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  • Is a Degree offered by NMIMS Deemed university valid or not?

    Worried that the Degree you will acquire from NMIMS is not a valid one because it is a Deemed university? Check the answers at this Ask Expert page to know whether or not the part-time MBA Degree you will acquire at NMIMS is a UGC-valid one.

    I have enrolled for a part-time MBA program at NMIMS. It is a Category 1 Deemed University. I wish to know of this degree by the deemed university is recognized or not recognized by UGC. NMIMS claims that all its degrees are recognized because it is a category 1 Deemed University. Please clarify.
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  • Yes, you can persue your studies with NMIMS since NAAC being an autonomous institute of the University Grant Commission has conferred this Institute with the grade A rating. It is enjoying deemed university status based on the recommendation of UGC. It has been rewarded a five star rating by NAAC - the highest rating awarded confirming to ISO 9001:2000 certification. Moreover, it has been approved by AICTE, Human Resources Development, Government of India. Ministry of education has accorded deemed to be university status to NMIMS way back to January 2003.
    Considering all the factors mentioned above, you would not face any trouble in terms of recognition of your MBA programme. This institute ranks fifth in terms of ranking while considering the ranking of the distance education course offered by NMIMS.

  • The following facts you can see.

    1.NMIMS is a category 1 Deemed university.
    2. NAAC, which is an accrediting body recognized and given autonomous status by the University Grants Commission is the institute that will evaluate various educational institutes and give a rank based on the standards. That has given this institute an 'A' grade rating.
    3. It is an ISO 9001-2000 certified institute and the NAAC has given a 5-star rating.
    4. It has obtained AICTE approval also. It has given deemed university status in 2003.
    5. It has a distance education wing also and is in the top ten ranks for the courses it is offering in a correspondence course.

    These are the requirements for an institute to be a standard institute. So without any hesitation, you can continue your studies there.

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  • Thank you so much both of you. You both have been angels to me. I have been trying to get in touch with UGC but it's so difficult to get through the right person.

    Sir, I can't tell you how much your answers have helped me.

    I just want to stress upon one thing- my course is PART-TIME MBA in regular mode for working professionals and not a full-time MBA. I am hoping all the degrees are recognized -even part time offered by NMIMS.

    Is it possible that this degree is recognized by NMIMS and not by UGC? Will that be an issue?

    Thanks again for being so helpful.

  • ThIs part time MBA is not approved by AICTE ( I figured it out from AICTE website).

  • In the year 2018 NMIMS was granted Category – I Autonomy by University Grants Commission. The university also has got A+ accreditation from the autonomous institute NACC which is a part of UGC.

    As per the information available in the internet the distance learning education courses of NMIMS are recognised by university grants commission and distance education bureau of India. At the same time, they might not be reflecting in the AICTC schedule.

    The only difference between the regular course and part time course in this particular case is that there is a good campus recruitment from this institution but that is only privileged to the regular ones. So, the part time students miss that opportunity. When you go for a job for career making, the employer will be giving the preference to the regular degree holders and to that extent the disadvantage remains irrespective of the fact that the degree course is approved by all the concerned regulatory agencies in India including UGC.

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  • The NMIMS institute is one of the famous educational institutions in India. Their regular MBA courses are good. About MBA in distance learning, it is not advisable to get an MBA by distance learning. The whole purpose for MBA course is to get more contacts and collective study and many interactions with students, teachers and other professionals. While studying through distance learning, you may miss a lot of such opportunities. So even an MBA from OXFORD through distance learning has its disadvantageous. Also, many organisations will not accept an MBA degree as an educational qualification. So if you are joined for an MBA for a position change, need to check if your company agree to an MBA through distance learning.
    In my knowledge, the courses from NMIMS approved by UGC/DEB. So maybe the approval of AICTE not there. Need to check the same again.

    For MBA through distance learning, IGNOU is the first choice in India.


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  • Narsee Monjee Mumbai is having following accrediations:

    1. NMIMS is accredited Grade 'A' (score 85-90%) by University Grants Commission and awarded Deemed University status.

    2. It has been awarded highest rating by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), i.e. 5 star rating.

    3. In 2004, it has been granted ISO 9001:2000 certification by Integral Certification(P) Ltd.

    4. On the basis of recommendation given by UGC, in 2003, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), MHRD, GoI has also awarded Deemed to be University.

    NMIMS is a premier business school and having good infrastructure as compared to other institutes. It provides best IT facility and having very well qualified faculties.

    You are enrolled in part time MBA course . All the courses at NMIMS are approved by UGC and distance learning courses by UGC as well as DEB. Hence you need not to worry in this regard.

    All full time and part time courses are having equal value. It depends on you how much you are learning from this course. But the only disadvantage of part time or distance learning courses is loss of opportunity of campus selection. And this part time course is for working professional, if you are already working. Definitely, this course will be beneficial for you.

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