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  • As per Vastu Shastra which trees can be planted in each directions?

    Interested in planting trees and flowering plants in all directions around the house? Wondering which are the most suitable plants and flowering plants? Here, on this page out experts will provide you answers based on vast shastra and you can decide where to plant the trees.

    Planning to plant tree and flower plants in East , West and North direction. I have flower bed created about 18 inch of width and 2.5 ft depth. on East and West side. Which plants can be planted? Distance between Flower bed and house is 10 feet. It is enough to avoid root issues in future. West side has main gate. Please advise about various plants for these areas to plant?
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  • According to vastu sastra, plants having thorny shape and producing milk should be avoided since they are considered inauspicious. Some specific plants considered for homes must only planted with the vastu compliant direction to get the maximum benifits.
    Considering the vastu angle, here a few plants is being illustrated to derive positive energy inside our residence.
    1) Holy Basil Plant ( Tulasi) - This plant is considered highly revered and auspicious. It must be kept in the north, east or north - east directions. However, women undergoing menstrual cycle should stay away from Basil - plant since they emit adverse energy which might have negative effect on Basil.
    2) Money Plant - Money Plant must be placed either in the north or in the East direction. It is considered very lucky and there is a belief that money plant leads to growth of wealth as well as income.
    3) Plum Blossom - Plum Blossom is symbolic to invite harmony and wealth inside the house . This plant helps to promote positive energy inthe environment. This plant must be placed in the north east or in the northern side of the house.
    4) Citrus Plant - Citrus Plants also known as Buddhas hand adds happiness inside the environment. It is known as Buddhas hand because the upturned plant of the citron are reminiscent of the upturned fingers of Buddhas meditative position.
    Daffodils- It is said to bestow triggering our hidden talent. It is auspicious in bringing fortunes and rewards in the path of the career. They should be placed in the North or in the North Eastern direction.
    6) Orchid- This flower encourages plenty of progeny. It is a symbol of perfection, abundance and higher growth. It must be placed in the nort direction.

  • Vastu Shastra has its origin in Atharva Veda and that is our main scripture source for this. The principles of Vastu Shastra are basically based on the diurnal position of sun and its rays.

    As per the Vastu Shastra the different directions around the house are attributed to different basic elements as follows -
    1. South-West side determines Earth.
    2. North-East represents water.
    3. South-East is attributable to fire.
    4. North-West represents air.

    While planting the trees and plants due care is to be given to these elements. Some of the considerations are like -
    a) Tall trees are to be planted along the boundary wall at a good distance from the house in the West, South and South-West directions. Vastru Shastra says that their shadow should not fall on the house in day hours from 9 AM to 3 PM.
    b) Tulsi plant is having positive vibes and should be planted in North, East and North-East directions.
    c) Small plants and shrubs are preferably to be planted in the East or North Sections.
    d) Cactus or thorny plants are to be avoided as they have negative energy.
    e) Flower pots should be placed on the ground and not on the compound wall. Preferred directions are North, East or North-East.
    f) Water bodies like mini pool, pond, mini water fall etc are to be constructed in East or North direction. These water bodies bring mental peace.
    g) Vastu Shastra recommends placing a swing in the garden in a North-South axis.
    h) Peepal tree should be planted at a good distance from the house as its roots can harm the house.
    i) If benches or siting space is to be provided then it is suggested to put them in such a way that people sitting on them should face to East or West.

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  • Tree plantation in home according to vastushastra given immense benefits and calmness. In vastushastra directions are most important and each and every thing that is place in right direction gives positive energy.

    North direction:
    Some plants, if planted in North direction gives positivity like
    1. Tulasi: it should be planted in northern direction. Tulasi plant helps You to protect from diseases and keep healthy
    2. Banana tree: right durection for bana tree plantation is north direction. Planting banana tree is auspicious and increases money.
    3. Rose plant: Rose plan should also be planted in north direction.
    4. Other flower plants: some of the floral plants like bela, should also be placed in north direction.
    5. Amla tree: This tree can also be planted in north direction.
    6. Medicinal plants Also gives best influence when place on north direction such as lemon grass, coriander, fennel, ginger, turmeric.
    7. Touch- me- not: this plant should also be kept in north direction.

    South direction
    1. Money plant: this plant can be planted Olin South East direction. It is assumed that it also increase money influx in the home.
    2. Gulmohar: this plant should be kept in South direction. It increases social status of person also.
    3. Rose: Rose plant can also be planted in South direction.

    East Direction:
    1. some plants like lemon grass, ginger, coriander, fennel, turmeric, etc can be planted in East direction.
    2. Amla: this plant can also be planted in east direction and away from home.

    North East direction:
    1. Some medicinal plants like coriander, fennel, lemon grass, turmeric, ginger and flowering plants like rose, bela, chameli, mogra, marigold and sunflower
    2. Tulasi plant can also be planted in North East direction. This plants purify air and kill germs.

    North West direction:
    1. Bel tree: it reduces several vashudoshas in home.
    2. Bamboo tree

    South East direction:
    1. Money plant: This creeper plant may be planted in South east direction. It increase happiness and income in home.
    2. Pomegranate: This tree can be planted in South East. It is said that it brings success and prosperity in the home when the fruit ripens.
    3. Bamboo tree: it brings fortune and long life.

    South West direction:
    1. Tamarind tree: in gives blessings and brings luck if planted in South West direction.

    All direction tree:
    1. Ashoka tree: the best part of this tree is that it can be planted in all four direction.
    2. Large trees: Neem, mango, coconut, sandalwood etc, are good and may be be planted in any direction but should be at an appropriate distance from the house.

    Some other vastu tips are as follows:
    1. White calotropis, if planted at home should be kept in a pot instead planted directly in the ground.
    2. Fragrant flowers plants like raatrani, champa, nag champa and mogra should be planted outside the home.
    3. Peepal plants should be planted at an appropriate distance from home.
    4. Bonsai should not be grown at home as according to vastu. They produce negative energy.
    5. Cactus and other thorny plants should not be planted at home. They represent negative energy.

  • Planting trees on this planet is a very pious issue. We should not stop planting trees. At the same time, I request all not to cut trees in the name of Vastu. Trees all around the house give us fresh air and keep pollution away. The green trees will help us in increasing positive thoughts and gives us peace of mind.

    Trees will give attraction to the house. They make the land cool and brings a good look to the area. They will help reduce greenhouse gases. That will give us good health and wealth also.

    We should keep a good gap between the two trees and also the distance between the walls of the house and compound wall.

    As per Vastu, one should keep more open space towards North and East. The open place should be less towards South and West directions. When we plant trees we should keep this point in mind. It is better to plant trees on the west side and south side of the houses. Plants which are heavy and tall should be on the southwest side.
    We can have plants on northeast also but they should be light and less length than the plants what we have on the southwest. The distance from the compound wall to the trees should be more than what we have on southwest. You should not have plants on northeast if you don't have plants on the southwest corner. Small plants can be there on the north side.

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  • Trees or greenery not only add beauty to the house or surrounding, but it also provides clean and fresh oxygen. Vastu Shastra believes that the trees help to balance the flow of positive energy, bring prosperity and wealth. When we follow the Vastu Shastra principle while planting trees or doing gardening, it will help us to control our mood, bring fortune and good health.

    Vastu Shastra believes that every garden impersonates one of the five elements of Panch Bhoota i.e. Prithvi or earth, Jal or water, Agni or fire, Vayu or wind and, space. Each direction and the elements that it resembles are:
    i) The north-east direction represents water
    ii) The north-west represents air
    iii) The south-east represents fire
    iv) The south-west represents earth
    v) The centre represents space

    Trees to be planted as per the directions are:-
    a) In the North direction: This is a very favourable direction. You can plant a 'Tulsi' or 'Holy Basil' in the centre. Note that you plant only small plants and plant without thorns in this direction. The only exception is for the Rose. You can add a water fountain to highlight beauty but avoid rock or rock paintings in this direction.

    b) In the South direction: Vastu Shastra advice this portion to be left free as it does not encourage the flow of water source in this direction. If you want to plant than try hanging type pots or plants that require less water.

    c) In the East direction: This direction is ideal for kitchen gardening and can plant fruit plants, vegetable plants or the plants that bring prosperity, fortune or wealth like the money plant, etc.

    d) In the West direction: This direction can be used to plant big or tall trees but should be planted at a distance from the house. You can even use rocks or statues to enhance its beauty. Trees like Mango, Chickoo, Jackfruit, banana, etc can be planted in this area.

    Some trees or plant that can be planted for prosperity, wealth and good health are:
    i) Money plant - This is considered to be lucky and brings in the growth of wealth or income. Care has to be taken that it does not dry-up as it is considered unlucky. You can either plant it in the East or North direction.
    ii) Banana tree - This plant is considered sacred and symbolizes health and mental peace. You can plant it in the North-East direction.
    iii) Coconut Tree - Coconut represents purity and growth and brings happiness. You can plant it near the boundary at a long distance from the house. You can plant it on the South or West of your garden.
    iv) Neem tree - It has medicinal properties and capacity to create positive energy. It is very useful and has health benefits. You can either plant it in the North-West direction.
    v) Mango tree - As mango has much medicinal value, used as a pesticide and puja purposes, you can plant it on the East direction of the garden.
    vi) Flower pots - flower pots or plants in the pot should not be taller than 3-feet or 1-meter height and placed on the wall or compound in North, East or North-East directions. Pots smaller than 3-feet or 1-meter height can be placed on the ground in the said direction. This is to allow morning sunlight to come in from theses direction.

    Some more tips to follow while planting trees or making a garden as per Vastu Shastra are:
    1. Always remember to plant trees in even numbers like 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc.
    2. Always plant fruit or vegetable plants on the East side of the garden.
    3. Never plant a tree in the middle of your gate or door as it blocks the flow of energy.
    4. Bonsai plants symbolize slow down or hinder development. Hence avoid all kinds of bonsai plants.
    5. Never plant taller growing trees on the North, East and North-East directions. The trees on the said side should not grow taller than the roof of the house.
    6. Any type of tall trees can be planted in the South-West direction as it will bring safety and growth.
    7. Avoid planting thorny plants or trees in your garden as it creates an argument and brings division except for Rose.
    8. Never keep a dry or dead plant or tree with no leaf in front of the house as it brings bad luck. Either cut it down or take care of it.
    9. Creepers can be grown in the garden or entrance by providing separate support for each creeper. Also, ensure that the creeper does not grow beyond your compound wall.
    10. Orchid symbolizes love, fertility and children. It also provides higher growth, perfection and prosperity in one's lives thus growing it in your garden is very helpful.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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