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  • Tips and tricks to taking photos of the night sky with a mobile phone

    Want to know all about the modes of a smartphone camera? Looking out for tips and tricks to take photos in night mode? Here, our ISC experts shall provide you the answers for your questions so that you can capture the beauty of nature at night.

    We may find it easy to take photos of the sky during the day, and even at sunrise and sunset, but at night I think it is not easy to capture the beauty of the moon. Perhaps somebody can share some useful tips and tricks?

    I get peeved that the camera modes of my smartphone, under the heading of 'scene', has things like night and fireworks but these are no use selecting as nothing spectacular gets captured. Thus, whenever I have taken a photo of the moon, it merely looks like a white blob!

    See the blurred photo attached here, for example -
    Artificial light beneath natural light

    Any suggestions on how to improve on such types of photos?
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  • You need to understand first you cant take good pictures of the moon with your phone because of various scientific reasons.
    But you can definitely enhance whatever you are clicking right now.

    1. Stabilize the phone on something. Don't hold it while clicking. this will bring a good chance in the first place.

    2. Use adobe lightroom application, to set the lighting and to enhance it.

    3. The other simplest solution is to find a telescope. Don't buy it but rent it. or order online and return it (this is not very ethical but if you badly want a shot and you are desperate, this might help and who knows you end up keeping the telescope with you ) There are adapters for attaching smartphone cameras directly to telescope eyepieces, but you can hand-hold it too if it's just for a day or two.

    4. If you are too lazy for any of the above, try different apps on google play.

    take multiple shots, keept best ones, edit excellent one.

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