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  • Astrology and its impact

    Are you interested in knowing everything about astrology? Looking out for answers to understanding the real impact of astrology and its types? Scroll through this page and get all the information from our experts and get enlightened.

    What do you think about the Astrology? Your opinion? What is the real impact of Astrology? Is there any co-incidence or real incident happens? Do you think they are fortune teller? Types of Astrology? Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • First of all, Astrology is not a science, the science related to it is known as Astronomy. Secondly, Astrology is purely based on belief. Whoever wants to believe in it, they can belive and others also have freedom for not believe in Astrology. People those belive it, are thinking almost all their movements charting based on it and believing and connecting every incident in their life as per the words of their fortune teller. So if you ask a believer, surely he will tell that he has many real incidents which prooved Astrology is right. They will agree that there is the fortune-tellers who can clearly indicate each and every future incident in our life.

    In my opinion, the stars in the sky have some effect on our life. But maybe it not proved scientifically and as the people living in the modern world, we can not t force people to believe in Astrology.


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  • Before coming to the subject of Astrology, I will like to give a broad classification of subjects and knowledge available to mankind today. There are two distinct groups of knowledge or subjects.

    First group is based on scientific principles, experiments, and observations and the subjects evolved in this group are - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geography, Geology, Zoology, Botany, Agriculture, Astronomy, Space Sciences, Modern Medicine etc.

    The second group is based on the statistical methods and observations and does not have scientific base but are being followed by a large population. In this group the subjects covered are - Astrology, Homeopathy, Palmistry, Tarot Cards, Numerology, Reiki etc.

    Now coming to Astrology, some ancient scholars tried to link the position of the celestial bodies to the life of an individual based on the time of birth and other factors like that. The correlation is very detailed and full of ifs and buts as well as full of cryptic and dubious statements but is sufficient to console or satisfy a gullible follower. So relying much on that would not be a prudent thing but belief is one thing in ones life that others have no right to remark or change. So these are all matters of belief and understandings and people are free to follow what they feel correct.

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  • Astrology is something related to the position of various planets at the time of birth. Astrology basically forecasts the future of the individuals. Is it reliable? There is no scientific proof for that. But it is a belief only. Our Hindu calendar writers are predicting the eclipse and other special events correctly and we seeing those things actually happening as per the predicted time. This prediction also is based on the moment of planets only. If the birth time is correctly known these pandits can definitely decide correctly the positions of various planets in your chart.

    Predictions will come from the interpreter of the chart. The accuracy of the prediction depends on the caliber of the individual. There are books in which the basics for predictions are given in detail. Based on these books there are people who can give some predictions and some suggestions to follow.

    Personally, I know some people who predicted things in advance and the same things happened exactly as expected at the time predicted. But there are predictors who never can give you a correct position.

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  • Q: What do you think about Astrology?
    A: Astrology or Jyotish as called in Sanskrit is an ancient science that was studied by our sages and gained knowledge of the same which were influenced by the movements and relative positions of the planets and heavenly bodies on our life. It was transmogrified much before and has its roots in our Vedas which are dated back to 1500 BC. The ancient Astrology is divided into three branches i.e. Siddhanta that studies the astronomical bodies, Samhita that studies the natural or earthly life and Hora which studies the time.

    Q: Types of Astrology?
    A: There are many types of Astrology that have evolved and some of them are as follows:
    i)Vedic astrology or Jyotish - These are known as Indian astrology which has been practiced for millions of years by our sages. In this, it is influenced by the planetary motions and positions of our planets and stars subject to the time. It includes the planets(9), zodiac signs( 12 nos), constellations and Rasis (12 nos) called houses of the zodiac signs. It says that according to the position and motion of these with respect to time, it has an effect on humans and this is studied and a chart is made called a birth chart. By reading the chart, they are able to predict the events of one's life and its effects along with some remedy for overcoming the faults.

    ii) Chinese astrology - The Chinese astrology is based on the study of five elements i.e. air, water, metal, earth, and fire, the sun and moon and heaven and earth. They link every p[lanet with the five elements and uses 12 years cycle(Chinese lunar calendar) and marks it with the animal. The animals used for the Chinese astrology signs in order are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. This year is the rat year.

    iii) Western Astrology - These are the most common and practiced forms of mystic prediction. We all read the newspaper and we have the habit of going through our horoscope chart or zodiac signs that are printed in it. It is also referred to as "Sun Sign" which is based on the sun movement with the movement of zodiacs.

    Q: Is there any coincidence or real incident happens?
    A: Now if you ask such, many will say "Yes" and others will say "No". It is actually a belief that has been followed by many. We know that Hindus do follow the Kundalis while Christians do not have it but can we guarantee that it is the same with everyone. There are many Hindus who don't have a Kundali and there are many Christians who make Kundalis for their children. What influence them is upto the individual. Some might have had some incidents that make them believe while some had an adverse effect and they do not follow. There are many incidents that happen and we cannot always say it is due to this or that. It can be better referred to as mostly read or heard from the meteorological department that predicts saying, "there is a possibility to rain or not to rain. It is upto the people to carry an umbrella".

    Q: Do you think they are fortune tellers?
    A: One can say Yes as they help you to choose the right path through different mediums. The more we believe, the more we feel it as going true and visa-versa. For many, they helped to get the foresight and for many, it was as usual as every day so it is upon oneself to see as a fortune teller, deep study on the subject, sixth sense, tradition or customs followed or just as intuition.

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  • Astrology provides us the concept of planetary influence on our lives. Planets are supposed to be celestial bodies of our solar system and these celestial bodies have have established an association with human since the commencement of civilisation in numerous ways.
    We have several instances and examples proving the impact of astrology on our daily life. The most important consideration about astrology is that it affects all sections of our lives like love, bondage of relationships etc. Especially it is helpful in distressing circumstances. Considering all these factors, astrology is beyond our comprehension sometimes.
    Marriage predictions are the most important parts of astrology. In India, particularly in our Hindu religion, people consult for matching kundalis for their wards in connection with successful marriage. According to astrology, placement of planets never remain the same and the position is variable with respect to time. Sometimes planets are placed weakly but many times such positions would offer favourable positions. All these movements of celestial bodies have considerable impact on our lives.
    The concept of astrology might vary individual to individual. There are many tools and techniques that are used under astrology and there are many variables of it are available but astrology occupies its unique on the minds of believers.
    How does the astrology work?
    On the basis of planetary movement and position, astrologers prepare kundali of a person that reflects all aspects of our lives. For marriage horoscope, astrologers suggest kundali matching so as the bondage of the couples strength with the time. Hence matching of kundali will enable us to know our lives better after marriage.
    Benifits of astrology-
    Astrology reveals the purpose of life and the persons destiny. It can tell us about our love horoscope, love, finance, career, health, relationship etc
    Bad karmic patterns can be transformed through remedial measures and hopeless situations give new ways of hope.
    Effects of Astrology
    Moon provides us with mental strength and coolness. Venus is the planet of comfort, love and luxuries in our life. If Venus is placed in a positive position in the birth chart, the individual will enjoy all the comforts of life. Jupiter placed in a comfortable position will strengthen the love between the couples. Mars is the planet of action, energy and desire.
    Today many people are suffering from different kinds of problems in their lives. Their stressful situations can be remedied with the consultation of an expert astrologer.

  • The thing about Astrology is that people have two choices - believe there is no effect of any planets gravity on other planets or believe it is affecting in a way. Religious people believe our earth and the resident of it does have gravity effect of the other planets. So far science has proved that there are effects of the gravity and other rays being emitted from some planets in our solar system. Astrology says the same. So if you believe in astrology you'd realize that to some extent it turns out truth. There are examples of people defying astrology and kundali and living better life purely out of luck or through hard work. But for gross population this varies.

    If you want to see effect of planets on population, check the data for following.

    1. People having bad dreams, tend to have ketu issues in kundali. (headless planet in astrology)
    2. People who tend to have financial issues and extra marital issues tend to have rahu in kundali.
    3. Men or women who have marriage issues definitely have mangal graha issue in their kundali. 90% of divorces also show the same data.
    4. Men who have stomach related issues and the lack of education and other health issues have the guru issues.
    5. Anyone with health issues of various ailments in skin and eyes tend to be due to sun and the moon in the kundali.
    6. If you are working hard with no changes in earning and financial and family issues, you tend to have shani specific issues.

    So these are kind of things you learn from the kundali. You can surely ignore all of this as pseudoscience and believe in efforts and hardwork. But karma does exist whether we believe it or not. Hardwork doesnt pay off for everyone, whether we believe it or not. How much to believe in astrology and how to use that data to navigate your way out in the life is all upto you.

  • There is the trinity of astrology. now this science has turned into ignorance due to astrologers.
    There is a feeling of doubt in the minds of many people. In TV channels, astrologers are creating fear and confusion in society by not knowing what astrology and that is why doubts have started arising in the minds of many people about astrology, which is also legitimate.
    Astrology has a very important place in human life. God has created the age of every human being according to the deeds of his previous birth, which no one can change, especially no one can change the following three events of a man's life: 1. Birth 2. Marriage 3. Death. Astrology particularly throws light on these three, although in addition to these three, there are other important points related to life.
    Astrology has been and will continue to serve society through its various distinctions. It is true that any object, person, or knowledge that has a special effect on society, is opposed at the same level. The more astrology has affected society through its knowledge, the more it has also been criticized. It proclaimed the world with its mathematical knowledge and studied the effects of planets, constellations, images, and stars living in the sky. These influences saw and understood the changes happening in society.
    Some Important planest of astrology -
    Sun Planet - In Vedic astrology, the Sun is considered as a factor of energy, might, fame, honor, and king. Sun is the most dominant planet in the Navagraha of astrology. Hence it is also called the king of planets.
    Chandra Planet - Moon is considered to be a factor of mind and water in the Navagrahas.
    Mangal - In astrology, Mars is considered as a factor of strength, might, courage, army, anger, excitement, younger brother, and weapon.
    Guru Planet - In astrology, Jupiter is also known as Guru. Guru is considered a factor of education, teacher, etc. If a person has a strong Guru's position in the horoscope, then that person leads in the field of knowledge.

  • Astrology is a pseudoscience. It is a belief in which stars and planets affect an individual's mood, behaviour and personality according to their birth. In other words, the study of the movement of stars and celestial bodies which have an influence on human affairs and the natural world. There have been many myths related to this science. Some people belief upon it whereas, some consider it as a prediction. Is this science true or not? Nobody can say exactly. I have noticed that some people having high belief upon it and don't take any step in life without it. Sometimes it is seen proving correct but I think prediction is just prediction.
    Here, I am discussing the name of some planet:-
    Mangal planet- It is considered for anger and excitement in life.
    Jupiter planet- It is considered for education
    Venus planet- it is considered to be a factor of material happiness and wedding prosperity
    Saturn planet- It is considered for wealth and fame.
    Sun planet - It is known for name and fame.
    According to the astrologer, every planet is known for a specific function and accordingly human life goes.

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