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  • What is the problem in verification error in certificate..

    Facing a mistake in entry of name in degree certificate? Want to know if this lead to issues in document verification procedure? Check out this page and get answers from our ISC experts to resolve the concerns.

    There is an error of name in degree certificate. Will this create a problem in document verification for a government job?
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  • If there is an error in your name in your degree certificate. you should get it corrected. For this correction, you have to apply to the university in which you studied your degree. Some Universities will have an online application facility. You can check the website of your university and if there is a facility to upload online you can do that.

    Otherwise, you have to apply for correction through the college you studied. For this, you have to approach the Principal of your college and apply for the correction. You have to attach your original degree certificate and your SSC or 12th class certificate in which your name is correctly mentioned. The principal will forward it to the University office and once he receives back the degree certificate with correction he will give you the same.

    If you are in a hurry you can take the letter from the Principal and directly approach the concerned section in the Registrar's Office of your University. They will do the needful.

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  • While verification if the verifying authorities found any discrepancy/ies, there are chances of rejecting the candidature as it results in fraud or negligence. To avoid this it is better to have correct documents before applying. For this proper verification should have been made at the time of collecting the certificates itself and if any discrepancy found steps to be taken immediately without delay. Many apply for correction through post and kept idle for getting corrected but it is not correct and personal approach should be made for speedy action.

  • If there is an error in the name of the person in the degree certificate then it has got to be rectified from the college or university from where it is issued. Please note that it should be done as early as possible because if it is applied after a long gap then the institute or office will make excuses in the name of unavailability of records and other such factors and would show their resistance in doing that correction. It is usually required that they should issue a corrected certificate in place of the erroneous one.

    Another way to deal with the problem is go for an legal affidavit. What you have to do is consult a lawyer and get an affidavit prepared giving the details of the error crept in the degree certificate and then this affidavit is to be signed by you in presence of the court magistrate and he will also countersign it under his seal. The copies of documents reflecting your correct name and linking to this degree certificate will form a part of the affidavit as an annexure to it and will be an integral part of it. Once prepared keep this document with you and present it at the time of document verification.

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  • If any error appears against your name in the certificate released by the university, the same has to be corrected from the office of Registrar providing them the certificate of class twelve indicationg your correct name. Submit an application forwarded by the Principal recommending his comment to get the name corrected along with the prescribed fee for the correction. Enclose your photocopy of class twelve certificate reflecting your correct name.
    You will get a fresh certificate with the incorporation of your correct name in the released certificate within a fortnight or two.
    The same can be done from the office of the Principal from where you studied last. Write an application to the Principal indicating the mistake against your name and enclose your original certificate of class twelve in support of your proof. Your application along with the original certificate of class twelve and the certificate released by the university containing mistake against your name will be sent to university for correction- purpose. You may get back your corrected certificate from the office of the college once the same is received by them from the university.

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