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  • Name in documents for NEET exam

    Worried about document verification in NEET exam? Wondering what to in case names does not tally in all documents/ certificates? On this page Experts shall provide you with advice on how to resolve the issue.

    My name in 10th certificate does not tally with that in in aadhar and domicile certificate.
    Will this be a problem in documents verification process for NEET counselling?
    Will affidavit be sufficient?
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  • After reading your query I have some queries for you:
    1. Which documents are having correct name either in 10th mark sheet or Aadhar card & domicile certificate?
    2. Does your mark sheet, Aadhar card and domicile certificate are having only minor spelling mismatch or surname or complete name is wrong.

    In first case if name mentioned in 10th marksheet is correct and name in aadhar card and domicile is mismatched then you can go for name correction in Aadhar card and domicile certificate. For Aadhar card you can correct your name online on UIDAI website or offline by visiting aadhar centre. For name correction in domicile certificate you will have to visit the concerned department.

    In second case, I think that if there is minor spelling mistake (mistake of one or two alphabets) in your 10th mark sheet. You can continue writing that spelling in future. And apply for name correction in aadhar card and domicile certificate as per you're the name mentioned in your 10th mark sheet.

    But if the full name or surname name is wrongly mentioned in marksheet then you will have to prepare an affidavit and get it notarized. Then publish an advertisement in two news papers (one national and one local) and then you will have to publish it in Government Gazette.

    Meanwhile, you will have to produce an affidavit during document verification. You can make an affidavit in advance stating that my name is XXXX and is mentioned wrongly in mark sheets. And both the name belongs to same person.

  • Thanks for your reply. My name is not wrong or spelling mistake. It's just that my father's name in my middle name section is abbreviated /initials in 10th certificate and it's written in full in aadhar and domicile. Do I need to make an affidavit?

  • Okay if it is like that then you should prepare an affidavit for document verification. But I suggest you if it is OK with you continue your mark sheet name for future purpose. and get the name corrected in your aadhar card and if possible in domicile certificate also. So that it may not create any problem to you. Otherwise every time you will have to prepare an affidavit.

  • If it is only an abbreviation given for your father's name in the middle of your name in your 10th certificate and it is in full given in other certificates, there will not be much problem. They may take your 10th class certificate as standard and they will go by that. In your application and in all your future correspondence you mention your name as mentioned in the 10th certificate. Then there will not be any questions regarding that.

    Getting the name corrected in the 10th certificate is a big process and hence if you want to correct the name you get the Aadhar and domicile certificate corrected as per the tenth certificate. If I were in your position I will not take any action and continue writing my name as mentioned in my tenth certificate.

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  • Thank you so much to all experts replying to my question here. All my doubts are cleared and I will go by my name written in 10th certificate and also will get aadhar and domicile corrected.

  • Whenever there is a difference of name between your different personal documents then at the time of the document verification it becomes a problem and source of embarrassment. Your high school certificate contains the name in a particular way and it is acceptable to you so there is no need to change it or get a corrected certificate from your board of education or go for an affidavit.

    Next thing is your other credentials like Aadhar card and domicile certificate which you can easily get corrected from the Aadhar centre and the designated offices. Once your Aadhar card and domicile are in tune with your high school certificate you do not have any difference between them and hence no problem in the document verification.

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  • Any difference of name in the various documents will certainly create problems and as such this needs to be resolved. However, you have stated that the middle name signifying your father's name is not in full form. Such a pattern does not invite any problem but the other documentations such as Aadhar Card and Domicile- certificates must match accordingly.
    In relation to correction of your Aadhar card, you may approach the centre with your photocopy of 10 the mark - sheet for the necessary corrections. This can also be corrected on line on UIDAI website as well.
    Domicile- certificate can be corrected by referring to the concerned department enclosing a fresh request for the correction.
    In that way, you can uniformities in all your certificates.

  • As you are concerned for the time being with the NEET councelling, I would say that for the time being, you can make an affidavit and keep it ready as you need not want to waste time running behind it but prepare yourself for NEET and give your best try. During the verification, you can produce the affidavit and clear the ongoing scenario. Please keep in mind that you always provide single or same formate for all your future reference. I mean always use the same format that is given in the Xth or Xiith standard certificates. Making changes in your mark sheets and other papers are tedious and time-consuming.

    On the other hand, you can either visit any nearby Aadhar center and make an appointment for change in name and ask them to change the middle name i.e. of your father to initial as in your certificates or mark sheets. Once your Aadhar card changes are made, do take the print and along with your certificate do apply for changes in your domicile certificate. These will take only a day or two for a manual approach and will take 7 - 14 working days to get the domicile certificate with correction. In this way, you can make a common format for all your documents and always keep in mind to follow the same.

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  • Thank you for the all the replies here.

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