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  • Query regarding auto updates in a LAN system

    Have a query about using billed software in a LAN system? Searching for detailed procedure to auto update system when changes are made in 1 system? On this page experts shall provide you advice to carry out the auto updates.

    I have 4 desktop(billing) and connected through LAN connection. I'm using Visual Foxpro software for all 4 desktops and now I want to change any product cost in foxpro software(billing). Any changes in one system needs to get auto updated in other 3 system too. Is there any option to do this?

    All 4 desktop Using Windows 7 OS.
    Visual foxpro software.
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  • If you are using LAN (Local Area Network) system. Then you need to make a database centralized on your service. All the programs in Visual Foxpro must use databases in the shared mode. Using any database sharing mode will be used by all users from the server and if any used add/change the data in the database and the same will be updated automatically.

    You can also make amendments in the executable file at your own system and after testing copy the same on the server so that all the user can start using the amended program.

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