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  • Details of Air India Flight operations from 20.01.2020 till 26.01.2020.

    Want to know the flight operations on the event of 26th January celebrations? Searching for any circulars issued by the government? Here, on this our ISC experts have responded to yuor queries.

    Due to Republic day celebrations the functioning and operation of Air India is bound to get affected for the subjected period for domestic as well as for International flights both and if someone could provide us the details in brief or do we have any circulars issued from the governing body.

    I want the details most specifically and in context to Air India.
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  • There will be no flight in operation at Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) Delhi for seven days i.e. on January 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 26 between 10.35 am and 12.15 pm i.e. total duration of an-hour and 45-minutes. As per the NOTAM, during these seven days there will be no flight operations for around two hours at Delhi Airport. Landing and take-off will not be allowed during this period. A Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) was issued by Airport Authority of India (AAI) on 12.01.2020. And more than 100 flights will be affected. Hence flight operations of all airlines will be affected due to closure of airspace due to security reason over Delhi during this period as Delhi will be converted to no fly zone due to Republic day.

    NOTAM can be seen on the following link:
    NOTAM No. A0013/20 Created on 03.01.2020.- For Air space closure
    NOTAM No. A0014/20 Created on 03.01.2020.-No flight is permitted to take off/ land at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi and subsidiary airport within 300 km zone of Delhi. Except army aviation, IAF, BSF etc.
    NOTAM No. A0015/20 Created on 03.01.2020.- Light/micro-light aircraft, UAV's and similar long range aerial vehicles will not be permitted.
    NOTAM No. A0016/20 Created on 03.01.2020 - Hand Gliders, Para-Gliders, Para-Motors, Aero-models and similar short range aerial vehicles will not be permitted.
    NOTAM No. A0017/20 Created on 03.01.2020 - All flying objects including airborne video camera/ drone cameras or flying drones will not be permitted.

  • On 18th Jan 2020, From 20th Jan 2020 to 24th Jan 2020 and on 26th Jan 2020, there will be no air traffic in New Delhi for about two hours. This restriction is due to republic day celebrations on 26th Jan 2020. No flight will land are take off from 10.35 AM to 12.15 PM on the above days at Indira Gandhi International Air Port as this area is declared as no flying Zone due to republic day celebrations.

    This restriction is not only to Air India flights but to all flights both international as well as domestic flights. The Air passengers should check-up with their concerned operator and plan accordingly. This is mentioned in the NOTAM No. A0013/20 Created on 03.01.2020.

    Passengers should plan and reach Airport much in advance as the security checks will be very stringent during this period.

    The traffic movement will also get disturbed in Delhi in areas around Raj Path. This is due to the rehearsals for Republic Day that are being held in this area between 17th January and 21st January.

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  • In view of the safety measures on the republic day celebrations, the AAI (Airports Authority of India) has notified that on certain stipulated days from 18 to 26th January, no flights should operate during the hours 1035 AM to 1215 PM. These days are 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 26. So, on these days during the above time no take off or landing would be allowed in Delhi airport.

    Many airlines including Air India are either rescheduling their flights or cancelling them. So, one has to find out from the relevant site of the airlines about it. For Air India one has to go to its site ( and find out the flight information for the relevant flight. So, one can find out the latest status there only. It is better to find out the status of a particular flight and then rebook the tickets accordingly.

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  • According to airport sources, the Airport Authority of India (AAI) has issued a Notice to Airmen(NOTAM) informing the airlines both domestic and international that no take-offs or landings would be allowed from or to Delhi airport from 10.35 am to 12.15 pm for nine days between 18th, 20th - 24th and 26th - 28th January'20. The restrictions are in place for nine days instead of seven days as it was announced earlier. They have also informed that the nearly 1,000 flights i.e. estimated 500 domestic flights could be cancelled and others re-scheduled while international flights will be re-scheduled that includes take-offs and landings from Indira Gandhi International (IGI). The airspace over Delhi will remain closed for about two hours every day for over a week in preparation for the Republic Day parade. They also said that this was done due to increased traffic and capacity constraints this year.

    This notice of restriction is not only to Air India or domestic flights but flight operations of all airlines both domestic and international flights are likely to be hit. The carriers have asked the passengers to confirm with their concerned operator by login to their website and plan accordingly.

    For Air India details, kindly log in to their website from the given link:

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  • In view of stringent safety measures to be taken during the course of Independence- day, there has been made some rescheduling in course of flight operations from the management of Airport Authority of India Ltd and accordingly timing and dates have been rescheduled.
    During the dates between 18 th and 26 th, the flight will remain suspended between 1035 am and 1235 am during the period between 18 th and 26 th, 19 th and 25 th are the two days when flight operation will normal and the remaining days lying between such periods flight of operations will either be cancelled or rescheduled.
    In view of Independence Day, safety norm cannot be compromised and such rescheduling in most of the flight companies are taking place including Air India.
    While booking an air ticket, it would be best on the part of travellers to refer to booking status of the different airways so as to locate the possibility of booking air - tickets.

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