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  • What to do if salary is unfairly on hold?

    Worried that your salary was unfairly kept back despite taking leave after informing? Know from the expert advice here what steps you could take to obtain that salary.

    I had informed my company about my leave but they are not ready for the leave and had put my salary on hold. I had taken leave earlier but had informed and taken that leave. For that reason, they have put my previous month's salary on hold which was improper as I had not taken a single leave other than my week off and they are not ready for releasing my salary now and are not allowing me to take leave.
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  • Which is that company? Is there any appointment letter given by them to you? What are the terms and conditions as per the appointment letter? In a private company job, these are very common problems and that is why we should maintain good relations with our bosses. They will help in such times if we maintain good relation with them. There may be many leaves and you might not have taken them. But when the company requires you to be there you can't take without a proper sanction. But if you are not well and if you are not in a position to attend the duty, you can submit a doctor certificate and take leave.

    Now what you do is make an application form and explain the necessity of leave and attach the medical certificate. Meet the HR department head and explain them the position and request their help. Then they may help you. If there is no help from them better go to the top boss and get the things explained to him and see that he will help you.

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  • Every employee is eligible for leaves either paid leave, or casual leave. The employer cannot hold the salary which was given for your work already done and accepted. Just because you have not followed their advice, they are just harassing you and holding the salary. The labour department can be approached for redressing this grievance if the company is not settling your salaries even after repeated requests. For the first time, I am coming across this kind of information of holding salary for petty reason.

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  • You are entitled to get leave as per standing order of the company. However, leave is not the right. This has to be sanctioned by your immediate boss. As per your statement, you had not taken any leave prior to this, hence it could not have been any issue in sanctioning such a leave. However, the company says despite your leave position is in comfortable stock, you cannot be sanctioned leave on the plea that the situation for which applied leave was the critical one. On that ground, he may reject your leave. Hence it is always benificial to maintain cordial relationship with your immediate boss. The other way would be to attach a certificate of the medical authority indicating your illness on that day and provide you a certification that you are physically fit to join your duty.

  • Your query is not very clear but I can make the gist of it by observing that you had availed some leave which they are now not regularising and troubling you now. In this regard please note that you will get leave only as per the rules and regulations of the company where you are working and you must have agreed to the terms and condition at the time of joining this organisation. Another thing is that you can not take leave without permission except in medical emergencies. If you take leave without permission they have right to convert it to leave without pay. So, what you have to do is submit an apology for your uninformed leave and request them to regularise it. That would resolve the issue.

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  • Every company has their own policy apart from the common labor law of the state or country that is kept in mind before drafting the company law or employee agreement. Every individual though new or old has counted days(PL or UL) allowed as leaves that can be taken as per their requirements but through proper channel. There are times when the company wants the strength of their workers or employees to get the work or job done within a prescribed time or period and during such a situation or condition, the company may ask their employees not to apply for leave or their leave won't be sanctioned.

    As mentioned in your query, "I informed my company about my leave but they are not ready for the leave and had put my salary on hold." This shows that your application was not accepted by our company personnel department for processing due to various reason, it can be valid or invalid. Had you taken the sanction of your superior and boss before forwarding it to the HR or you had just applied it through the portal. It is better to consult with your team leader or superior and if they are not able to help, approach your immediate boss for a solution. If the leave was taken under normal situation and your superior or boss was aware or sanctioned, then they may be able to help you to get over the situation or else approach your HR for the exact reason and try to solve it internally for faster result.

    Your second query, " I had taken leave earlier but had informed and taken that leave and I had not taken a single leave other than my week off". As I mentioned above, leave is the right of the employee and every company would like their employee to apply for leave much in advance in order to make the schedule for the leave with other employees. Do your company have a leave schedule or its just random application, if you have a schedule, then it will be on the system and if it is random, then check for your application and forward the same to the HR department and even approach them personally with the letter for better understanding of holding your salary. Always try to keep a good accord with your supervisor, team leader, boss and the HR personnel.

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  • Normally in some companies people are doing like this. They do like this by thinking that they are controlling /punishing erring employees. But this is not correct,instead they can either 1.warn by collecting apology letter. 2. Deducting salary for that day as loss of pay.
    You would have given your leave request in writing in advance.

  • The question raised by you is not clear as to how many days of leave you had applied for ?
    Secondly do you have a casual leave format where the higher authority or the team leader who sanction's your leave have to sign for prior permissions.
    Stay cool, sit with your team leader and discuss the importance of taking your leave. Inform them about your promptness and regularity in your attendance. This may change their mindset and your salary will be released after a few days. Holding of salary can be only for a short period, you will get it as it cannot be stopped for one day's leave.

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  • To take a leave you should inform your HR in writing well in advance. Leaves are granted as per companies policy. Usually companies follow leave rules as per company act and Shops and establishment act. They vary from State to State. Leaves may be Casual leaves, Earned leaves, Medical leaves. But some time companies does not give casual leave . Only earned leave are there. You can not take a casual leave without informing to your Boss and HR. If you want to take leave you will have to inform to HR in writing either email or through employee portal.

    But as already you had taken leaves and your previous month salary is on hold there is one option. You should talk to HR department and of course, your immediate Boss and try to convince them and tell your situation and reason of taking leave. You should also tell them about your regularity and punctuality in your job. You can also submit a medical certificate if required. I think they will get convinced and release your salary.

  • This is a strange and it happens in private company only. Holding salary of the employee is not a good idea until and unless some genuine reason on the side of the employer.

    It happens when some superior involve only or rare possibility of miscommunication or some violation. You can ask it or write a letter to HR if available on this matter.

    In general and as per HR or Govt policy, the employer shall release the salary on-time or scheduled time without any delay. The company can place on hold the salary if there is any violation or genuine reason.

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