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  • Which ceiling or roof is best for sit out area?

    Are you having confusion regarding material for construction of a ceiling or roof for a row house sit out area? Want to get the detailed information about material and cost for this area? No worries, our ISC experts shall provide you with all the answers you are looking out for.

    What is preferable ceiling or roof for Sit out area of row house? Row house has 15 feet X 10 Feet area on ground between kitchen and wall compound. If you wanted to cover it with ceiling what is best material to use to cover? It is on west side so preferring anything roof which transmit light. Please advise and cost involved in it too. Glass would be good since involves breakage. Also is it good to keep roof slanted towards wall compound or keep horizontal like house ceiling?
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  • The Sit out area of a row house that you are trying to cover or have roof work done is on the kitchen side which means you would prefer an open type roof as Kitchen requires natural Sunlight and flow of fresh air along with a good look as it gives a long-term impression. As in India, we have climate changes and every climate i.e. summer, monsoon or winter are sometimes beyond our prediction. There are few options to select from and they are as follows:
    i) Skillion roof or Mono-pitched roof: These have one single flat surface thus are generally standalone roofs. These are simple and easy to construct and has two main parts. The beams that provide the rafters with support and the rafter which is the sloping member. These are cost-effective, energy-efficient, easier to build with a slope to drain water.

    ii) Metal roofing: Nowadays many have opted for metal sheet roofing for external wors like sit-out, car parking, etc as it is easy, less expensive and even durable. With the advancement in the field, galvanized sheets, lightweight and modern looks, these are preferred by many.

    iii) Pavilions or gazebos: These are similar to Pergolas but always have a closed roof either round shape or raised floor roof.

    iv) Pergola roofing: These are a long linear structure consisting of columns and roofing grid which may be covered or left open as per one's choice to provide shelter to the covered area.

    v) Fiberglass sheet roofing: These are similar to metal sheet roofing but as these are FRP or Fiberglass, these are transparent, comes with various color and shape. These are durable, long-lasting, cost-effective and provides good architectural looks.

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  • Your ceiling might be the last consideration while decorating but the design can actually change the glamour of the rooms. Whether you have high ceilings, beams or a complete blank canvas. Here some arrangements are being discussed to provide the exciting looks to the designs -
    1) Wainscotting - Wainscotting, though sometimes look fussy can offer you exciting moment if modification is taken up suitably. It actually looks super sleek and sexy when styled with dark leather furniture, greenery and rich wooden accents .
    2) Brick and Beams - Some modification with texture and accents exposed brick walls with wood beamed ceilings would provide a new look to the entire set up. To keep it feeling fresh and bright, you may opt for white wood.
    3) Introducing New Pattern - You need to be a little bit imaginative while selecting the pattern of the ceiling. The same can be painted or wall papers can be installed with some new look or still better, install a tile mosaic.
    4) Paneling - A white panelled ceiling is rustic and cozy and that works perfectly with A - frame shape. It is great for the farm houses or even it can add more modern decor of the ceiling.
    5) Moulding - A Crown moulding is basically the green of the family room ceiling. It is super versatile and can be as fancy as you like depending upon the decorating taste.
    6) Coffered ceiling - A coffered ceiling adds dimension and charecters to an otherwise plane ceiling. Though traditional, it feels a bit more modern than a crown moulding.
    7) Deep Ceilings - Whenever there is the arrangement of high ceilings and if you want to add lighting a dropped beam ceiling, it could provide a good solution. If interested for the funky decor. Drop ceilings lines can create cool and geometric lines to the existing contours.

  • Normally in such cases a transparent or semi transparent sheet would be preferred so that the light to the kitchen is not obstructed. Another important consideration is the slope of the roof. In my opinion some little slope would be desirable as to prevent the rain water to spill to all directions. The slope can be managed either to the boundary side or towards the side drain in the house. The height of the ceiling is to be decided based on the other misc usages of this area like hanging of cloths during the rainy season or working area during functions and parties in the house. There are some options for this as follows.

    1. PVC based ceiling - These are light weight and give a good look also. They are available in a variety of colours and also in semi transparent categories. These are easier to clean also. Depending on the thickness and quality their rates would range from Rs 30/ sq. ft. to 80/ sq. ft.

    2. Aluminium composite metal plate ceiling - These generally come in Aluminium composite forms so are lighter and easy to handle. Depending upon thickness and quality they would price around Rs 100 to 250 per sq. ft.

    3. Steel roof panels - These are rust proof steel quality and are very durable. Depending on thickness and quality their price would range from Rs 200/ sq. ft. to 300/ sq.ft.

    4. Insulated ceiling panels - These are a combination of metal, foam and lining etc and provide an insulation below from heat or cold but they are more expensive.

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