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  • Doing courses from online portals like Udemy, Unacademy, etc hold any validity?

    Interested in knowing whether doing short term courses from online portals is valid in the job market? Know our experts' opinions on this topic from this page.

    Do online portals giving small courses for learning hold any validity in the job Market? I was planning to do some small courses but was not sure if it will be adding any value to the eyes of prospective employers. I know I will learn for my own sake but want the same to count for the job market too. Anyone having experience with the same may throw light on the same.
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  • There are many online portals which are offering some certificate courses and diploma courses. These courses are more to improve skill sets and working knowledge. They need not be from a recognized university or registered institute. The aim of doing these courses is to learn the required skills which will be useful in your work and that skill may be useful to you to get good jobs. The required qualification is to be from a recognized school.

    If somebody wants to become a music teacher he should pass the degree from a recognized university. But to give private music concerts your skill and voice are more important than your certificates. The same is the case in these online certificates also.

    For a particular job, they want a B.Tech in Computer since from a recognized university and knowledge in Oracle language is preferred. The certificate you have for B.Tech should be from a recognized university. But for your skill in Oracle language can be acquired by any means. Your working ability is more important.

    The small courses that you are doing will definitely add value if they are in the field of your work and give you a special skill.

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  • Still people don't really consider the certification from online university valid. Many hiring managers still prejudiced. Better you join some regular classes and complete the typical examination process and get the certification.

  • We do have numerous portals where you can improve your skills in a given area and the certification acquired by such portals would definitely improve skill set and working experience. These certificates are definitely cheaper and affordable one. The minimum qualification for the registration of such courses is a pass certificate of class ten from the recognised Board.
    Just be a music or a craft teacher, you need be a graduate with the inclusion of a subject required for that particular profession. In that way, the course may be exhaustive though it is a recognised degree course. For the certification course to be taken up by Udemy, you need to have effective voice tone and should be able to play the music concerts without facing any difficulty. So the courses provided by Udemy or like provides the aspirants efficient skills in the particular profession and the aspirants can demonstrate their skills in music concerts.
    These portals demand B.Tech graduates in computer - science and should have sufficient experience in the area of Oracle. Passing the Oracle - certification would be preferred.
    The certifications provided by Udemy or Unacademy would certainly add your value in the field for which it is being persued and it would strengthen the skill in a given line.

  • For getting a good job some basic qualifications are required. For example B.E./B.Tech. or MBBS or MBA or M.A./M.Sc. or B.Ed. etc. Afterwards all the short term courses are in the nature of value addition in a specific knowledge element. The online portals like Udemy, Ed2go, Grovo, edX, Cousera, Open UW, and many more are meant for learning and acquiring particular skills to make ones job or future job easy to handle. If one does not have a good educational background but acquires these skill by home plus online study, I am afraid it will not be a correct thing to do from job and career prospects in today's environment.

    So better approach will be to search a suitable job as per your basic qualifications and then choose some of these specialised skill enhancing measures in online environment which may not only help you in the present job but also help in switching to other greener pastures.

    Knowledge is power.

  • To me any certification of whatsoever type can't help you till you generate yourself with the capability to present yourself in the desired ways to the eyes of the prospective employers but yes, those little courses will help you to project yourself as an active participant/candidate which is for sure depicts the positivity to your personality.

    In today's world, the things are very much professional at all levels and you bound to face the lethal competitions on all sides and onto this of you develop an edge over others then certainly you may be too closer to your desired possibilities. What I intend to convey is to be resourceful in both theoretical and practical grounds and in case these online portals help you increases your productivity on both these grounds then one shouldn't be much concerned more specially when considering the long terms prospectus.

    For instance, and on a lighter note, during the childhood days when a child is admitted to a play school then this is to prepare for a more advanced level. Likewise, we would have evident of many coaching classes for gaining and expertising on different fields and subjects which although hardly matters to the employers regarding certifications but when used properly and effectively then these comes out with heavy returns during the coming times.

    One important thing is that these can be considered as different spices for a good cooking, but you can't replace these with the vegetables that one intends to have in their table. And in that scenario, one must be carried with some concrete certifications or exposer to the respective fields and profiles. Here, I mean to say the courses approved by the Central or with the respective state governments wherein the states that you are residing or planning to relocate.

  • Online courses available on online portals like Udemy, Unacademy, Coursera and Vskills etc. are definitely good and also have validity. These courses are run by reputed universities. Course contents are also of good quality. Mostly, these courses are of short duration about 1-2 months. Some specialized courses may be of longer duration. Besides, if you compare cost wise, an online certification course will cost you less while regular course will more.

    These courses are specially designed for a particular functional areas and focus mainly of that particular area. They are more job oriented courses. The main drawback of these courses is that these are online courses, and they definitely don't provide field/practical work experience that you can get in a regular class. But if you are already in job and don't have much time to attend a regular course or looking for a particular functional area course you can go for it. Validity is not an issue.

    Further, if you have degree, experience and relevant certification then it has more value than a candidate with only degree and experience. And some of the courses are only available in online mode so that a person can study according to his/her convenience and also give exam according to his choice. You can buy these courses online and register yourself, study from home or office and learn. And these courses are open to all and anybody can do these courses. By doing these courses you can increase your knowledge and skills. Hence these courses definitely have value. Compare the course available on various websites and decide yourself. Considering these points you can do online certification courses.

  • There are various short courses and if you learn those skills, it will help you to add some value to the resume, but if you want to make use of your skills to solve a real-world problem, then these short courses are not enough. Then you have to seek long term courses of the validity of 6 months to 1 year. These long term courses have projects called capstone projects that can give you a fair idea of how you can apply your skills to the real world. Udemy, Coursera has very few long term courses. You can get long term courses at Edx that have several Nano-degrees programs. The final suggestion is to learn skill-based courses in such a way that you can give value with the help of your skills. If you learn skill-based courses keeping in mind the value you want to give after learning these courses, then your skills will hold valid in the job market.

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