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  • Regarding my 12th markseet for document verification

    Worried how to handle document verification if one has given 12th board exams in compartments? Looking out for a solution to handle two results? Here, on this page our experts shall guide you to handle the situation.

    I have failed in 2 subjects in class 12th board out of 6 subjects. So I have got compartment and have appeared for my physics exam in same year as per rule of compartment exam. Then I cleared it. Next year I have given improvement exam and cleared my next subject that was Maths.
    Now I have 2 results of class 12th.
    Will it create any problem during my document verification?
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  • Your post says that you have now cleared all the subjects including compartments. After completing 12th successfully, the particular board provides a certificate and you may contact the administration department of the school for the same.
    Secondly, as you have both the mark sheets with you in the original, you will not face any problem in the document verification process, although you have not mentioned the purpose of document verification.


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  • I have seen the attached marks sheets. In one, you got only 9 marks in mathematics subject. The grade is shown as E. But the overall result says you passed. In the second one, you got 54 marks in mathematics. This marks sheet is not showing the marks of any other subject.

    These are the marks lists only. You can get the intermediate pass certificate in which they will show you all the marks you got in various subjects and they passed compartmentally. You have to apply for this certificate in your school and get it.

    When you go for document verification you have to produce this consolidated pass certificate. Otherwise, you have to produce the two certificates you attached to this question. There will not be any problem in document verification.

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  • Since you have followed the norms of the examination by clearing your Physics - paper in the compartmental examination. In that way, you have got a pass - certificate against that paper. In the next year, you appeared for the improvement examination in Mathematics and again by virtue of your labour, this subject was cleared.
    In your final mark - sheet, there will be inclusion of marks of Mathematics only and in the remaining papers, you will see E( Exemption) and in the aggregate column, there will be a remark shown Pass.
    Before the documentatio authority, you will have to produce all these certificates so as to have the occular proof of your passing examination.

  • You have got one mark sheet where your compartment exam given in Physics is also included. That mark sheet is issued in August 2011. As you have given the Mathematics examination next year under improvement mechanism, another mark sheet was exclusively issued to you after passing in Mathematics in May 2012. Now these two documents are to be shown by you as regards to your marks obtained in these different subjects during any type of document verification. So keep these mark sheets together. There is no problem absolutely in this presentation.

    Meanwhile, you have to get a certificate from your school that you have passed class 12 or intermediate in such and such year from such and such board. There it will also specifically mentioned that you passed it in complimentary and improvement mode in such and such year. As quite some time has passed you might have to pursue to get it from your school by giving an application and declaring that you have so far not received such a certificate from them. You will have to attach a copy of these mark sheet along with your application and also your proof of identity so that they can issue the certificate to you or send it to your address by post. For identification, you can take your Aadhar card or voter card or driving license etc.

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  • Thank you everyone for taking out your valuable time for my i feeling relaxed..i am having my dv for junior engineer(railways)..thanku??

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