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  • Is it possible to get good earnings from YouTube channel or go for own website?

    Unsure whether to upload videos on a YouTube channel or go for your own website? Suggestions given at this Ask Expert page may help you to make the right decision.

    I plan to start a YouTube Channel, but I am having doubts about the monetization of the channel, namely this - if most viewers skip the ads on my channel, then how will I get good earnings? How much can I really earn? Would it be better to upload videos on my own website and market it, rather than to upload it to YouTube?
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  • The number of visitors to your channel will be more if you good quality and interesting content on your channel. Many times people visit YouTube channel and watch videos if they are good to see. People may not skip advertisements in your video if they like the video. So all depends on your work and how interesting you will make it. But I know people who are earning reasonable amounts through YouTube channel. I wish you all the best.

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  • After loading the videos when the reviews appear beneath each video, you must respond to the questions and remarks, otherwise the site would be stale and no activities.

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  • There are many people uploading their videos in their YouTube channels and some of them are very popular and people go there time to time to see what is the new video there. So these people are getting good traffic and naturally they would be earning from it as per YouTube terms and conditions. So earning from YouTube requires two primary things to be done from the side of the channel owner. First is to upload quality material related to some area or field of knowledge or information which people might like to see and this should be either different from the existing material in the site or better than that. This is a very crucial point because the visitors will be comparing different sites and then will select the best one and then stick to that till they get a better one. Second thing which is equally important is the continuous uploading of new and updated material related to the same field. Remember in online portals if you can maintain the quality then the formula of 'more the merrier' works nicely and effectively.

    There are some other things like reading the comments of the people on your videos and taking the suggestions and criticism in their own strides and improving the channel further. Good quality videos as regards to their presentation and clarity will always be preferred by the visitors.

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  • What are the subjects you specialise. Is there any special content you created which is different from normal stuff. Do you have any special art which you want to show case in your videos.

    How much interesting the content from other contents. This also will matter a lot. Once you publish the videos send emails to all your contacts and ask them to visit the same. At the same time request them to forward this link to all their contacts so that the people will come to know about the same.

    Use your social media accounts to send details to all your friends.

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  • You should be aware of You Tube's eligibility criteria for monetization . 1 year before they included 2 important eligibility criteria to accept monetization approval for You Tube channels. They are 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in 12 months. This is a difficult target for the people who upload rare videos. If this has to be attained, either the videos has to be regular or the quality of the content has to be unique. The consistency of the videos attracts new customers and the quality of the content helps in retaining them.

    So, if you could match the above expectations, you can go for You Tube Channel, else, posting in your own website would be fine. When it is in your website, people landing to your videos by accident may be less, So you should be aware SEO, in that way, you can attract people through organic search.

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  • Yes, it is possible to earn money from YouTube or website as long as you can regularly contribute in a particular niche. Dedication and consistency also very important beside various factors on contributing the content and get the visitors.

    In general, YouTube impression (views), auto-ad runs till a certain duration without skip, or skip the ad after few second still helps to earn from YouTube video uploads.

    Most of the YouTubers or well known YouTubers generally promotes their uploaded videos in a different form including social media posting, mobile communication like WhatsApp, email links and Blog post etc. so, you can also upload the YouTube (embedded link) on your website if it really suits the blog content, or else it is better to skip to embed on blog or website.

    Earning from YouTube or Website won't be at overnight. It takes time in general. People used to reasonably earn from the website content before YouTube and those website though faces lot of challenges and competition these days even from YouTube itself and other increasing number of websites. Both has huge audience and competition.

    YouTube uploads need huge visitors to earn compare to website content. So, working on both is a good idea and who knows when your planned hard work might likes by many and hit the target.

  • Time counts for all the videos. Nowadays everyone wants to get the information within a short span of time. The videos you make related to education can be elaborate whereas general informations like recipes, tips and techniques should be between two to three minutes.
    The videos made by you to visible clearly with proper lighting and no shadow images. This will help you to get more views.

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  • This is difficult to decide which is best, because if you ask to indiastudychannel then we suggest a website like ISC. But if you want to started youtube channel then you may think about this.
    1) Must make Creative content
    2) You will need to make heart touching videos for social sharing
    3) Choose unique content.
    4) Make an attractive title.
    5) If you write about which is your niche then everyone will suggest micro subject about it.
    6) Build your platform on every social media with the same brand name.
    7) If your content based on the story then you can increase your clips till 30 minutes and for information, your video may more than 2-3 minutes.
    8) Make your brand's attractive logos, intros, and outros
    9) Use similar and searchable tags in the description and tags section
    10) Try to engage your viewers with loyal niche and don't feel them as a foolish video.

    If you can be focused on these 10 points then you can succeed within little time, and video is a great platform to understand any infromation, demo and entertainmemt.

  • Earning from youtube-
    If you use it well then you can earn a lot of money from YouTube. Your earnings will depend on your views. Even if someone skips the advertisements in the middle of your video, it will not harm your earnings. And anyway, if you do not give the option to skip advertisements, then it will affect your views.

    But because there have been many channels on YouTube. It has become a bit difficult to monetize your new channel quickly. YouTube has made some rules to monetize the channel. Your new channels will have to fulfill some requirements, only then your channel will be able to be monetized. First of all, your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers. And in a year the videos of your channels should be watched by people for at least 4000 hours. If your channel fulfills these two requirements, then you will be able to apply for monetization of your channel. But if your channel has a copyrighted, objective, or illegal videos, then your channel will not be able to be monetized. For monetization, you have to create a hosted account in Adsense.

    After the channel is monetized, the revenue share of Adsense will start in your videos. And you will get a revenue share for every interaction with each of the ads shown on your videos.

    Making Own Video Website-
    Truth be told, creating a video website of your own will not be beneficial for you as compared to YouTube. If you make your own video website, then your competitors will be YouTube, as well as big brands. And of course, you will not be able to face them. It does not mean that you will not be able to earn. Your earning will be good if you work hard. Maybe go too far. But for this, you have to work really very very hard. I don't want to disappoint you, but you get to see all kinds of videos on YouTube. You can also get the video of how to tie the zip of the pants on YouTube.

    And YouTube which is the biggest video sharing platform. So it is obvious that the users are also the highest in this. If you start your own site, then you will have to bring interested people from far and wide. But on YouTube, you will find everything in one place, You just have to reach them with your videos.

    Lastly, I would like to give you something suggestive. Because the competition is very high, and all types of content are already available on the net. So to be successful your content has to be different. The better your content quality, the better for your growth. And you will have to work hard to find the first 1000 subscribers.

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