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  • Online doubt clearing websites for JEE Main and JEE Advanced

    Looking for online doubt clearing websites for JEE Mains and JEE advanced? Follow this thread for the list of online webites which offer online doubt clearing services for free.

    I am looking for online doubt clearing websites for JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams for my son. Can you recommend good websites where I can post questions online and get answers from experts, preferably IIT students or IIT graduates?

    How much such an online doubt clearing service will cost?

    I heard of many options like MeritNation, KaysonsEducation, askIITians, doubtnut, etc. Can you share your reviews on them?
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  • There are many good platforms and centres in online for helping the aspirants of JEE and they offer various types of courses also. One has to select the appropriate course as one wishes. Their fees are ranging from Rs 15000 to 60000 depending on what type of the course one chooses. Some of these prominent agencies are -

    1. MyStudyCart - It is the source for many coaching courses for competitive exams including JEE. They have accomplished experts and coaches for the specific purposes. They have a good faculty available round the clock to guide the students.

    2. askIITians - This was started by the IITians only and has emerged as one of the leading online institute. They also have a number of programs to choose from.

    3. Test Champion - They provide good course material to the students. They have video lectures available in different price ranges.

    4. Byju's - Earlier it was only providing coaching in offline environment but now this is also available in online. They have good experts available for coaching and guidance.

    5. Etoosindia - It is a renowned name in this field and is a good source of help for the JEE aspirants. It was earlier only available in Kota, Rajasthan but now is available online also.

    6. Btechguru - This is another website well known for its good material and guidance to the students preparing for JEE.

    7. My Study Cart - They are well reputed for providing quality help to the aspirants of JEE with emphasis on the entrance tests.

    8. Toppr - They are one of the popular learning platform and deliver the coaching from concept to problem solving.

    9. Plancess - They provide a complete package for advanced lectures. They also cover a large number of exercises for the practice of the students.

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  • The following are good for your needs.
    1. Doubt Solving with Kunduz - JEE & NEET
    2. Kaysons Education
    3. SolveitNOW
    4. Doubtnut - Solve Math Doubts
    5. Sarthaks eConnect
    7. Toppr
    8. Plancess
    9. IITPAL
    10. Learnershub

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  • There are several apps and websites available which offer good study material and videos for JEE and NEET preparations. Some of them are feely available. These are as given below:

    1. Hashlearn app: Good for doubt clearing. Not so much expensive. Free sessions are also there. You can access various JEE related books also on this app. Mock tests and sample papers are also available. Due to collaboration with Arihant publication you can access books of Arihant publications also. Online test series are also available for aspirants.

    2. Learnershub: This website also provide solution on App as well as whatsapp ( +919509097601) . Usually, they provide solution in less than 24 Hours.

    3. Kaysons Education: They provide excellent videos on each and every topic in detail. You'll find thier method of explaining quite interesting.

    4. SolveitNOW

    5. Doubtnut : It is very good to solve Math doubts. It is available at Google Play store. It is absolutely free. You can also get support on whatsapp on the number (8400 400 400) by sending image of question and you will get resolution immediately. Question uploading facility is also available on Douptnut app. It also provides good study material, mock tests, concept videos etc.

    6. Doubt Solving: for JEE & NEET

    7. Doubtion: It provides good study material for JEE/NEET exams. It is free.

    8. EMBIBE : It is absolutely free. The experts give answer to queries within 24 hrs.
    9. goIIT : It also gives good guidance.

    10. PhyZigs: It provides live online tuition classes for JEE and NEET aspirants. Experts are usually available 24 x 7 to clear doubts.

    11. Sarthaks eConnect: It provides study material, question banks, NCERT Solutions, CBSE, ICSE, State Board & Sample Papers etc.

    12. Askiitians: It provides good videos and notes. Free sessions are there. They give great explanations to every problem. The facility of image uploading with the question is also there. Active members and contributors are get reward also.

    13. Plancess

    14. IITPAL: It provides good interactive platform and coaching classes for JEE and other entrance exams.

    15. Toppr: It is very useful and solve doubts. It is expensive app. Free sessions are available.

    16. Careers360. It is having good collection of question and previous years papers for JEE.

    17. Gradeup and meritnation. Oth these apps provide great study material, Quizzes and mock test free of cost.

    18. Unacademy: it is also good app for competitive examination preperations. Provides lectures videos on various topics.

    19. Gradestack

    20. c24us app: Provide solutions to problems. Here you can upload images too along with the questions.

    21. IIT Logic: Good study material for JEE preparation. It is free.

    22. MediEng: It provides IIT JEE chapter wise practice papers, test papers.

    23. JEE OverFlow: It offers Previous Years question papers of JEE and their solutions. Solutions to doubts are also provided.

    24. Robomate: Good app for IIT JEE preparation.

    25. Conceptree. Also provide study material for IIT and NEET.

    26. Visual Physics App: It is one of the best apps for JEE Physics. It provides explanatory videos for all concept and more than 1600 solved problems.

    27. EduRev App: It provides solutions to doubts free and available 24 x7. It also has various discussion groups for interaction of students all across the country.

    You can also watch youtube videos:
    For chemisty : Gabbar Singh Tutorials, KFC classes, Helios Educore, Organic Chemistry classes by MS Chouhan and NCERT Exemplar etc.
    For Physics : Physics Galaxy and DreamJee is YouTube Channels that provide good videos.
    For Maths: You can watch Ghanshyam Tewani JEE Maths Video Lectures.

    Several websites are also available which offer support for JEE preparation like:
    8. Aakash

  • Self - study provides the opportunity to understand the basic concept of the subjects included in IIT curriculum but in the midst of such studies, you may come across some doubts needing an immediate solution. In that context, you may refer to some of the best websites strengthening your concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics included in the curriculum of both JEE mains and JEE advanced. You may refer to anyone noted below for the conceptual clarities of these subjects -

    1) Doubtnut - It will provide you with a free plateform for JEE preparation particularly for Mathematics.

    Study - materials are provided free such as NCERT, RD Sharma and Mathematical series explained by Sri G.Tewani. Their Video solutions are also available making Doubtnut better than any other app. They also provide you with previous year question papers for your practice.

    Apart from it, you will be provided with Mock Test Papers which should be solved from your end.

    2) Embibe - Embibe can provide you means to augment your scores in IIT due to expert coaching of the experienced tutors. This. Platform analyses both the strength and weakness of the aspirants and help them to focus on the critical areas of conceptual soundness and strategy for the ensuing examination.

    3) Askiitians - It is an online education- portal catering to the needs of all grades of aspirants. This institute furnishes online classes and study - materials connected with JEE mains and JEE advanced.

    4) Plancess - The video lectures provided by Plancess are really effective in strengthening the concepts of various topics included in the syllabus. You will find lucid explanations of various topics of the entire subjects from the experienced professors which will help you in getting a better score in your final examination.

    5) Kayson - education - Kayson Vidio lectures are quite impressive for both JEE mains and JEE advanced. Their presentations contain a lot of graphic and animation which would definitely arouse your interest in the subjects included in the syllabus.

    6) Toppr - Toppr helps candidates extremely well for practising varied questions from easier to tough ones so that they develop strong concept in each subject.

    7) IIT PAL - This plateform would provide you guidance from Sri Ashok Mishra - former director of IIT Bombay. You can take advantage of Mobile - an application where you will get videos of different topics dealt with by eminent professors of each subject.

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