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  • Received an admit from an university in italy

    Have you received multiple offers for higher education in countries abroad? Confused which one to select from all these overseas offers? Scroll through this page where ISC experts have provided advice regarding which is the best offer to opt for.

    I have done my bachelors in mechanical engineering in July 2019. I have received an admit from Politechnico di Milano for the course Masters in Management engineering. I have also got an admit from Politechnico di Torino, for the course Masters in Mechanical Engineering.
    I am confused as to what should be my choice. I am also awaiting results from German universities.
    I need to decide which one to go with considering into account quality of education, employability after graduation average salary comparison, etc.
    It would be helpful if a detailed explanation is given.

    ps : thanks in advance
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  • 1. Both the universities are good. Their rankings in Italy are very good.
    2. Torino University is having good contacts with very good universities in other countries. It gives more scope for the student to interact with another foreign university. This will give a scope to the student to expand his contacts and chances of associating with foreign universities will increase. But the teaching faculty here are not very cooperative with the student and never be willing to take additional time for training the students. Fees here are less when compared to other institutes,
    3. Milano University is more concentrating on placements with in the country and the university staff are ready to go a little extra to train the teachers.
    4. Again one should see the subject in which you are joining is more important. Based on the cost factor you can prefer Torino over the other.

    always confident

  • 1) Both the universities Politechnico di Milano and Politechnico di Torino are pretty good for undertaking any courses of their likings.
    2) Torino University would provide an enlarged plateform to their students so they can establish ties with the students of other universities. This would help them in exchanging their ideas in the subjects undertaken by them. Such a contact would develop their confidence in terms of their studies and they would be familiar with the courses of studies being followed in other universities and with the better contacts with the students , they get an oppunity to expand their knowledge.
    Fee - structure is affordable and again it will vary depending upon the economic situation of the candidate and his performance during his onward studies.
    3) Milano University would take due care in providing placement oppurtunities to their students and the teachers would take every step to nurture the basics of the individuals.
    4) Before deciding for your final admission, you should see which course is fascinating you. Take a feed back from the students having undertaken such courses from the different universities. They should also assess the interest of the teachers in nurturing the basics of the students and wiping out their doubts in their courses of studies. On cost angle, University of Torino would prove to be cheaper.

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