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  • Regarding my son's admission to lower KG

    Confused about the age criteria for admission to lower kindergarten? Interested in knowing the minimum age requirement for going to first standard? Find responses from ISC experts for your query here.

    I am little bit confused about admission of my son. His date of birth is 30th January 2017. So as on 30.01.2020 three years gets completed and he turns to 4th year.
    Now we want to send him to school(Lower KG) but the school Headmaster is rejecting saying that he should sit in nursery from in June 2020 at the age of 3.6 year.
    What is the minimum age to go in first std, or is it correct that he should sit in nursery then LKG and UKG and then 1st std at 6.6 years?
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  • Nowadays the reputed schools are very strict regarding age criteria for admissions, especially the CBSE schools. Yes, your son will get admission in Nursery only at this age. For ower KG, he should have completed 4 years of age.
    The birthdate of my son is 2nd Jan 2014 and he got admission in Nursery in June 2017. We tried to convince the management and even asked them to conduct the knowledge test of my son, but they denied it.
    You may try in some small scale schools for at least pre-primary classes and they may accept your request but then again in the coming years, your son may face this age issue in senior classes. So it is better to follow the age criteria as per the school's policy.


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  • Due to the number of boards and our worries, it is very difficult to get admission to our children at the correct age and some of the parents rush their children to school at a very young age. Every board has its own rules and regulations for admission and that needs to be followed by every school accordingly.

    a) For CBSE Board or schools - As per the Rules and Eligibility criteria set for Admissions by CBSE, A child or student willing to get admission into class 1 should be 5 years(min.) and 7 years (max.) which is calculated as of March of the current year that they are applying in.

    b) For State Board or schools - It is difficult to provide details for state board as every state has its own Rules and Eligibility criteria set for Admissions to class 1. The common principle followed by state boards including government, aided and private unaided schools are that the child will be not younger than 5.5 years and a maximum of 7 years as on June 1 of the current year that they are applying in.

    c) For ISCE Board or schools - The common criteria that most reputed ICSE schools follow is that the student or child must be at least 5 years and 8 months+ as on 1st June of the current year that they are applying in. Accordingly, the child must be 4+ years for L.KG and 5+years for the U.KG class.

    The common age criteria that are followed by schools are:
    - Playschool: Minimum Age should be 2+ as on 31.03.2020
    - Nursery: Minimum Age should be 3+ as on 31.03.2020
    - L.KG section: Minimum Age should be 4+ as on 31.03.2020
    - U.KG section: Minimum Age should be 5+ as on 31.03.2020
    - Class 1: Minimum Age should be 5+ as on 31.03.2020
    - Class 10: Minimum Age should be 15+ as on 31.03.2020

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  • The age limit for getting admission into LKG is 3 and a half years as on 1st July of that year. Generally, schools will insist for this. The schools which are having a good reputation will never accept the students with lesser age. But some schools which are not so famous may accept for admission.

    So you have to make a decision between a very good school after 6 months or a normal school now. Many parents want their children to get admitted to famous schools only. So you have to meet the age criteria. By the time your son comes to the 10th class, he should complete 15 years. Otherwise, you have to apply for a special concession and then only he will be allowed to write the examination.

    I suggest you wait for 6 months and then admit to a good school.

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  • For the year 2019-20 the age criteria was:-
    1. Pre kg 2 years 10 months by June
    2. Lkg 3 years 10 months
    3. Ukg 4 years 10 months

    During admission lots of parents who came for Lkg with lesser age even in months and days were taken back to pre kg.

    Later the age was 2 years 6 months for pre kg and so on respectively for Lkg and Ukg.

    In the year 2020-21 also it will continue with 2 years and 6 months by June of that particular year of admission.

    Parents please wait till your child reach the correct age so that they can learn better in their class. If you take admission in an inappropriate age they may be able to perform better now but will face later in the due course of time.

    Take care your child's future is in your hands to be nurtured well to reap good fruitful life ahead.

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  • There has been slight modification in respect of ages of the kids to be admitted in pre KG from the session 2020 - 21 from 2 year 10 months earlier acceptable to 2 year 6 months.
    Since date of birth of your son is 30 January 2017 and his age 31 St March on 2020 will be 3 year 2 months indicating that he is entitled to take admission in pre KG classes.
    Even if some newly private school may entertain your son for LKG classes so as to fill up the admission of the academic session, you should consider your case twice before taking up any risk.
    The prevailing rule may later cause impediment in his study session.
    Please note that for the admission for the first standard in the CBSC standard is minimum 5 years 6 months from the academic session 2020 - 21.

  • The normal practice being followed by every private school is that the child at the age of three to three and a half are admitted to the nursery class and there the basic strokes which are required to be known for writing and studying alphabets in Lkg and Ukg are being taught. So without the knowledge of nursery and also the behaviour of the child gets refined in the nursery itself and the child would be more natural to attend the Lkg with much knowledge. The Nursery is activity-based for the child, much awareness has been created regarding school life, responsibility and other moral values. So it is compulsory for the child to go through the Nursery class.

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  • According to RTE, the age critetia for the academic year 2020-21 is as below:-
    1. Lkg - the minimum age is 3 years 5 months and the maximum age is 5 years.
    2. For 1st standard-the minimum age is 5 years 5 months and the maximum age is 7 years.
    To apply for RTE seat- the distance from school to your area should be 1km for primary level that is from 1st standard to 6th standard.

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  • Every board has different rule and regulation. All school follows rules according to board.
    Normally, children are allowed to get admission into LKG is 3years and 6months. For getting admission into Std 1, the minimum age should be 5 years. As per CBSE rule, the minimum age should be 5years and maximum 7 years for getting admission into std 1 as on March of the current year that they are applying in whereas, state board has fixed age limit 5.5 years as on june 1 for std1.
    ForICSE board, child should be at least 5 years and 8 months+ as on 1st June of the current year that they are applying in. According to that, the child should be 4+ years for L.KG and 5+years for the UKG.

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