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  • How to get my college degree certificate after a long gap

    Worried that you did not collect your Degree certificate from your college after graduation and want to do so now? Quickly get expert guidance on whether it is possible to get the certificate even after many years.

    I completed my BE in 2014, but till now I did not collect my transfer certificate and degree certificate from my college. Is it possible to collect it now? Will they give it to me? I am worried about this and need proper guidance.
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  • Did you receive your provisional certificate? If you are not continuing your studies your transfer certificate is not that important. But your degree certificate is very important. You should get it. Is the convocation after you finished your degree over? if so contact the university office and apply for the certificate in the prescribed form. Then follow up on the matter with the concerned department. They will inform you of the necessary fees to be paid. You can pay online or through Challan. Once you paid the fee and submitted the application they will get the certificate ready and despatch you to the address given by registered post or speed post.
    If the convocation is not over you have to apply in advance for the same and pay the fee accordingly and then they will arrange you the certificate. If you changed the university from the university where you did your BTech for further studies you have to apply for a migration certificate which will be issued by the University. For this also there will be a form and fee.

    You will get the transfer certificate from the institute you studied. Go there and meet the principal and apply for the same. They will arrange for the verification of the records and then TC will be issued.

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  • If you have successfully completed your BE in 2014 and you have still not collected your certificates from college.

    You can collect it at any time by visiting the college staff. Because, colleges are keeping the records of all students in their storage compacter and it is their responsibility to handover the certificate to respective students whenever students visiting for collecting the certificates.

    There is no need to worry about it. You are feeling that you have not collected your certificates from college for long time and college may reject to handover the certificates to you. It is not going to happen. You will get your certificates from college without any difficulties.

    Thank You,
    Ramchandra V Chavan.

  • Since you have completed your BE in 2014 and all the aspirants passing out the BE degree in the same year could have got the same during the convocation programme arranged by the university and the vice - chancellor of the university is authorised to distribute the certificates of the successful aspirants. All such candidates had filled up a form along with a prescribed fee for attending the convocation.
    In your case, you did not attend the convocation ceremony of the said year, your BE certificate has been sent to,your college from where you studied the same and in order to get back your degree, you will have to meet your Principal of the college with an application requesting him to issue your certificate. The college authority would examine your dues pending with different departments such as library, pending tution - fee or any other dues not paid earlier. You will have to clear the same and the college - authority will release your certificate.
    Transfer Certificate is required only when you are continuing your studies further in the same university.
    Migration certificate could have been applicable in case of your continuance of your higher studies such as ME in a different university.

  • You have to simply give an application that you have so far not collected your degree certificate from the college and now you want to collect it or get by registered post to your present address. There may be some standard performa or form to be filled out for this purpose if it is so then you can do that by going to the college or if they have an online presence you can check these things there also. If some fees is to be paid for this then that also you can deposit there beforehand.

    If you are asking them to send it to you by post then you have to give them your detailed postal address and some identity proof so that they know that you are the real person asking the degree certificate. In case you have the enrolment number/ college identity card then that will also be handy in such cases. Moreover, now a days Aadhar card or PAN card or driving license are also the valuable documents which can be produced for confirmation of ones identity. So, if you are visiting the college yourself to collect the degree then remember to keep some of such documents with you so that you do not face any inconvenience there. When you get your certificate check it for correct name and credential in your respect and if you find anything incorrect or wrongly mentioned in the certificate then you can get it corrected there itself. Later, it becomes a big task to get any correction made in these important certificates.

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  • You have completed your BE in 2014 and still not collected your certificates from college. Now you should contact to your college and they will provide information whether you degree certificate is with them or you will have to collect it from university.

    Generally university send degree certificate to colleges after convocation, for distribution among students but sometimes they don't.

    You can collect it from there by filling application form on prescribed proforma along with a nominal fee. Also check your university website, if such proforma is available online. However, almost six years have been passed but you need not to worry. You can collect it any time from your college or University.

    While going to your college or University to collect your degree certificate keep some information with you like enrolment no., identity card etc.

    If you are concerned about Transfer Certificate, it is not required until and unless you are going to take admission in other college in the same university in any course. For different university Migration certificate is required.

    If you want Transfer Certificate also. You can apply for it. For this you will have to approach to your college and give an application requesting TC. After proper verification and no dues they will issue Transfer Certificate.

  • On an important note, have you tried yet or not? Because for me there shouldn't be a concern on either side. I suggest you to pl. go ahead and ask for the documents including Transfer Certificate and Degree Certificate as both are important in different ways and therefore you must carry in case you are intended for joining somewhere for more advanced courses or else if you are applying for a job. For Transfer Certificate you may be asked for a fee but for Degree Certificate, this is your right without any additional cost.

    In addition, you must also apply for a Migration Certificate, in case you are looking for the courses with some different institutions or Universities.

    In case, you are asked to write an application requesting for a said documents then this is a routine practice elsewhere too.

    Finally, it's important to check and verify the information in the documents being handed over to you either directly or through courier of which you can request for the same.

  • As mentioned in your query that you have already completed your BE degree in the year 2014 and that you have not collected the certificate due to various reasons but now you want to get it, You can get it and you need not worry as every college keep their student's records and documents and as nowadays its become digital, it is easier to fetch the student's details even after years.

    Normally, every university sends the passed student's degree certificate to their respective college for distributing to their students during the convocation ceremony and the college keeps the record and even the certificates of the absentee who are not able to make it on the convocation day due to various problem. They either keep the certificate with them or after certain years like 5 years, may have it to the university. You can directly visit your college and contact your department HOD or teachers or even visit the college office and make an application for the same. Do carry your records like Enrollment No, Admission No, College Identity card, any fee receipt if you have for their easy reference. The college concern may be able to provide you more details directly.

    If the college does not have your certificate and asks you to visit the university, do ask them for a letter from your college on the college letterhead as it will help the university office to fetch your details and provide you with your certificate at the earliest and without much hustle. The process may require an application along with a nominal fee. You can even try it online as many universities have started uploading the certificates online and this may help you to get the hard copy easily with the certificate number.

    Now regarding your second query about Transfer Certificate, let me ask you are you going for further studies then this is required otherwise you can leave it. If you are applying for further studies at the university then you can visit or contact your college and give an application along with other details. After verification from the college staff, they would provide you the Transfer certificate within 2-3 working days.

    Both the work of your Degree certificate and Transfer certificate can be enquired on the same day and if you happen to find any old staff, they will be able to help you in a better way. Do not forget to carry your details(College ID, Enrollment No., Any mark sheet for reference, Fee payment slip if any, etc) while visiting your college or university.

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  • You can approach the college administrator with relevant documents available with you. Your personal approach will get you strong value. Instead hesitating to go or writing letters are dragging to days. Further if you delay more it will affect you more as they will take time to search the details as time lap and number of students get increased year by year. Your enrollment number name id should be hold by you when you approach the school authorities as there are chances of having candidates in same name.

  • If you have your college identity card you can write an application with the course completed year and request for both certificates. A nominal fee will be collected. You can get your certificate after a few weeks.

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  • There is nothing to worry about it.
    If you staying in the same city, you can go to the administrative department and request for the same. They will ask you for your roll number or mark sheet copy, enrollment number, etc to check your account. Then you will need to submit an application in writing with a nominal fee for transfer certificate. After submission, they will ask you to collect the certificate in a week or so.
    If you not staying in the same city, you can write an email to the administration department of the college. They will ask you to send them some documents through email only. These documents may include your mark sheet, provisional certificate, fee receipt or No-dues certificate, etc. After verifying your documents, they will ask you to send a written application with the fee demand draft for the transfer certificate through the speed post or registered post. Please note to include a self-addressed and stamped envelope enclosed with your application which will be used to dispatch your transfer certificate.


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