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  • Can existing Intercom connection lines be extended?

    Facing issue regarding intercom service in the residential society? Want to know if it possible to extend the line and if yes what is the cost incurred? Check out this page where our experts have responded to your query.

    We have gated society but builder has provided device with limited lines of intercom to about 170 flats. Now there are 5 more flats which are not getting intercom connection as builder said since all slots are full in intercom system. Now question is : can it possible to expand the current system and add few more lines? How much it will cost? How can this be achieved with minimum expenses?
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  • The intercome will have the main master station house. From there, connections can be given based on the capacity of the main house system. The main station house system will have a capacity ranging from a single connection to 300 connections. Various capacity systems are available. Once the capacity is full you can't give further connections. The only way is to upgrade the master house station. If there are any slots vacant you can connect it.

    Probably as per the information given by you, the capacity of the main master station might have been full. Now they have to change the main master station house and lines for the new portions are to be installed. The expenditure depends on the number of lines you wanted and what are the facilities we want to have. The expenditure may vary from 15000 to 100000 rupees based on the requirements.

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  • Yes, you can. The existing Intercom connection lines can be extended if it is not filled up the Main board or Breadboard connection.

    You can enquire with local telecom technician to add it by spending little money if the authorized person asked for an extra money to give connection.

    In case if the main-board is filled up then there will be an extension required for intercom connection which might cost you or the premises owner additionally.

  • Intercoms are provided in gated societies due to security reasons so that stop people into any gated society without checking their identity and intercom play an important role, by which you can allow entry of people and validate their identity. By using intercom residents can interact by other residents, maintenance department, security guard etc. An intercom system or PBX (Private branch exchange) is usually installed by the builder before occupation or sometime a community may install this system.

    It supports only limited number of connections. As per your query in your building intercom connection was for only 170 flats. And all connections are occupied and no slot is left. So in this case if intercom connection is required for 5 more flats, first of all it is to check whether any connection is vacant or not in use. Otherwise the whole intercom system including base station is to be upgraded. Further, if there are more flat are left, other than 5 flats which you have mentioned and which will require intercom in future then a new intercom may be installed in addition to current intercom system. But of course it will cost additional charges.

    A base station costs around Rs.50,000/--1,00,000/-, Installation cost will be approximately up to Rs.1,00,000/- and Annual maintenance costs will be around Rs.20,000/- to Rs. 25,000/- per month.

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