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  • Types of Software for business

    Interested in knowing all types of software used for business? Looking out for answers online? No worries, our ISC experts shall respond to your query o this page which can help you to know all types of business software.

    We know few software or its related business like, data mining, data warehousing, coding, programmer (programming), application development, data marketing, digital marketing, Software reseller and so on. What are the other Software business which people generally don't know? Is there any other Software business that is generally unknown to many excluding the above given business? If so, you can let us know how it works.
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  • Modern business elements are managed and monitored with the help of robust and advanced software programs or applications. These softwares have capabilities to support as well as automate the business processes in an efficient manner. Forms, documents, invoices, sales reports, inventory etc all are produced and captured in this system and help in increasing the overall efficiency and performance in the business processes. Many of them are used by the people and are very popular but some of them are very specialised and are not so well known. Their prices also vary depending upon the package one selects for ones business. Many of these even work in mobile environment also. So one can monitor the business on the go. Some of such business softwares are detailed below -

    1. Scoro - This is versatile business management software and can plan and track multiple projects within the business entity. It can monitor and manage the quotes, contracts and invoicing. It can efficiently generate bills for the carried out works in a stipulated time.

    2. - This is an ideal software for mid sized companies and has facility for tracking the expenses and invoice reports. It can monitor and integrate the project details and has a CRM support in its structure. Many industries use it for consulting, marketing and other management functions.

    3. Netsuite - It is another good business software which is used by all sort of industries from small to large businesses. It has a variety of business tools in its kitty. Some of them are ERP, CRM, HR, eCommerce etc. It is basically a cloud based system and very flexible and customisable.

    4. Shipmaster - This is a unique business software used in business management in ships, FPSO, offshore structures and other activities in oceans and seas. This has features to monitor the day to day business in that business environment.

    5. Timecamp - This software is tailor made for keeping the time management, attendance tracking, productivity monitoring and other such functions in a business entity. It can create project reports and send invoices as per schedule to the customers. It is good choice for project integration.

    6. TallySolution - It is a popular application and used for accounting purposes in an organisation or business unit. It has many features like Payroll Management, MIS Reporting, Inventory Management, Purchase Report, Sales Report, Manufacturing and Job Work etc.

    7. ProfitBooks - This is a simple but useful accounting software to be used inside a business unit. It can monitor the day to day expenditures as well as the inventory levels and can generate the reports for the perusal of the management.

    8. Bitrix24 - It is versatile piece of software for complete management of a business. It has a built in internal social network for faster communication. It has features like creating workgroups and sharing ideas.

    9. ProofHub - It is one of the powerful software programs that take care of so many business functions. It can help in improving the project management, create charts for visual looks, generate reports at any instant and other such functions related to the business.

    10. - This is a good software having a clean layout and is very useful for a small agency where everything is to be tracked at a place and project can be monitored and billing can be generated centrally.

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  • Business management software is a tool which provides support in business. They are helpful in performance improvement, managing and reporting activities. Thus, they increase overall competence. A number of popular Business Management Software are available. Some of them are listed below:

    1. This software is equally beneficial for a freelancer, or small company. It is very helpful to track the work in different projects. This is a very simple software and do not require special knowledge. Its interface is also very simple but attractive. It provides focused communication and real-time updates, monitoring and billing and also Sync tasks with time.

    2. ProofHub: ProofHub is very useful as well as powerful business management software. The main feature of this software is that it combines all the features which are required to manage the business. This software helps in providing Gnatt charts to keep tracking of projects, dynamic reports and also provide facility of time tracking for different tasks. By the help of this software you can streamline processes, store and share files, share feedback simultaneously. Its app is available both for Android and iOS users.

    3. Zoho One : Zoho One is a good business as well as company management software. It manage almost each and every aspect of your business and collaborate them with online storage and sharing system.

    4. Odoo: It is compact business management software which offers a range of business applications with strong technical foundations. It provide facility of real-time communication for better collaboration.

    5. Timecamp: It is at all-purpose business management software. It comes with a time tracker, attendance tracker, productivity monitoring, integrations and many more features. This software has very simple and automatic interface so that anybody can easily use it. It tracks time automatically, creates and sends invoices etc.

    6. Netsuite: Netsuite is a wholesome business management system and is being used by a number of companies. It is mobile enabled and cloud based tool and is very flexible. It provides almost all kind of tools like ERP, HR, CRM, Accounts, eCommerce etc. It offers easy access reports and key performance indicators.

    7. is good software for medium sized companies which generate instant invoices. It visualize analyze, and organize your data. It offers expenditure tracking, CRM support etc. It is very popular in marketing, consulting, and management firms.

    8. Scoro: By the help of Scoro business management software you can plan and track your work with unlimited projects. It helps to manage and organize your business work more efficiently and also helps in tracking time and billing accurately.

    9. StudioCloud: It is a reliable business management system. It is a one-stop solution for your business. It creates and sends professional invoices, send automated customized reminders. It manages customers, partners and sellers at one place.

    10. Apptivo: It is an online customer relationship management (CRM) software which track the complete sales process. It can be used from anywhere. It collaborate on tasks, manage timesheets, and log expense reports. The best part is it is easily customizable according to requirement.

    11. Bitrix24: It is a complete package of management, collaboration, and communication tools and very popular in business. It takes care of your tasks and projects to document management and also provide real-time communication, video conferencing. Its CRM and sales team management also helps in increase in sell. Its application can work on Android, ipad and iphone etc.

    12. Shipmaster - This specific business software is used in ships and offshore structures.

    13. HoneyBook: It is also an all-in-one business management solution. It is having intuitive interface. It helps in capturing leads, manage projects, send contracts and invoices, and get paid. By its mobile application you can manage business anywhere.

    14. ProfitBooks - This software is mainly used for accounting purpose. By using it you can make daily expenditure record.

    15. TallySolution - It is another accounting application and used in business. It provide several facilities like MIS Reporting, Payroll Management, Purchase Report, Sales Report and Inventory Management etc.

    You can choose any business management tools and solutions according to your requirement.

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