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  • Which one is the best eCommerce websites

    Are you having a query about ecommerce websites? Want to know which is the best one with the best features and minimum charges per month? Find responses from experts here for your queries.

    I would like to know which one is the best eCommerce websites available? Any free trial available? Are they providing eMerchant and commercial website features' including payment gateway etc.? What are the minimum charges per month or year? Kindly enlighten on this as I have to suggest it to my senior friend who is planning for it.
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  • There are many eCommerce websites where one can join and sell ones merchandise. These are custom made and the seller can virtually do everything which can be done to attract the customers there. The platform provides all the features which are required to list and present ones items to the customers. It is to be noted that the number of persons buying online are increasing day by day and in that scenario it makes sense to open ones store in such a eCommerce website. Most of these platform are based on the 'commission on the sales' method and one has to pass on that to them on all the sales done through their platform. Some of the leading eCommerce websites are -

    1. Shopify - It helps the interested person to launch ones store inside it quickly and in an easy to use fashion. It provides an attractive platform to the prospective customers. Image display, inventory management and payment collections are done through the site only. There are additional shopify applications for doing the things not available in the platform.

    2. Bigcommerce - This is another good portal where customisation is inbuilt and listing of the product, inventory management, shipping management, and checkout process are nicely mapped. Its individual store designs are fascinating.

    3. Squarespace - It offers god template to choose from for your business and provides all the basic functions and essential features. It is not as versatile as the above two that is Shopify and Bigcommerce but is good for the beginners having small businesses.

    4. Woocommerce - This is a very advanced site where you have plenty of things to do to improve your business and it can be linked to WordPress also. Product organisation and updating is done in a SEO-fiendly manner.

    5. Volusion - They have got a very responsive design of their dashboard and other utility places. They also have an impressive list of features. They claim that their checkout page is more robust than others.

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  • To attract customers, the design of the ecommerce website has to be visually appealing at the very first glance. In other words, the ecommerce store has to capture visitors instantenously and in order to achieve the same, the design has to be nothing sort of spectacular and visual ways. The other attraction of such websites is the inclusion of experts who are engaged in in the research activities such as ecommerce design resulting in higher conversion and best practices for the various payment gateways.
    Here are a few ecommerce plateform options which can provide you utmost satisfaction with making purchases.
    1) Shopify - This platform is super intuitive with a layout easy to navigate and plenty of options for customisation. Business- owners can easily list products, manage inventory and collect payments from this platform. Shopify offers a blog feature making it easier for the solid marketing for ecommerce.
    2) Bigcommerce- The most praised feature of this plateform is the site builder allowing for the detailed customisation within the plateform. It is also to manage inventory set - up details and customise the check out process.
    3) Squarespace - It is one of the best online store plateform because of its easy accessibility for small business and taking their inventory on line. It can offer greater functionality within the plateform itself providing all the essential features needed to run on line store.
    4) Volusion - Volusion has thoroughly tested own web design on the check out page coming to a version having lower cart abandonment than the checkout pages of their competitors.
    The plateform is also designed with search engine optimisation making easy for one to customise the content for such engines.
    The Volusion app works with mobile devices making ecommerce store accessible from all over world.p
    5) Woo Commerce - Woo Commerce are for those looking out for complete web hosting, ecommerce design and content marketing. One can update and organise product listings and the pages are in the most SEO friendly ways and upload an unlimited amount of high qualities photos to one's liking.

  • eCommerce builder platform are used to built online store to sell products online. By using these eCommerce platform you can take your businesses to the next level. But before choosing any platform you should search that it should have provide some of the main features like clean and clear content, easy website navigation, customer friendly, customer support, terms and conditions, multiple payment system etc.

    Some of the common and popular eCommerce website providing merchant and Commercial website designing features are as given below:

    1. Kartrocket/ship rocket:
    They provide optimal technology platform and customized website design, order and inventory management, customer relationship management, catalogue management, customized courier recommendations, store management, credit system to loyal customer etc.

    2. Bigcommerce: They provide varied website designs that capture visitor's attentiin and drive traffic to the website and increase business growth.

    3. Brand Fabricator
    They provide start to finish solutions for displaying merchant's products on the web and sell online. Their main features are website designs, Payment gateway integration, shipping integration, Graphics & banners design, Auto generate invoice (pdf), Discount coupon engine, email notification, live chat etc.

    4. Shopify:
    It is most popular eCommerce platform today for building online eCommerce website. It provides best features and customer satisfaction. It is also having very good inventory system that help to stay organized and track all the records. It also helps to manage orders, shipping, and payments on the go.

    5. WiX:
    It provide good website features. This eCommercer builder provide both intuitive editing tools as well as ecommerce functionality. It's interface is begginers friendly. It provide attractive designs. It also provide vest help and support.

    6. Weebly: it provide strong platform for online store website building. It is easy to use and value for money. It provide good website features. It is also having blooging tool which make it advantageous for any ecommerce builder.

    7. Squarespace:
    This platform provide artful and customized design templates and high quality website features. It also gives best inventory system and analytical tools. It is little bit complicated to understand initially. But once you get comfortable with it, it is worth to use.

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