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  • Computer Lab Assistant job description

    Interested in taking up a job as a computer lab assistant? Looking out for details of certification courses and any pre requisite skills required? Check out this page for responses from experts and decide how to prepare for the job position.

    What are the job role for Computer Lab Assistant / officer? Is there any special certification course needed to apply for the vacancy? What are the basic requirement to apply for Computer Lab Officer or Assistant jobs / profile? Where can we get the Computer Lab jobs?
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  • 1. A computer lab asst / officer is supposed to give technical assistance to computer users.
    2. They are supposed to monitor a computer lab and address all the problems related to the computers and he has to provide all the required help to the person learning or working in that lab.
    3. He has to give instructions to all the people regarding the correct usage of all the electronics and other equipment
    4. He has to report the problems he encountered and which he is not able to address properly to his seniors.
    5. He has to ensure that the people who are operating the equipment will use them properly and never abuse them.
    6. At regular intervals, he has to open the computers and see all the programs and files for their correctness.
    7. All the required inventory maintenance is also the duty of the lab assistant.
    8. He will submit the reports wanted by their superiors.
    9. Maintain regular backups required.
    10. All the computers available in the lab are to be maintained properly.
    11. Ensures discipline in the lab.
    12. He has to see that all printers are in working condition.

    The above are the general duties of a lab assistant in a computer lab.

    The required qualifications and experience are as follows.
    1. 12th class or diploma course in computer science.
    2. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related field.
    3. On the job training and experience in a similar post for some years will be asked for by many organizations.

    These jobs are available almost in all the computer labs. They are more in educational Institutes and other offices where computers are used by many officers and whose knowledge in computers is less.

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  • Computer lab assistant is an important position in many Govt as well as private organisations. Basically these people are supposed to take care of computers and peripherals in the laboratory where students come to work and learn. In some Govt organisations the eligibility for this post is a Master's Degree in Science or Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (Computer Science / Information Technology) from a recognized University. However in some private companies it is not so stringent and even a diploma in computer science sometimes suffice for the purpose. Again, it varies from company to company and one has to see these details in their job advertisements in the newspaper or online job portals.

    Computer lab assistant has a varied nature of roles and responsibilities. Some of these are as follows -

    1. Help the students and the faculty in using the computers and peripherals in the computer laboratory. He has to resolve their queries related to use of the equipment.

    2. Keep the equipments in a clean and maintained stage and tell the users for taking necessary precautions in the laboratory.

    3. Manage the software and other utility programs to be used in the computers. He has to see that security of computers is maintained.

    4. Keep a record of major works and projects handled in the laboratory and keep the data for presentation to the management whenever it is required.

    5. Keep a watch on the performance of the equipments and get them serviced time to time. This will require coordination with the maintenance engineer.

    6. Has to report immediately any damage or malfunction of equipments to the repair agencies. This will ensure a minimal down time of the computer laboratory.

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  • I would like to answer your query in point-wise for better understanding and easiness.

    1. What is the job role for a Computer Lab Assistant/officer?
    Ans: A Computer Lab Assistant(CLA) is responsible to provide support to faculty or staff and students and maintain the college laboratories and workshops that include the installation, demonstration, course-specific
    software and printer maintenance and trouble-shooting of equipment and facilities. He is the first choice for students wanting technical help with computer-related issues during or after school, college or office hours. The
    Computer Lab Assistants are responsible for maintaining a clean quiet work area, sets up the lab in preparation for experiments and practical activities for students.

    2. Is there any special certification course needed to apply for the vacancy?
    Ans: Any Current industry certification courses from Microsoft, Cisco, Security/Networking, Red-Hat, Server, software and/or Hardware certifications, etc is preferred.

    3. What is the basic requirement to apply for a Computer Lab Officer or Assistant job profile?
    Ans: The basic requirement for the said post is:
    - Minimum a Diploma in Computer Science or Information Technology and 3 years of experience in the field.
    - Preferred Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology with 2 years of experience is required.
    - A Master's Degree in a relevant discipline can be considered.

    4. Where can we get the Computer Lab jobs?
    Ans: One can find Computer Lab Officer or Assistant job through the website of jobs like LinkedIn, government job portal, newspapers, direct company sites, school sites, job sites, etc.

    5. Some more skills that are preferred by Computer Lab Assistants(CLA) to perform their job successfully are:
    - To analysis and research on familiar technical issues, and learn new software and hardware applications.
    - Ability to logically solve the basic technical issue and have deep knowledge in the current software applications of the school, college or company.
    - The ability to understand and explain the experiment or technical issues clearly in a lucid and professional tone and manner.
    - The Computer Lab Assistants(CLA) must be courteous, approachable, patient, friendly and maintain good oral and communication with everyone. They should be helpful to the student to clear their doubt, repetitive computer and technical issues or questions.

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  • Firstly, you have not specified your qualification ?

    Graduation with computer as part of the combination or diploma in computer science is the required qualification.

    You should have minimum hardware knowledge. Software issues related to virus and basics in computer with latest version of windows. Using internet and website updation is the trend hence basics of html also adds to computer lab assistant. This knowledge will give you preference of jobs in offices.

    The work place you prefer decides the need for how to assist and when to assist. You can get jobs in corporate offices, hospitals, marketing related companies. The pay scale too depends on your choice.

    In hospitals, you should have the knowledge of science subject-components of blood, urine and x-ray related information to type the lab reports.

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  • The job of a Computer Lab Assistant / officer may vary and would depend upon the job profile which would further be dependent upon the type of commodities that the respective organizations are dealing into. For example, the same profile is required in the medical field as well but would be completely different from the job profile which is being taking care of by a company dealing into providing education services to the students. As a matter of fact, this would also be in very much demand by the Chemical and pharmaceutical Industries as well and can be a part of the R&D dept. (Research & Development).

    Obviously, the activities of a Computer Lab Assistant / officer in the above scenarios / profile would be completely different and as the requirements are put in general by the author and therefore the below details are kept accordingly.

    What are the job roles for Computer Lab Assistant / officer?
    The fundamental philosophy of any job responsibilities would be depending upon the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) by the respective organization. However, the prescribed job responsibilities could be the following,
    1. To carry out routine tasks accurately and following strict methodologies to carry out analyses.
    2. Ensuring the lab is well-stocked and resourced.
    3. Conducting searches on identified topics relevant to the research.
    4. Ensuring strict safety procedures and safety checks.
    5. Keeping up to date with technical developments, especially those which can save time and improve reliability.
    6. Documents information by maintaining daily logs and equipment record books.
    7. Maintenance of records for operating instructions, troubleshooting breakdowns etc.
    8. Resolves problems by examining and evaluating data and taking corrective steps.
    9. Assisting project team, attending and participating in group and project meetings.

    But most importantly, to enhance laboratory and organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests, exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.

    Is there any special certification course needed to apply for the vacancy?
    On an important note, one needs to have the minimum education of Graduation level or above which could be into any stream but to many of the companies the candidate may required to have the BSc in Computer science. as mandatory.

    What are the basic requirements to apply for Computer Lab Officer or Assistant jobs / profile?
    This includes the documentation, adding with good in communication skills and good proficiency in computers, with good command over the co-ordination roles at all levels.

    Where can we get the Computer Lab jobs?
    The applicant can search on different job portals as well as in the different newspapers for WalkIns. He or she may also directly approach to the job consultants to whom they can even submit their resumes in order to get some feedback in the future if they come across with such profiles.

  • The basic responsibility of the computer lab assistant is to resolve the confusion of the users of computers.A computer lab assistant provides lab users right assistance on hardware issues, installing and using software programmes, printing documents and understands the system of operations of computers.
    The following are the duties and responsibilities of the computer lab assistants on their duty hours.
    1) He would offer guidance to the people reporting in the laboratory.
    2) He would provide instructions to all lab users regarding the proper usage of the equipments.
    3) He would consult superiors on more difficult issues.
    4) He would ensure proper care and maintenance of the equipments installed in the laboratory.
    5) He would take care that no food beverage are consumed in the close proximity of the computers.
    6) He would monitor files and programmes being downloaded to the computers so as to be sure that the programme is free from malware and spyware.
    7) He would diagnose hardware problems and resolve these issues with the appropriate enginner.
    8) Files all reports required by the employer.
    9) He would conduct regular maintenance in the laboratory.
    10) Setsup and shutdown the lab according to the schedule.
    11) Performs regular software backups.

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