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  • Which is the best course to study after diploma course for career growth

    Confused whet to do after diploma for a successful career growth? Interested in studying but not knowing what course to opt for? On this Ask expert page you can find answers to all your questions here.

    I have completed my diploma in electrical & electronics engineering and have also got placed on campus. Currently I have 4yrs of experience. Now I want to study further. Can anyone suggest which course would be suitable? Or should I study related to my job profile. I'm working as a project Engineer in construction field.
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  • You did your diploma in electrical & electronics engineering and you have 4 years of experience as a Project Engineer in the construction field. Are you taking care of the electrical department works in the construction area or are you looking after all types of works including civil, mechanical and electrical works in construction? Based on this We have to make a decision.

    1. As 4 years of experience is a good quantum of experience, now if you shift the field this experience may not be taken into account. So I feel it is better to continue in the same field and acquire a good qualification that is useful for your Job.

    2. I suggest you do BE/B Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. There are many universities offering this course in Night college for employees. You can apply for a seat in that and you have to get qualified in the entrance test and then join the course and complete the course. Once you complete this course you can look for higher posts within the Organisation you are working or you can go to a better company than your present company in a senior position. In private industries shifting from one company to another company is very common.

    3. Now you are Project Engineer in a construction company. The core job here will be civil works and other departments will be subsidiaries to that. So the chances of growth and career prospects will be more for the people qualified in Civil Engineering. As such you can do BE/ B Tech in civil and you will have good chances for career growth. You can study the same at Night College.

    4. These days BE/B Tech courses are available in distance mode also. You can join in that and do the degree in Civil or EEE, as per your liking.

    5. Another area is Safety. In construction field safety is an important issue and people with qualifications in Safety will be preferred. So you can do this course.n This will be a certificate course offered by many institutes. But you have to select the institute having the approval of the Factories Department of the State. This certificate will make you eligible for the safety department of the company.

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  • Your core area is electrical & electronics engineering but you have gained experience in the area of in construction field, working as a project Engineer. So, at this juncture, it makes sense to carve out a brighter career in the area of the construction itself. However, please note that one has to pursue the career in ones line of interest as it helps in the real derivation of satisfaction and contentment out of those jobs.

    So, one has to take a call on that and in your case you have two options. One is to go for a B.E./ B.Tech. degree in Electrical and Electronics and then apply for a job in that line. Now a days there are many institutes which provide evening or weekend courses for this and you can even go for a correspondence course in that. The other option is that you can continue in the area of construction and can acquire some additional qualification which might give you a growth and rise potential in this area. What I can suggest you in this respect is that as you have already acquired 4 years experience so the technical knitty-gritty of this field and other things will be known to you already and what you require at this stage for your growth now in this industry is management skills. So it will be a good thing to go for 1 year PG diploma in management and if you can exert more then go for 2 years MBA course in Human Recourse Management (HRM) or MBA in Operation Management or MBA in Supply Chain Management. You can do it from one of the many reputed management institutions in the country. The correspondence or part time options are already there. These courses will nicely amalgamate with your present working and pave ways for further growth in this particular field of construction. Moreover construction industry is poised for a big growth in the future and it is good to stay in it for long for achieving flying careers. For good performers there are ample opportunities for overseas works also.

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  • You have acquired your diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering but you have joined a construction company where you are involved in the construction- activities. Hence your present experience is not related to your core studies. I would suggest you a few tips for your better growth in your service line. Some of the points are as follows -
    1) If you don't want to change of present assignment, it would be better on your part to take up the course of AMIE in Civil Engineering. Section A is common to all aspirants intending to clear AMIE but the section B involves the work of study of your chosen stream. Such a selection of your course would not affect your job with which you are currently attached. You can resume your studies at home with the guidance of some professional institute.
    2) Since AMIE is treated at par with the degree of Engineering of a recognised university and has the approval of ministry of HRM and AICTE, such a degree will enrich your knowledge in the area of Civil Engineering. In a year, the examination is conducted twice once in May and later on November, you can clear your papers partly in each session. There are altogether 16 papers combining both the sections. With your consistent studies at home, this degree can be achieved.
    3) Once you get AMIE degree, try for MBA in Human - resources from the distance education from a recognised university. With the exposure of such a course, you will be familiar with the psycology of work - force and different tips how the human force can be moulded suitably so as to maximise the output of the company.
    4) The combination of your work experience and your additions of qualifications as stated above will provide you a better growth in your service - career.

  • Many people in jobs go for enhancement of their academic qualifications before migrating to greener pastures. This might help them in getting a better job elsewhere and it could be a good strategy at times. At the same time sticking to your present organisation is also a good practice as you do not face the hassles of shifting your residence from one place to other. Now a days the job position is not healthy and people are ready to accept any job falling in their area. So the going is tough and one has to take a practical call on that. I will suggest you to have patience and with hard work try for a departmental push for the next degree. If they agree go and get your additional academic qualification.

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  • Hi ,

    I suggest you to go with BITS University(WILP) - BE/B.Tech (EEE) . without any enterence you can take this opporunity, by working integrated program weekend classes online class rooms only for exam you can select any cities near by your location .

  • The best options for a Diploma holder and having 2+ years of experience are as follows:
    i) Pursue further studies i.e. BE or B.Tech. You know that a diploma holder can get lateral entry to the 2nd year of engineering courses but you need to have a min. of 60% to be eligible for the lateral entry or else, you will have to join in the 1st year. It is a known truth that industry looks for graduates and they get better opportunities than diploma holder and thus the best option is to pursue a degree or to complete your Graduation in your field i.e. Electrical or EXTC.

    ii) If the circumstances do not allow you to go for a full-time graduation course, you can opt for part-time or night mode from a recognized college or university.

    iii) One can even complete the graduation through A.M.I.E (Associate Member of the Institutions of Engineers) which is a recognized institute that has the approval of the ministry of HRM and AICTE and provided by the Institute of Engineering, India. You can opt for any stream that you prefer to complete your graduation from the 15 streams that they have. For more information, you can visit their official website:

    iv) One can even study any professional or some skill development courses in the field of your experience and specialize in the same field of your present experience that will add value to your resume and job.

    v) As many companies ask for graduation and if you hold +2, then you can even complete your graduations through correspondence in programs such as B.Sc, B.Com, B.A., BCA, etc. This will help you to give many competitive exams and will also open more opportunities in government sectors.

    vi) As you are having a diploma and 4 years of experience in construction, you can easily start your own business
    or self-employment in the field of your choice i.e. construction, electrical, computers, etc.

    vii) Nowadays there are many colleges that provide executive MBAs for working executives but you need to check for the experience required for eligibility. If you find suitable, you can even opt for this and acquire the executive MBA and step ahead in your career.

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