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  • Document verification query in a PSU

    Do you have a query regarding PSU related document verification? Wondering if there is a need to have an affidavit for this process? Check out this Ask expert page for responses and decide what to do.

    I have applied in a PSU which asked for 1 year experience. I entered the details of first firm I worked with but after I qualified they refused to give me the certificate in their letterhead.. Although I managed to get the authentic experience letter from another firm I worked with. I am worried that will they refuse to clear my application at the time of document verification because the firm's name and time period mentioned is different. Do I need affidavit?
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  • Firstly you should always collect your experience letter as soon as you shift your job.
    Secondly as the PSU has asked for one year experience you can clear it, as you already have one. It can be from any firm. There is no need of affidavit.

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  • They wanted one year of experience. When did you pass the course? If the gap is more than one year, what did you do in that period? These are the points one should see before coming to an understanding. These points ate not very clear.

    The experience letter you obtained is also from the company where you worked. Did you not mention this in your application?

    The question is not very clear.

    You have worked in an organization. Do you have an appointment letter from that company? When you left that company you might have submitted your resignation letter. Do you have a copy of the same? If you have these two you can show them as proof of your experience there and you can produce these certificates for record verification.

    You can also contact a lawyer and instead of asking for an affidavit you can ask him to serve a lawyer notice to the company asking for an experience certificate and a copy of the same can be shown at the time of record verification. The lawyer will advise you which is the best route?

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  • It appears that you have worked in a few companies and one out of which you have mentioned in your application is refusing to give you the experience certificate. At the same time you have got the experience certificate from other company. Now what you have to do is that you have to immediately send an application along with this experience certificate to the PSU where you are likely to be called for document verification. Clearly mention the reasons for providing experience certificate from the other company . Try to send it online as well as physically to the office address of the PSU. Keep a copy of the same with you as a proof that you have already send it on such and such date. This will also be required for showing it at the time of document verification.

    Now when you go for document verification make it clear to the verification authorities that you have already informed about this and if they want you can now produce this to them also. You can tell them that at the time of applying for this job you were not aware that such and such company would not provide you the experience certificate and after knowing that you are now providing it from the other company. Keep your documents in order and attend the verification session.

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  • What you need is one year of work experience. And your problem is that which company's experience you had filled in application form has now refused to issue an experience certificate on their letterhead. PSU company require only one year experience certificate. Which may be of any company. And it seems from your query that you had work experience in more than one company and more than one year. So, you can provide other company's experience certificate to them at the time of the document verification.

    But I think you need to prepare an affidavit and should carry at the time of the document verification on safer side because you had already submitted your application form in PSU and it can not be changed now. And the next step is document verification followed by interview. So, you should carry an affidavit along with an application stating that you had worked in xxxxxxx company from xxxx to xxx (Appointment letter is attached) and also mentioned in application form. But due to some reason you had not received experience certificate from above mentioned company. But I have work experience of one year in another company xxxxx from xxx to xx (Experience certificate attached). Consider my experience of this company instead of xxxxx.

    I think they will become convinced by your situation and will allow you to attend interview.

    But remember always collect your experience certificate as soon as you left the company/ organisation.

    Hope everything will be fine.

    Best of Luck!

  • Thank you everyone for this immediate response. It is very helpful .

  • Regarding your working experience in a particular organisation where you worked more than a year has proved to be futile since their refusal to release the same on their letter head.
    However, according to your statement, you do have an experienced certificate of another organisation where you worked previously but unfortunately the duration of work of that organisation did not figure in the application submitted for the next PSU employer.
    In order to retain your candidature for the PSU company, it would be better on your part to meet a lawyer of notary magistrate and apprise him of the latest development and request to make an affidavit of the working experience of the said company. In that case, the photocopy of the offer letter of the said company is to be attached along with the affidavit. Once the affidavit is signed by the magistrate, keep the same along with your fresh application addressing the same to the employer indicating your working experience of the different company not earlier entered in the original application form.
    You should send a fresh application along with the photocopies of the affidavit of the next company where you worked. You may also enclose the photocopy of the appointment letter of the said company as well.
    This initiative would work fine to save your candidature for the next PSU company and you would be allowed for the interview.

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