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  • Can we get two sim cards for one corporate contact number?

    Have a query about procuring two sim cards for a single corporate number? Searching for the rules and regulations for such issue of sim cards? On this page our ISC experts shall provide your answers so that you can understand whether you can get two sim cards or not.

    We have a prepaid connection in smart phone and net pack is available. This is a corporate connection. The problem with smart phone, it can be used for internet but for phone calls the ringing volume and the speaker is very low. We cannot clearly listen to the speaker from the other end. There are no network issues also. We do not like to go for repair.
    If we could get another sim for the same number, we can use it for calls. We are not using internet regularly hence the smart phone can be used for social groups and other internet related work as the need arises.
    Experts of ISC, provide your best suggestion for this situation.
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  • No. Two sim cards for the same number can't be issued by any service provider. It may be a corporate connection or personal connection, they will not give two SIM cards with the same number. If we lost the SIM card, we have to give a complaint to the service provider. Then he will inactivate the same and that card will never work. Then only they will give you a SIM with that number. At any point in time, two SIMs in working conditions can't be there with the same number.

    Every card should have a unique number. You can have two SIMS in one phone. If you are talking using one SIM card if you receive any calls or SMS to the other number, the other number receives the message and missed call will be recorded.

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  • No, it is not possible to have two sim cards for same mobile number. A sim card has a unique number. And it is different in each sim card.

    You can use a sim card in a mobile but can install whatsapp and other apps using this mobile number in other mobile having different sim.

    But if your sim is older i.e. pre-2001 sim or V-1 sim , then you can use a sim duplicator to make another copy of your sim card. But for V-2 card it is not possible to make a duplicate copy. Because in V-2 sim card, companies have installed anti-cloning and anti-tampering features, so cloning of V-2 sim is not possible.

    At the time of porting a mobile network to other network they provide another sim card of same number that may work for some longer time.

    But I have read about EE (Everything Everywhere network of UK). It has announced a new "smart number" scheme in which you can use the same phone number across multiple devices. It might be possible that this feature will be launched in India. But we will have to wait.

  • Making a duplicate SIM card with same subscriber number is not allowed in India so far as it tantamount to cloning or hacking. Under the present regulations it is not possible. The problem given in the query can be tackled in a different way by dedicating one SIM for data and another number SIM for calling and give the calling number only in the corporate website or other places. So people will call only in the second number and first number will be internal use only.

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  • It's possible only by blocking one number, after that only that same number can be activated. But no chance of getting both at same time, which will result to overlapping calls, so no way for this .

  • Multi sim with a single phone number service is introduced in UAE (Etisalat and du) many years ago. So technically its possible though we don't have this facility available here in India.

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