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  • I need to complete my engineering

    Wondering how to complete in case of a backlog and a break of more than a year? Searching for advice to procure the degree and have a better future? No worries, our experts shall provide you with advice to resolve your concern.

    I have joined BTech in 2013 but I got year back in 1st year itself. So I studied 1st year again. My engineering became 5 years, but was not able to complete my BTech in five years. Hence I discontinued my BTech for one and half years. Can I join complete my BTech now?
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  • After completing your B.Tech course study you will be given 3 years' time to complete your backlogs. In that already you have completed 1 year 6 months. You have time for another 1 year 6 months. You have to complete all your backlogs within this time. Otherwise, you will be tagged as NFTE (Not Fit for Technical Education). Once you get this tag you can't join in any professional course. So the only alternative left with you is to concentrate on your studies and complete all the subjects within the specified time. There is no other way.

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  • Thank you sir and i have 1 more doubt , can i complete my backlogs in any other college or in the same college

  • You need to concentrate on your studies with full devotion so that the entire course can be cleared within the period of one and half year. The duration of clearance of backlog for the engineering - courses is the maximum three years. In your case, you have lost one and half year since you discontinued your studies in between, this has to be made up within the time period as mentioned above.
    You may discuss your problem with your professors on such subjects troubling you or can be managed with the tuition of such subjects for alleviation of your doubts. Solve questions of the last eight years and get it checked by your professors so that they can pinpoint any flaw in your answer.

  • Thank you sir

  • When an engineering student is not able to complete his papers in time then he is given an extension of 3 years over and above the normal engineering course time which is generally 4-1/2 years. So one has to complete and clear the papers in this span which is of course a very long period. It is not a proper thing to make a gap in the studies as it leads to the lethargy for continuing it again and is never advised to the students. In your case you have already lost a lot of valuable and productive time but still you can concentrate and try to clear it in the remaining time available to you.

    What I will suggest is that take the help of some lecturer in your college and take some study tips from him. Meanwhile the only way to achieve your goal is to give maximum time for the studies and make a focussed attempt for completing all the remaining papers. As per your query regarding change of college it is possible if one is in sync with his paper clearing otherwise the procedure for the transfer from one college to other is a cumbersome process and requires approval from the regional education authorities. At this juncture do not go for those hassles.

    In the Ask Experts section of this site you will get many such queries by the students in the past and if you want to know more details you can browse through those queries and related answers.

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  • Generally, university gives 3 years in addition to 4 years (Course duration) to complete all backlogs. However, addition time period for clearing backlog varies from university to university.

    You have to complete all backs in this duration. on failing to do so, university issue a Not Fit for Technical Education (NFTE) certificate. Once you will be awarded NFTE you will not be able to take admission in any university for professional course.

    You should avoid NFTE and complete your all backlogs in this duration. You have already wasted one and half year of additional period. Now you have only remaining one and half year. But it's never too late. And still you can clear your all backs and complete your B.Tech course in specified period and you can do it. If you will complete your course any good company can hire you.

    What you have to do now is focus on your study, start preparing, do hard work with strong will power, keep trying and take exam. You will definitely complete your B.Tech backlogs in remaining period.

    You are advised to fill form and clear your backlogs from the same college to avoid unnecessary delay in the process.

    Good luck.

  • Sir i got year back in 1st year so i studied 1st year again
    2013-2014: 1st year
    2014-2015: again studied 1st year
    2015-2016:2nd year
    2016-2017:3rd year
    2017-2018:4th year
    After completing this i have still left with some backlogs,i discontinued classes from 2018 till now
    Sir this 3years means from 2018 to 2021 or as already completed 5years still left time upto 2020 july... ??

  • From the information you have shared, it seems that you have only time upto July 2020. So write exam in this period and clear all backlogs. Because University gives seven year in total. So, Try to complete backlogs in this duration only.

  • But they said me that I have been regularized to 2014 batch,means I don't have any relation to 2013batch

  • If it is like that your course was regularized with 2014 batch than you need not to worry. Still you have one and half year and I suggest you to focus on your study and try to en-cash this period and clear your backlogs and complete your degree.

  • Thank you mam

  • Engineering has become a prerequisite in India and many families or students opt for the Engineering degree. To be frank it is not that easy to clear engineering and one needs to be dedicated, focused and should have an interest in the subject.

    As per my understanding, Engineering is a 4 years full-time course and the university allows you the grace of 4 more years to clear your backlogs and get your Degree certificate. It means that one needs to complete his engineering degree in a span of 8 years. These eight years includes the day you joined the college. In your case, you have joined the college in the year 2013 and when we add 8 years from the date of joining, it gives 2021. So, you need to clear all your backlogs (all theory, practical, assignments, internals, internship, project works, etc) by June 2021. If you are not able to clear the backlogs within the given 8 years, the university would give you university issue an NFTE (Not Fit for Technical Education) certificate. I would suggest you focus on your backlogs and try to complete all the remaining papers and other contents and complete your engineering degree by the stipulated time.

    As you have discontinued your classes but you have completed your regular 4 years of engineering course in college, so you just need to fill in the examination forms at the correct time and prepare for the exam. You need not attend the regular college as your regular college was attended provided you have the required attendance. If there is any problem, contact your college or HOD and seek guidance.

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