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  • What is Urine Therapy or Urophagia and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

    Have a query about urine therapy? Searching for detailed information regarding the therapy and why bodybuilders use it? On this page our ISC experts shall provide you with all the relevant details which can help you to understand the therapy.

    Many of us might have heard about people drinking their own urine early in the morning stating health benefits though there is still no data or study that mentions the same. I would like to have a few of my questions answered by our forum experts:
    a) What is Urine Therapy or Urophagia and how does it help us?
    b) Urine is the waste that is thrown out from our body, so how can drinking urine help as it is reintroducing toxic waste back into your system?
    c) Why do bodybuilders or Pahelwan( Wrestler) drink urine?
    d) What are the known advantages and disadvantages of drinking your own urine?
    e) What are the known advantages and disadvantages of drinking animal urine?
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  • As far as I know, there is no scientific evidence regarding the drinking of one's own urine for better health.

    I know some Ayurveda medicines that are used to prepare using Cow urine as an ingredient in it. My grandfather was an ayurvedic doctor and he used to make medicines with cow urine and they are very effective. I don't know the detail formulations but I know those medicines are very good for fever, body pains, and jaundice. Filaria is also curable with that medicine. He used to make an oily preparation for applying over the skin which will reduce skin allergies.

    There are people who claimed that urine therapy will be good for many illnesses like Cancer, Acne, heart problems, body pains, allergies, wounds, and skin problems. But drinking urine is not good for health. It is my opinion. But using a small portion of cow urine in medicines may be OK.

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  • Scientifically speaking the modern science does not consider urine as a healthy drink in any respect. At the same time the naturopaths advocate its use and practically demonstrate it by drinking in public. There are instances in the history where people had been taking it based on some belief or as a doctrine proposed by some influential people. For example in ancient Rome people believed that the urine from Portugal could cleanse their mouth and whiten their teeth. Many naturopaths would support that view and tell that it is a perfect medicine. Naturopaths strongly believe that the urine is beneficial in many ways like healing wounds in the mouth, improving eyesight, replacing lost nutrients, boosting the immune system, supporting thyroid related health etc.

    Factually speaking, urine is a waste and would contain many unwanted chemicals already rejected by the body. So, from scientific point of view it is not recommended in any form and is not be used either from human or animal source. If we analyse the urine then the average one day quantity of it contains about 25 gram of urea, 10 gram of Sodium, 3 gram of phosphates, 1 gram of uric acid, 1.5 gram of creatine and traces of albumin (a protein). In addition there are small quantities of some hormones and chemicals which could not be harmful for the body but such a small quantity in fact may not help much when urine is consumed by a person.

    It is also to be noted that if a healthy person with a good immune system takes and consumes urine due to his good health it may not affect him much and people might think that as the good affect of the urine. This type of misleading things often happen in the body. In other cases there is a danger of infection, dehydration and electrolytic imbalance. Further, there are many bacteria in the urine and those can do a lot of harm to us. Some people use urine as an emergency source of water in case of some disaster but it can not be made as a normal practice.

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  • Consumption of urine for both human being and animals should not be considered as the health - practice since the Chemicals and Bacterias ejected from the urine are of no use but on the other hand Bacterias, Pus cells, Albumin etc present in the urine will definitely produce a negative impact on the health.
    According to Ayurveda, Cow Urine Therapy is considered to be immunity booster and may purify blood, control diabetes and hypertension with its regular consumption in the empty stomach. However, the process before being used, it is distilled taking care of removal of unwanted materials from the urine. Hence consumption of cow - urine on a regular basis would not not produce a negative effect. Trace - elements such as iron, calcium, chromium etc would act simulteneously on the human body system giving relief on the diseases relating to metabolic - disorders. The effect has been felt and in many pockets in the country cow - urine therapy is popular.
    However, human urine consumption has benifited the consumer is lacking any proof. Human urine contains urea. creatinine, albumin, phosphates and some bacterias and in no way its crude form would yield a positive outcome.

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