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  • Can I start my career again

    Confused how to resume career after a break? Searching for detailed information regarding how to proceed? Scroll through this page where our experts have responded to yuor query.

    I am a Post Graduate in Biotechnology honors, passed out in 2009. After that, I pursued a wet lab project in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre for around 8 months. In 2011, I joined a biotech company dealing with molecular diagnostics kits for cancer and a few other genetic disorders. My role was to provide application support like how to use kits, how to interpret the data, etc.
    Then we shifted to Pune in 2017 and I quit my job for family reasons. Now after the gap of 3 years, I want to restart my career back, that too in the same field.
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  • After shifting to Pune in 2017, what were you doing?
    How you are spending the time?
    The same questions you will get from the employer when you go to attend the interview. You have not given any information about that. So you have to make your resume fresh and in that, you have to mention about the activity you were doing this period.
    If you say I was not doing anything, that will a negative point for you.
    So you have to show some activity?
    Make a CV including this period and activity you are doing and apply for the jobs as per your experience you have earlier. You prepare well for the interview and start applying for various jobs.
    You can post your resume in and You will get alerts from them for suitable jobs. You can search these sites and there are many other job portals. You may get interviews and based on your performance you can get selected.
    But remember the chances will depend on how you have spent the three years of time.
    The best way is to start as a lecturer in any private college. There are many private colleges where you can teach Biotechnology to undergraduate students. SImultaneously you apply for NET examination and get qualified in that. Then you will get lecturer post in government colleges.

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  • As you have not mentioned your gender, I assume you as a female candidate and considering that I would say that many women after marriage discontinue their jobs for family reasons which are much understood by everyone. There are people who are able to get family support and they carry their professional life along with their family life but in few cases, it becomes a necessity to quit their job and remain at home for many reasons that can be best explained by the person who has gone through it.

    If you are a male, then it is a black mark as you will have to provide the interviewer a solid and content answer about the 3 years gap which is a big phase. It can be family, personnel, and others but many times, it may not go well with the interviewer and thus it is always better to cover your gap with some odd jobs.

    Prepare a good resume with or without these 3 years but always remember that if you include the 3 years gap, you need to provide a solid and digestible answer to it. If you include the 3 years, you need to provide documents for it, so be prepared.

    You can update your resumes and post them on job portals that are available with the best description and the job profile that you wish to join and be positive. Prepare well for the interview and be ready to answer the work that you did in each company and your role in helping the company as per your designation. It is never late to resume from where you left and always have a positive approach to facing any situation. All the best.

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  • Biotechnology is a very prospective area and many new projects and research works are going in it. There are many companies which are engaged in new product formulations in this area and they also advertise vacancies time to time. So, keeping a watch on the job portals would be helpful in selecting the appropriate ones for applying for a position. You may have to find out a job position in accordance with the experience you have but you can also try to enter any other project in the biotechnology arena. It is basically your core area and I do not see any problem for you in having that minor shift.

    Some of the areas which deserve consideration at this juncture for you are -

    1. Drug and pharmaceutical research.
    2. Research laboratories.
    3. Chemical Industry.
    4. Environment control.
    5. Waste management.
    6. Energy Sector.
    7. Food processing.
    8. Bio-processing industries.

    Some of the functional areas where biotechnology has immense potential are - vaccines, therapeutic hormones and enzymes, immuno-diagnostics, gene therapy, agriculture, bio-products, nutrition, horticulture, dairy, medicines, textiles etc.

    You have to select the job position of your choice after seeing your interest in the particular sub stream and though there is gap of few years in your career but if you are serious and can work hard you can not only compensate for these few years but can make a flying career in this field. Remember nothing succeeds like hard work and persistence of the purpose.

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  • You had been in the area of biotechnology during your service period but due to certain family - issues, there was discontinuation of your service for nearly three years. In order to get a suitable assignments, you need to concentrate on the following points.
    1) You will have to make an effort to make your resume attractive so that your resume creates a favourable impact on the mind of the employer. This can be achieved through the advice of job consultants fine tuning your resumes.
    2) Highlight your area of interest and how best you have contributed in such areas such as genetical disorder as stated by you. In case, you have got any excellent appraisal of your past employer, do attach the same along with the resume.
    3) Do mention your attributes in any field such as you had been best speaker during your school days or you had been active in cricket etc. Enclose certificates in support of your proof for such claims.
    4) You need to cover up the area for your discontinued period amounting to three years. The reason to stated in your resume must be convincing such as your father needed your help physical and mental help during his ailing period and there was no substitute in that case.
    5) Prepare well for the interview including your core areas. This may be in the form of molecular biology, genetical disorder, environmental control etc.
    6) Forward your resume to or so as to get a suitable assignment.

  • Why not you start your career in the research field? Government of India has taken various initiatives for qualified candidates. Department of Science and Technology, and Department of Biotechnology have launched several schemes for post graduates especially for women candidate who have a gap in their career.

    Department of Science & Technology, Knowledge Involvement in Research Advancement through Nurturing (KIRAN) Division runs two programme namely Women Scientist Scheme-B(WOS-B) & Women Scientist –C (WOS-C) for women candidate who have a gap in their career.

    You are a Post Graduate in Biotechnology honors and also having good experience a wet lab project in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, I think this will be additional advantage for you. Make a proposal and apply under WOS-B scheme, if you want to make your career in research field. You can also opt for WOS-C. In this scheme one year training in IPR is provided to candidates. For these scheme DST invites application publish advertisements on their website as well as Employment News paper hence, keep watch to website of DST. After doing WOS-C scheme you will get an opportunity either in govt. private organizations like law firms, any pharmaceutical company, biotechnology lab, research lab, environment lab, FMCG company etc. I, myself did one year training under WOS-C and got absorbed there after training. So I suggest you can also go for these fellowships.

    Further, if you are interested in teaching you can go for NET examination and teach in private university or college. Or you can enroll yourself in PhD after taking RET examination and after completion of PhD you will be eligible for becoming an Assistant professor.

    Besides, for a biotechnology post graduates there are lots of vacancies in pharmaceutical companies or laboratories. You can also apply there. Make a CV highlighting all your qualifications and capabilities along with interest. And apply on their websites or through etc. Or you can also contact to any consulting firm who can help you in getting job. Don't worry. Work hard and you will definitely get a job.

  • You can apply for the DST Women Scientist Scheme -B(WOS-B). Notification is out. You can also check full details from my article on DST Women Scientist Scheme-B (WOS-B) 2020 applications open. In this article you will get full details of the Scheme. Hurry, last date is 31.03.2020.

    Best of Luck.

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