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  • How to propose an idea on free energy machine ratification?

    Think you have a brilliant technological concept but don't know how to pitch it and whom to approach? Get expert advice on how to get your concept known to others without it getting copied or stolen.

    I have an idea for a machine that gives out energy (at a slow rate, but continuously). This breaks the laws of thermodynamics, so it might be total crap, but I have to ask someone. I'm just apprehensive that if it checks out, the idea might be copied or stolen. Whom should I consult and how should I go about it?
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  • If you have got a new or novel scientific idea about energy production or conservation then first thing which one has to do is get this idea patented in the Govt of India patent site where one has to fill a particular form and pay the fees and register the idea and it's detailed description along with it's potential. You need not to open the secret key for it there but you should be able to convince about your ideas as well as give a schematic of the prototype that you are going to propose to confirm your idea before someone uses it for commercial purpose.

    Once this is done your idea is protected under the patents act and no one can copy or use it without your permission. The next step is to search a Govt agency or private innovation and enterprise laboratory where you can test your idea and convert it to a new invention.

    Please note that what you are thinking and going to establish in the scientific circles is a new thing then without exagerration I can tell you that there is always a potential of begging noble prize type of awards with such revolutionary ideas and only thing is you have to prove it by your model in front of the Govt agencies. If you are firm and sure of your theory then no one can stop you to fly high in the scientific arena. In fact if you establish your theory which is a new thing then people and organisations around the world will call you for giving lecture in front of their scientific communities.

    The patent site is -

    Knowledge is power.

  • If you have a new invention that will break the existing facts and come in handy for energy production, you have to apply for a new patent. This can be done by the self through the site or you can contact patent service agents. There are many such establishments who will help you in filing your patent application. You can apply for a national patent and then an international patent. For this, you have to make a scientific document giving the total system and mentioning the claims and the figure of the invention and you can mention the examples. A very detailed process should be given. Once you do this, the patent office will publish the same for comments and remarks from the experts in the related field. If any objections or inquiries were floated the same may be referred back to you or your agent. Then you have to substantiate the points asked for with proper explanation and details. Then you have to send them the details. Then once the patent committee decided that patent can be awarded to the invention the same may be informed to you. The total process may take 2 years from the date of application.

    I have 3 patents on my name and I have gone through all this process and I am fully aware of the details and the known agent is also there. If you want you can contact me. This is only to purely to help you but I have no other interests.

    always confident

  • You have come with an idea that a machine that gives energy ( at slow rate but continuously) and It will be breaking law of thermodynamics. If you think that your invention is novel then you should apply for a patent.

    A patent is an exclusive intellectual right that is granted to an invention, either product or a process that provides a new way of doing something, or provide a new technical solution to a problem.

    First of all you need to search for patent if it is already available. You can search available similar patent yourself or can take help of any registered patent agent.

    If you want to search yourself, you can search for availability of similar patents at patents patents European patent indian patents

    You will have to check all similar patents available. Because if any patent is available that is similar to your invention your patent application will be rejected. But if you can proof it that your concept is novel than you can apply for a patent. But if this kind of patent is available in other country, still you can apply in India. Because patent has territorial rights only.

    If you will take help of registered patent agent than he will provide you an extensive search report. On the basis of that you can decide whether your invention is novel or not.

    Further, it is a very long procedure. Your patent application will be drafted in such a manner that it will it should have 3 main components:
    1. the drawings,
    2. the detailed description or specification,
    3. the claims

    All things should be explained clearly. In a patent application , technical information about the invention must be disclosed to the public.

    I also got training in IPR from PFC, TIFAC New Delhi under WOS-C scheme of DST and worked in this field for more than two years in PIC, PSCST, Chandigarh.

    So, I suggest you to contact to Patent Information Centre or any patent cell in any government office of your state. Patent Information Centre is available in almost every State. They provide patent search free and will also provide a patent search report. After getting knowledge that your invention is new you can contact to Indian Patent Office New Delhi.

    List of registered patent agent is also available online at

    Good Luck!

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