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  • Assistant professor - Eligibility for teaching

    Are you planning to take up a teaching position in management domain? Looking out for details of the eligibility criteria for assistant professor position? On this page our ISC experts will provide your the required answers for your question.

    I did my 2 year part time MBA from NMIMS ( REGULAR MODE). Recently, I cleared UGC NET with 99.99 percentile.

    I have been applying for Assistant professor positions in business school. However, during interview, one of the business school raised the doubt that part time MBA is not valid for college teaching jobs. I have discussed the issue with my college and they told me that for teaching Masters degree is required and UGC has mandated that no discrimination be made between part time MBA and full time for applying for govt jobs including assistant professor.

    Please guide me about the eligibility for assistant professor in business schools. Is part time MBA valid or not for teaching jobs?
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  • Once you are through MBA and you cleared your UGC NET examination you are eligible for a teaching job.

    For a Lecturer post( Assistant Professor) one should be a Post Graduate in the concerned subject. You are a Master in Business Administration. You are eligible for that post. But clearing UGC NET for a lecturer post with UGC scales is mandatory. You have finished that also. There is no discrimination between MBA obtained by a full-time course or part-time course. If you are not eligible for a teaching post, you might not have got a chance to appear for UGC NET. Only people who have the required qualification for teaching post will be allowed to write this examination. I don't why that particular business school is having such a rule.

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  • They have raised a doubt means that they are not clear about it. If it is so let them get it clarified from UGC and give you a provisional appointment. As per my understanding you are eligible for the post of Assistant Professor as you have done your Masters and also the qualifying exam of NET.

    The institute from which you have done MBA is approved under the UGC criterion and its courses are accordingly at par with the other approved institutions. Part time courses are designed to help those people who can not acquire a degree in regular mode. So, there is no difference in the syllabus or learning levels of the students. I do not see any problem in your case. Please stand up to your credentials firmly. All the best.

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  • You have done 2 year part time MBA from NMIMS ( Regular Mode) and also cleared UGC NET examination with 99.99 percentile. So you have the minimum eligibility requirement for appointment of Assistant professor in University and Colleges.

    If you are having a degree from a recognized university whether it is either full time course or part time course, it will be valid and there will be no difference. You have a part time degree and even people having degree done in distance mode are eligible then why not you? Surely you are eligible and apply for teaching position in any University or College.

    You did MBA in part time but it depends upon the knowledge and your capabilities. There is no discrimination between part time or full time MBA for applying for govt jobs including assistant professor. You can apply anywhere in any job wherever you want.

    But I suggest you to enroll yourself for Ph.D. also it will also increase your chance to get the job as Assistant professor.

    So, if you have a valid degree from a recognized university and meet all other criteria as per the UGC rules you can apply for the post. Don't worry, apply with full zeal. You will definitely get success.
    All the best to you.

  • Thank you so much. You are providing such a great service. I am proud of you and may god fill your life with happiness

  • You have done your MBA from NMIMS for which the duration was two year and the course has been recognised by UGC. The question of mode ie full time or part time should not be questioned by any official especially when there is the approval from the UGC side. Moreover, you have cleared the UGC NET - an essential condition to get the post of associated professor.
    In your case, no abnormality is being seen with respect to recognition of your qualification and even the NET authority did not raise any doubt regarding its recognition and its nature of duration. You can request the authority of the college to offer you a clarification letter showing that the degree you secured is fully recognised and has got the UGC affiliation. Such a clarification would eliminate the doubt of members present on the interview- board.

  • The minimum and basic qualification for someone to get an Assistant Professor post is to have a,
    1. Master's degree with at least 55% marks.
    2. Qualified NET exam in the particular subject in which you have done your Master's degree.
    3. The additional experience in the respective field would be an added advantage.

    One of the key points could be that there are various stages prior to recruitment. After qualifying NET/JRF, one can initially opt for Guest Lecturer, Ad-hoc Lecturer or a Permanent Lecturer.

    This is to be noted that for different Institutions and Organizations, the eligibility criteria are based on their SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and this could vary from one Institutions and Organizations with other and therefore this can possibly be the case wherein one set of terms and conditions can be found to be negligible but to others this could be the different case.

    What the UGC has stated can rule on the government administered institutions but may not work for all private Institutions and as a matter of fact you can't force them. From what you have asked in your query, you mention that, "one of the business school raised the doubt that part time MBA is not valid for college teaching jobs", gives us an impression that this hasn't been the case with all the applications and therefore as a suggestion may I request you to pl. list out the Business Schools and the Management Institutions wherein this is not a limitation in processing of job applications. You can simultaneously do PhD/Doctorate as well to make your profile more promising.

    In addition, there are numbers of private Institutions and Organizations and the business schools wherein the professional requirements may match, and you can use your talent in order to pursue your career through full time or part time jobs. If you broaden your area, then there are other possibilities of carrying on with private coaching in order to have good earnings but then it would be up to you to decide on this.

    All the best!!!

  • If the particular institution and its courses are approved by the UGC then such a doubt should not be raised by the selection committee. You can politely request them to go to the UGC site and confirm that. Education policies are made in a particular way to help all the students whether they have got the degree from a regular course or part time course or a correspondence one. In fact some of the distant education universities are enacted under the act of Parliament. Distinguishing between them will be like the jeopardising the interests of a bonafide student.

    I do not see any complication in your candidature. Meanwhile you can apply in other places also and do not depend on this particular institute.

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  • Mere qualification, planning and having opportunity one cannot shine or pick up well in the professions like teacher, professor/lecturer or HR/personnel department unless otherwise having real interest and involvement in oneself. Many people, I am seeing,switching from such professions as they lack in perseverance.

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