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  • Age criteria for 2020 CBSE 10th exam

    Unsure whether or not your son is eligible to appear for the 2020 CBSE Class 10 exam? Quickly get expert guidance on the age criteria for the 2020 CBSE 10th exam.

    I read a query from one parent about his son appearing in 10th for 2020. His DOB was 11.05.2005. I would similarly like to know if my son is eligible. His DOB is 29th June and people say it should be 31st March for him to be eligible to appear for the exam. So can you please let me know whether or not he is eligible?
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  • Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) is a well-recognized board of India and the Education Board not set any minimum age criteria for appearing in the 10th board examination. As other boards, some general rules for CBSE Admissions are as follows for the Xth standard.
    - The students must be compatible with the class they are appearing in.
    - Must have passed IXth standard the minimum required marks.
    - Generally, the minimum age required is considered as on 31st March of the year.
    - Minimum Age Required for 10th Class - 14 years

    As per your given date and assuming the year as 2005 i.e. 29th June 2005, the completed year of your son is 13 years, 9 months and 2 days as of 31st March 2020 and as per the minimum age required criteria, He may not be eligible. I would request you to visit the school of your son and have a talk with the school authorities or Principle for more clarification.

    You can also log on to the CBSE site from the given link:
    and CBSE FAQ link:

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  • As per the CBSE rules and regulations a student can appear in the examination for class 10 if he is completing the age of 14 years by the 1st October of the year that he took admission in class 10.

    In the instance case you have mentioned that the DOB of your son is 29th June 2005. So, he would be completing his 14 years on 29th June 2019 itself. Hence he is eligible to appear in the exam to be held in the year 2020.

    There are some variation of about 6 month being observed in this rule from place to place and board to board. There is some discretionary power also with the principal of the college. So that sometimes makes the things a bit confused and they say that by March of the year the student should attain an age of 14 years.

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  • A student will be allowed to attend 10th class examinations if he completes his 14th year by the first of October in the year in which he got into the X class.

    Your son is completing the 14th year on 29th June 2019. So he will be eligible for examinations that are being conducted in 2020.

    Based on the decision of the headmaster of the school in which the boy is studying can get an exemption of age up to 6 months. In such a case, the student has to apply for the exemption to the college head giving valid reasons and if he gets convinced he may forward to the board with positive remarks.

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  • The date of birth of your son is 29 th June 2005 and upon the calculation of his age on 1st October 2019, when he was the student of class ten of the CBSE pattern, he has already turned 14 year 3 month indicating that he has already fulfilled the minimum eligibility criteria in respect of age guide - line.
    However, the Principal of the schools take care in such cases and being the head of the Institution, he would not like to deprive of the oppurtunities for appearing the final examinations. Prior to filling up the final examination- form, he reviews the eligibility of individual students and takes step that no candidate is to be detained on the issues of age criteria.

  • As per the CBSE guidelines,

    1. The minimum age limit in order to appear for the 10th exam is 14 years as of 31st December of the year of examination.

    And with the given calculation, your child has already attended his 14th+ term of his age, meeting the eligibility norms of attending CBSE 10th exam in terms of age.

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