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  • Psychology research questions related with human design

    Do you have a few questions related to research in psychology-related to human design? Visit this page to solve your queries.

    What kind of research question to form, if I want to do research in psychology-related with human design. How can human design impact our areas of work or how significant is it for our growth and productivity in life? Is human design related to psychology in any way? If yes what kind of research will be suitable to make?
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  • This is related to the artificial intelligence and those who are involved in the designing part have to do it considering the expectations of the customers who will be dealing with the robot shaped human beings. While integrating the psychological part with this digital actions one can suggest the following queries to be included in the research project related to this area.

    1. Do you want the lip movement to be done by the robot to make it appear realistic?
    2. What about the movement of the designed humans - step wise or sliding type?
    3. Do you want to mimic the cognitive functions superficially on the appearance side of the robot?
    4. Do you want that the design should incorporate a big memory to digitally remember the various happenings earlier in the interaction wit the robot so that it can link with the earlier similar situation and warn you from the envisaged activity? For example if you ask it to prepare tea for seventh time in a day it will warn you that you have already enough and if you anyway want it then it will bring tea.

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  • The way I understood the question is When we are going to design a human life with artificial intelligence. what importance we should give for human psychology.

    Each of us will have a different perspective and thinking about the other person. If we know the psychology of our boss we can understand how we have to behave to be in his good looks. The same when a scientist is designing a robot who will be a worker under a boss, what are the important factors to be considered in designing the same to satisfy the boss. This depends on the mentality of the individual. By interacting with many people and questioning them we can understand what they are expecting.

    Some people will treat other people as equals and some may treat others as their subordinates. So the researcher should design the questions in such a way that the facts will come out.

    The questions will be like what type of behavior they are expecting from their colleagues or subordinates, how he wanted to be treated by his colleagues and so on so forth. The questions should also consider the expectations of the boss from this Robot in all his pursuits.

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  • Human design is the chart of the distinctive genetic design including detailed view of conscious or unconscious aspects of humans. It tells about the life of any human being.
    Basically it is a logical system that is calculated using your birth date, time, and place, to reveal your genetic design. It is also called a BodyGraph. This design system is used to improve the quality of life by awakening the innate wisdom and power. In short it the study of yourself.

    Some of the possible research question may be for your study:
    1. What are the objectives of the study?
    2. What do you understand with the psychology-related with human design?
    3. What are the psychology related aspects of human design?
    4. What is human design and how you can correlate it with psychology?
    5. What will the psychological impacts on human design?
    6. How will psychology affects human design?
    7. How will psychology help to study human design?

    You can find answers to your queries like this and carry out your research.
    a. How can human design impact our areas of work or how significant is it for our growth and productivity in life?
    Study of human design is useful for understanding human truth. And it is helpful in giving purpose and direction to your life by understanding yourself.

    b. Is human design related to psychology in any way?
    Human design is body graph or blue print which reveal genetic design and other aspects and when it is studied in correlation with psychology it helps to understand the overall concept more intuitively.

    Study of human design helps to understand and align the individual needs so that a person can select right way and can improve health, his relationship, and his personal as well as professional life. It also reduces stress in life.

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