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    NOC for private employees at time of interview

    Have a query about NOC requirement for IBPS bank PO interview? wondering if NOC is a must if working in a private sector company? No worries, ISC experts will provide clarity regarding NOC requirement so that you can be ready for the interview.

    I work in a private company and now I have IBPS bank PO interview. I need to submit NOC because in interview call letter it is mentioned that only employees from gov, quasi gov ,and public sector undertaking require NOC .

    Please clear me on this .
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  • A private employee need not submit a NOC from the employer. If you are selected you can resign and get relieved from the post as per the terms and conditions of your employment. You may have to give notice before they relieve you from the job. But when you join the new job they may ask your relieving letter from that company if you have mentioned about your job in a private company.

    It is not a problem to get the relieving letter from the company after you resign and give notice as per the appointment letter.

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  • You need not to submit NOC and you can directly attend IBPS bank PO interview. But if you are selected in interview for joining this new job first of all you will have to follow the terms and conditions of current employer mentioned in your job agreement letter provided at the time of appointment. You will have to give notice and then serve notice period and if you will have to join immediately in that case you will have to surrender salary equal to notice period to your employed. What you will have to do, at the time of joining of new job produce relieving letter from the current employer.

    You are working in a private company and in your call letter it is also clearly mentioned that only employees from government, quasi government ,and public sector undertaking require NOC. Hence, being a private employee you need not to submit NOC. Don't worry and attend interview with full preparation.

    Good Luck!

  • When you are working in Govt or PSU then sometimes you might be working under some bond or other obligation and if you leave the job you might have to deposit that bond amount before you leave and go out. That was a practice to stop the brain drain of people from the organisations to other greener pastures. So Govt departments did not issue the NOC in such cases if the employee does not meat the terms and conditions of the employment. In the present case there is no such situation and you can simply resign as per the terms and conditions of employment like giving one month notice or one month salary in lieu of that whatever the case may be and join the new organisation. So do not bother for this aspect and go for your interview.

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