled for 15 minutes. Filter the liquid and a few grams of sugar. You can take this medicine daily two times.

    2. Take Rind of Orange, eggshell, tragacanth gum, barley, lentil, Kernel of almond, the kernel of sweet melon sweets and green gram. 6 grams of each of the above you have to take. Make it into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle. Add the required quantity of water and make it a paste. Apply this paste in the night before you go to bed and wash it with warm water in the morning

    3. You can use a mix of one tablespoon full of honey and 10 grams gyrated apple. Make it is a paste. Apply on the area and wait for 15 minutes and then wash with warm water.

    4. You can also use a mix of oatmeal and honey in a 2: 1 ratio and apply it to the area. similarly, a mix of almond powder and castor oil can also be used.

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  • There are many alternative medicine systems prevalent for treatment of different ailments and some of such prominent systems are Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, Sidha etc. Every system has its own uniqueness and own way of curing a person affected by a particular disease. In many ways the Unani system is similar to the Ayurvedic one as both have an approach of curing the body by natural methods and natural materials. One thing which is to be understood about these alternative medicine systems is that they are based on certain principles and are connected to nature and natural products only. Many people have been benefited to a large extent by using these alternative medicines. At the same time it is not necessary that each and every persons will be cured by it. Even in the modern medicine system the success ratio is not 100%. So one has to try with the alternative medicines and the ailment might be fully cured in due course. That is one point that is to be kept before going for any such treatment.

    The Unani medicine system is based on the four-humour (blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile) theory of Hippocrates. In this system it is believed that human body comprises of seven components as Arkan (Elements), Mizaj (Temperament), Akhlat (Humors), Aaza (Organs), Arwah (Spirits), Quwa (Faculties) and Afaal (Functions). Further, the human body contains four elements Air, Earth, Fire and Water which as per Unani system have a particular characteristic temperature and the temperature of a person is the interaction of these elements.

    So, based on the above philosophy a Unani doctor will diagnose a patient and then prescribe the necessary Unani formulations for the particular treatment. I will advise you to consult a Unani medical consultant for treatment of your skin condition.

    If you are interested to go for some home remedies then there are some popular ones for the pimple and acne problem. These are based on the application of Tea tree oil, combination of honey and turmeric, Green tea, Aloe vera, Lemon juice and Oatmeal to the affected area.

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  • Unani medicines have proved to cure many disorder including the skin one. Of course, there are some resemblance between Ayurvedic and Unani - system. In both the systems, the doctors go in for the detailed studies of humor. In Ayrveda, there are three humours or Prakritis but in Unani- system, there are four humor ssuch as Blood, Phelgum, Yellow - bile and Black - bile.
    The approach in respect of treatment would vary from patient to patient considering their humours in the Unani - system. Hence Unani - doctor would examine the pulse of the patient and also the colour of the tongue to assess his humour.
    The medicines prescribed by them would not act instantenously rather it will take sometime to get rid of the disorder and the result will be permanent one.
    There are a few medicines produced by Hamdard which can eliminate the skin disease by going through its root and you will get promising results.
    1) Habbe Mussaffi Khoon is the combination of varied herbs effective for curing the skin disease successfully without having side - effects and will cure Eczima, Pimples, Acne, Boils and other skin diseases.
    2) Safi - It is an effective medicine for curing blood disorder. Its main function is to purify blood and hence it is recommended for Pimples and Acne treatment.
    3) Babchi - oil- This oil is to be applied on the affected part with a gentle rub twice daily for sometime say for one and half month so as to get complete cure.
    4) Barsuna - It is also the combination of a number of blood purifying herbs acting on the different patients and resolves the skin - disorder.
    You can safely rely upon the Unani - system for the cure of skin disorder but one drawback is that it takes longer time to cure the disorder. However, the results are amazing.

  • For speedy relief allopathic medicine is good for any disease. But if one wish to curb the disease from root, ayurveda/sidda/unani is best. Even in allopathic treatment there may be exemptions but in the above three there is no doubt we can have remedy for any disease. The three are curing the disease by curbing the route cause of the disease it will take time. Our people have no patience so they lost their faith in the three over allopathic. Aurveda treatments are based on the Indian Sanskrit manuscripts wherein there are enumerous remedies. There are allopathic doctors not telling the possibility of curing but prolonging the treatment till the death of patients as the allopathic medicines have a good side effect whereas the percent of side effect in Ayurveda/Siddha/Unani methods is less than one percent,that too because of body condition.

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