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  • Where can we buy the best riding gear in India?

    Planning to start riding in India? Interested in buying the best gear and want to get the details of the model, design and cost? On this page our ISC experts shall provide you with ample advice to enable the purchase.

    I would like to seek expert advice on buying the cheap and best riding gear in India. It will be better if we get all the detail, model and latest design on riding gear in India or other cities across India. It will be appreciated if you could list the detail.
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  • 1) Generally, they are expensive.
    2) It's nearly important to the act of riding a bike.

    The following are the best.
    4. Spidi
    5. Scimitar

    The range starts from Rs 5000/-. Brands like Cramster, BBG, and DSG, etc are some of the popular brands available in the market.

    There are to types. Leather jackets and Mesh jackets. Leather Jackets are costly. Mesh Jackets are cheap.
    You should keep the following points in mind before you select one.

    1. The jacket size should suit you
    2. The armors should be of certified type.
    3. Bright colors.
    4. Reflective material used for night ride safety.
    5. The all-weather jacket is better to be considered

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  • I am assuming that by riding, you meant horseriding. Decathlon is the best place for all types of sportswear and equipment. They have stores in major cities, and also have an online presence. Decathlon is a French sporting goods company. They have quite a selection of horseriding gear, such as breeches, helmet, gloves and boots. You can also check Amazon, for horseriding gear of choice.

    Decathlon is the best option if you are interested in bicycle riding gear. The store also sells various types of bicycles, from hybrid cycles to mountain bikes. Other cycling equipment, such as bottle cages, bottles, helmets, gloves, warmers, compact handpumps, multi-tool kits, lights and even bike carrier and knee guards as well as reflective sportswear etc., are available at the store. Check them out or precisely mention what gear you are interested in.

  • Riding gear is a general term for the safety accessories to be worn while riding. It could be a bike or cycle or even a horse. It consists of many items like helmet, riding jacket, riding gloves, riding boots, knee protectors etc. Depending upon what one is riding their qualities will differ.

    Now a days many online companies sell these gears in affordable prices. Some of them are motogear, solacegears, rynox, orionmotors, zeus etc. Good quality riding gears price a bit higher and some price trends are as below -

    1. Helmets are available for Rs 6000 and above.
    2. Jackets and pants start from Rs 7000.
    3. Gloves are starting from Rs 1800.
    4. Boots are available from Rs 9000 onwards.

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  • Riding gears are the protective gears used tiger at during a ride due to safety issues. Main ridibg gears which are used given as follows:
    1. Helmet
    2. Riding Jacket
    3. Riding Gloves
    4. Riding Pants
    5. Riding jeans
    6. Riding suits
    7. Riding Boots

    These protective gears are used during bike riding or cycling. They also gives stylish look to the rider.

    There are several brands of riding gears are available online. These are Rynox, Joe Rocket, REV'IT, Dainese, Alpinestars, Klim, Cortech, Studd, etc. You can buy them either from Amazon, flipkart, Revzilla, cycle gear, decathlon, spartanprogear, rynoxgear or brand websites directly.

    Prices ranges: price details are also provided:
    Rynox recon gloves: Range starts from Rs.1200.0
    Alpinester Evolution jackets: Range starts from Rs.10000.0
    Alpubest Axel Air : above Rs.14000.0
    Alpinester Racer Tactical textile pants: Range starts from Rs.7000.0
    Studds helmet: Range starts from Rs.5000.0
    They may be expensive on the basis of company and product quality.

    Thermal lined, heated gear and water proof gears are also available online.
    These products are made up of leather or other fabric like kevlar and having padding on elbow, knees and shoulder region etc.

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