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    Tips for encouragement to kids to reach their goal

    Do you want to know how to motivate kids to take up a career for becoming a space scientist? Looking out for detailed information regarding coaching, classes, exams, books etc which can help in achieving the goal? No worries, here you can scroll through the suggestions from experts for your questions.

    My son IV grade CBSE school and his aim is becoming a space scientist. Hence, how to encourage him to become a space scientist from now only. Any competitive exams or books have to be required apart from his studies? Special coaching classes if any, please inform me.
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  • Some kids are intelligent and appear enthusiastic in many things ranging from games to study. Their grasp also is better than the average child and it looks prospective from the career making in future. They take a lot of interest in various professions and jobs as perceived by their tender mind. If parents give some time and attend to these types of children then it is highly possible that these children might achieve what they dream in their childhood.

    The first thing is they should be exposed to some good books which can enhance their analytical powers and sharpen their wits in understanding the things. The children editions of some books are very useful in this effort and I can name a few of them like - Treasure Island, Don Quixote, Gulliver's Travel, Panchtantra tales etc are some of the books which can help the children in getting exposure to the many interesting things in the world. Another thing which helps them is solving the various scientific and mathematical puzzles or riddles. This prepares them to deal with the next years syllabus of these subjects efficiently. One more thing which I will like to add especially in the context of space science is that star gazing is an amateur hobby and it is very easy to locate and pinpoint the star constellations and planets in the night sky and that is the beginning a child can make in the direction of Astronomy.

    Please note that the mind of a child is very sharp and can absorb a lot of things but once he enters adulthood there would be many distractions with which he would have to fight. So an early preparation is always a welcome thing. A child can learn 2-3 languages easily and there are many families where it is a common thing but same child after becoming older cannot dream of learning a new language. Parents have a bigger responsibility in this respect as they have to devote a lot of time with the promising kids. If the roots of knowledge are well laid down in a child then there are enough chances for him to progress magnificently in his life. Nothing would be difficult for him later.

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  • From his class, I guess his age would be 9-10 years and at this age, kids are not mature enough to decide their aim for life. If your son is determined for the same it is great and you should support him to achieve his dream. But that does not mean that you burden him with studies. There are the right age and time to pursue things and we should follow that.
    What you can do at this point is-
    1. Provide him space-related books for kids like space encyclopedia.
    2. Allow him to watch discovery channels especially programs related to space satellites, etc.
    3. There are some online platforms of the quiz for kids but they based on core science and mathematics. You can enroll your kid for such a quiz and check his performance. He and you will be able to get the loop point where extra efforts are needed.
    4. I do not know whether his school is registered with Olympiads or not but their national level and international exams are very good for kids to learn about where they stand among their age group. You can check with his school for the same. Most of the CBSE schools are now registered with Olympiads.
    5. Please do not overburden him with studies as this may result in disinterest in due course of time.
    6. This is a very delicate age and he may change his mind later so do not force him to get stuck with it.
    7. You may ask him to focus on science and mathematics and make a strong base in these subjects which will surely help in the future.


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  • Once you noticed the interest of the Kid, you can encourage him to learn the points related to that field. But for an IVth grade student, you can't restrict him just by encouraging space subject. There are many related subjects in which he should acquire some additional skills and good knowledge.

    1. From the beginning try to teach and allow him to read mathematics and Physics in detail and let him acquire good skills. These skills are very much required for a space scientist. Let him not limit himself to the syllabus of the class. Let him read the books which will deal with these sciences.

    2. Let him participate in various science fares and exhibitions and understand the science behind the exhibits and projects. This will give him additional knowledge in applying the science he learned. Then let him start making some projects and let him actively participate in such events.

    3. ISRO will be conducting some interactions with school and college students and they will allow them to see the works done by the scientists there. These events will give them some additional inputs.

    4. Let him go to planetariums and see the shows there. Let him read books related to the astrology and let him get good knowledge in the science of planets. There are many Indian books in Sanskrit which gives very interesting subject knowledge. So let him learn Sanskrit and read those books with an aim to understand the subject and that will be very useful to him in the field in which he is interested.

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  • At this tender age, books would be the best medium to inculcate in him interest in any area. As you mentioned that he has an inclination or interest for space sciences then it is a good thing as there are number of books available for the children who can learn the basic things about the sky and the stars in it. They can do some general experiments like making of a solar clock, spotting the stars and planets in the night sky etc. Space science stream requires astound knowledge of Physics and Mathematics and it is essential that the child should have a deep interest in those subjects. They are the backbone of the space science.

    One thing which can also be adhered to is that the child as soon as he reaches class XII should get some exposures to lectures and also exposure to other opportunities like science exhibition and workshops. This would help him to get a feel of the subject he is going to enter in details later during his graduation and post graduation.

    Parents have a great role in inculcating academic interests and traits in the children and that is a very important aspect which they have to understand and do the necessary efforts from their side.

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  • The kids are the true followers of their parents apart from their school teachers. Hence they can contribute significantly in reshaping their career. There are certain points and if applied judiciously by gauging their temperament, we can arouse their interest in the different areas of their studies apart from development of their personality. Here are a few points -
    1) Never compare your kids with other kids living in the nearby area because such comparisons lead to inferiority- complex within the kids.
    2) Ensure that your kids mingle freely with you without having any complex. Encourage them to have free talks in the different topics.
    3) Encourage your kids to ask questions whatever comes in their minds relating to the topic and in that way in due course, they would turn innovative gradually.
    4) Never underestimate the potential of the kids. Their learning capacity in relation to the languages are exceptional. Apart from his mother tongue, encourage him to learn English effectively. If there is the provision of learning German and Russian in the school, admit them so as to be proficient in such languages with their appropriate exposure.
    5) In relation to Science and Mathematics, instead of cramming up the contents in the books. allow them to have the conceptual clarities. Encourage them to refer to best books on such subjects apart from the text books.
    6) Undue pressure should not be exerted in their studies so that they are distracted with the ongoing studies.
    7) Communication- skill needs to be strengthened from the early age of the child so that they can present the facts effectivity once they are grown up.

  • IV standard is too early to put a load on the child to put prepare him for competitive exams or books required to become a space scientist but you can help him to be more active and like it with other supplies that will help him as he grows. Some of the tips to encourage him to reach his goal can be:

    i) Focusing on the child's interests - It becomes easy for a parent to make his child focus on the subject of interest that their kid likes. As you have mentioned that your child aims to become a space scientist, help him with more details about it from other resources, books, write-ups, providing more about scientists, their work, their routine, etc.

    ii) Develop reading habit - The more a child reads, the more he will love to learn and reading is the stepping stone to your child's growth. The more he reads about things, the more he will be interested in knowing about things and as he progresses, he will find his own ways of finding the path and will help him reach heights as we all know that a book is always the best friend a person can have.

    iii) Learn different styles and types - There are different styles or types of learning like Verbal, Visual, Social, Audio, writing, etc. We need to understand the best way to make our child learn, he can be a good learner by just reading, some are good by just listening, some would learn by writing, etc and there is no right or wrong learning style. We need to find the best techniques that will improve our child's quality and learning ability.

    iv) Stay organized - Help your child to be more organized by doing his own homework, packing bags, cleaning his table, etc as this will help him to be more patient, motivated, consistent and even prepares him to be ready for any task in the right time without being overloaded at the last minute.

    v) Learn everyday - Let your child be active by exploring the world around him with questions and finding an answer about it. It can be like why the sky is blue? or why is the leaf green in color? or how do wifi work? etc. This will help him to develop internal motivation and an urge to learn more and more.

    vi) Find out your child's strength - We often talk about the weaknesses of our child but never look at the positive strength which discourages him. We need to focus on his strengths and appreciate him for the achievement even though it is small as it will help him to be positive and motivate him to learn more.

    vii) Never compare marks or performance - Many parents compare makes or grades and discourage their children for low grades or marks but we should always focus on his learning and not on his performance as this will help him to explore more on a subject that he likes and master it.

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  • Firstly, you need to set goals, make a plan . When your son accomplishes the goal then tell him that you're proud of them and celebrate the success together. Encourage him for good competition. You must take interest in the activities of your son and be positive toward him. Also, put some pressure to do a good job and excite your son so that he can get the goals easily.

  • Children like to do things,
    1. Give him small tasks to do, like making models of the solar system, planets, space ships. rockets etc. monthly one task on weekends.
    2. Get him to read books on space, solar systems, space ships, etc.
    3. Allow him to watch movies on space, star trek, children's movies.
    4. Make time to collect the names of stars, planets, zodiac signs, and other solar bodies.
    5. Make him write essays or short articles on satellites, names of satellites, which countries launched which satellites, etc.
    6. Make him understand the parts of rockets, provide reusable things/waste things to make the rocket model. Make him learn the parts and it's working.
    7. Search for space quizzes and tell him to participate.
    8. The child can make a table of the list, about the data of all the planets, its rotation, revolution, mass, size, etc.
    9. Tell him to read newspapers and make him collect information on space and then make a book.
    10. Collect information on space scientists and about the space travel the requirements, the environs of space ships, etc.

    These are some of the simple and interesting things that can be provided for the child for self-learning and to understand about exploring the space topics. Introduce the child with this one at a time, review, and see how he is learning/grasping and then move on. Choose the simplest one first and then to more complex as the child learns. Do not burden the child with too many learning things, as the child has to focus on school works, tests, projects, and other activities.

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