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  • Can I switch from teaching to software IT job

    Are you interested in switching your career from teaching to software? Wondering if it is possible to do so and which is the best city for IT jobs? Our experts shall provide you ample advice to prepare a plan and switch your career.

    I am having 1 year of experience in college teaching. I have completed M.Tech(computer science) in 2018. I am taking keen interest in Programming and web technology subject. I have 6th months certification of ASP.NET ,MVC). Now I am thinking to switch from teaching to IT industry job. So is it possible for a career switch now? I am 25 yr old now.
    Which place is better for me? Is Hyderabad is best option for me or not ?
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  • Software/ IT career lines have evolved as a big field now and there are various opportunities in it. As you have mentioned that you have interest in Programming and web technology it would be better to focus in the streams related to these specialisations as you have already acquired some skills in it. Please note that there are a large number of qualified persons working in these areas and acquiring new software/ programming skills is mandatory for making a bright career as there is good competition everywhere and employers are interested in hiring the competitive and energetic people for their projects and contracts.

    I will advise you to acquire some certification in short courses related to programming and web technologies so that you can pin point the appropriate jobs where you can apply in this large industry. You can do these certifications from any reputed computer course institute. Some of the areas where you can consider to enhance your knowledge before job hunting are -

    1. Web Development Course - This course is available online as well in classroom mode. The duration of such courses is generally 3-6 months. These courses cover the learnings for creating dynamic websites and their interactions using advanced programming languages.

    2. Python Language Course - This is emerging like a necessity in the computer world as Python script is being used by the computer specialist in many applications and many programmers, data scientists have understood its importance. This can be learned online or in classroom mode and most of the courses are for a duration of 3 months only. If you are conversant with PHP script you may just consider it as the next step in this learning chain.

    3. Advanced SQL Course - This will help you in learning how to address the data bases for quick and effective data retrieval from the large data bases. SQL is the Structured Query Language for this purpose only. You can complete this course in a short duration ranging from 1 to 2 months. Professionals engaged in data analysis, data science and data management use it proficiently.

    4. C++ Advanced Course - You must be aware with C++ but you can revive your knowledge in this area by a short course of 1 to 2 months as this is the most common programming language in the industry today and a good expertise in it will be beneficial to get a good programming engagement.

    5. Drupal Content Management Course - Drupal is an open source content management system and framework developed on PHP logic. Learning this will help you in developing advanced websites with specific features having search engine friendly structures. One can learn this in 2 months time only.

    6. e-Commerce website designs - With the advent of so many e-Commerce sites and their increasing popularity there are courses which are meant to introduce the students to the advanced techniques in this arena. It is generally for a duration of 6 months. This course is delivered using the HTML & CSS, Adobe Photoshop, PHP and MySQL elements and is a good course for the persons interested to work in the area of e-Commerce software techniques.

    7. Complete Java Course - Java is everywhere and it makes sense to go for a short course of 1-2 months in it to revise as well as acquire learnings in details. This is the general purpose programming language to develop applications for every device and platform. Many top internet sites are using it and it is present there in a big way.

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  • Bangalore and Hyderbad as the best places for IT jobs.
    You should have knowledge of a few programming languages like Java and Python which has more job opportunities.

    The time duration for Java diploma course is 6 months. You can learn Python course basics within three months.

    First of all I would suggest you to continue in your present job. You can learn these courses every evening. Find the job in the IT field and then shift on in new career line.

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  • You are a post-graduate in computer science with one year of experience in teaching. You are 25 years old. So there are many chances for you to get a job in the IT field. You said you are interested in Programming and web technology. You might have acquired some skills in this field.

    Now make a good resume and place them in various job portals like and time job. com. etc. They will be sending you alerts and apply for suitable jobs. Please be referring to newspapers for various advertisements and apply for suitable vacancies. On this ISC also you have a jobs section. You can refer to this section and see any suitable posts.

    If you have friends working in some IT organizations send them your CV so that they can upload the same on their company website so that you may get a call if there is any suitable position.

    If you have some time you can select a certificate course which will be useful to your line of interest and complete that. That will help you in many ways. You can go for web development certificate courses, C, C+, C++ courses, .Com,
    Java course and any other similar courses will be helpful to you.

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  • Yes, you can transfer the current job to IT profession. But don't leave the present job until you attended the interview, selected for and get an offer letter.

    Age 25 is not a big deal and you can get the suitable IT job anywhere or in Hyderabad or Bengaluru. You would even get two days leave (weekend) compare to School (teacher) job where you get one day leave (on Sunday, precisely).

    Also, you can become trainer in IT industry showing your teaching profession experience. Trainer job will be most suitable for you. And it gets enough package too beside other usual perks.

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