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  • What are the different types of touch screen available for smartphone?

    Have a query about touch screens? Searching for information regarding the types of touch screen. technologies? Here, on this page our experts shall provide you with all the information you are looking for.

    Gone are the days when we used to have keypad phones. Now we all are using touch smartphones. Which technology is being used in touch screen technology which at the same time gives input and output functions. What is the material of which touch screens are made up of?
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  • In the touchscreen the screen itself acts like an input device and each point on the screen is a place where touching would press the outer surface and a small rubber dot beneath it would touch another layer which would be pushed downwards to touch another layer and that connection itself would complete an electrical circuit to register the input that has been given by that push. This is the most basic explanation of the touchscreen but there are many different technologies utilised in designing them. There are mainly two types of methods used in them -

    1. Electrical Resistance based system - In this system below a scratch resistant screen layer two layers of conductive and resistive metallic layers are placed separated by a spacer. When we press from the top at a point the system knows its coordinates and due to pressing a tiny current flows and the input is registered. It goes to controller and processor.

    2. Capacitor based system - In this system an electro conductive material (like indium tin-oxide) is placed as a layer throughout the screen and when we press it the charge distribution changes giving rise to a signal at that place which is registered in the processor accordingly. Capacitor based system have long life as compared to resistance based.

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  • Two types of input devices are used in Mobile Phones.

    In normal mobiles, keypad devices are used. It will be fixed separately from the screen of the mobile. In touch screen mobiles, a cellphone display screen also will function as an input device. Generally, these screens are responsive to pressure.

    There are three types of touch screen technologies. They are called resistive, capacitive and surface-wave based systems. The resistive system will have a normal glass panel. This panel will be covered with layers of metals. These layers are conductive and resistive types. These metallic layers are separated with separate spacers. A scratch-resistant layer is fixed on the top. The two layers will come into contact when the users press on the screen.
    Then a special driver translates the touch into something that the operating system can understand.

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  • There are two types of popular touchscreens at the moment though few more available.

    Capacitive touchscreens
    Resistive touchscreens
    Both mixed touchscreens (in some advance devices)

    Capacitive touchscreens, it allow dual touch gestures and not works on a pen or stylus. You would see it on old smartphones or tablet PCs.

    Resistive touchscreens, it is little different compare to the former one. It works on, touch, stylus and pen inputs. You could see it on current smartphones or Tablet PCs or few high-end laptops.

    In general, there is touch option for output too like an input only. No separate touch layer for output.

    ITO (indium tin oxide) is used as a main source for the touchscreen process.

    There are few more touchscreens available, like a different types of Capacitive, Acoustic Wave, Infrared and on. The best one at the moment might be the outdated model sooner and get even better touchscreen features in the future.

  • With the advancement in science and technology, we might have come a long way. Ever wondered from a normal telephone to a mobile phone, a lot have changed for the better. The thing that made amazement is now common. The first time we used a touch screen made us feel awe and take care but now even the small kids in our house know to use the touch screen phone and can lock, unlock, swipe and even play their favorite video games on the mobile phone. There was a time when a consumer would use his mobile phone for years but now, the study shows that the majority of the customer changes his/her mobile in a year or two.

    What are touchscreens and their use?
    - Touchscreens are a 2-dimensional sensing device like the keyboard or mouse stationed over liquid crystal panels or direct manipulation type gesture-based technology made of 2 sheets of material separated by spacers that allow the user to provide their input with a touch of their finger or hand and get its result on the same display.
    - Touchscreens have become very common and are used in many technologies like smartphones, computers or laptops, TVs at home, car navigation systems, ATMs and kiosks in banks, supermarkets, customer service stores, games or teaching console, etc. They have become very common and used widely by many in their daily lives.

    Types of Touchscreen display used in mobile phones: There are many types of touch screen but the most commonly used in mobile phones are resistive and capacitive type display.
    i) Resistive type touchscreen display - These are made up of several layers of thin metal film separated by a tiny air gap i.e the upper layer is made up of flexible conducting polyester plastic bonded to the lower layer of rigid conducting glass separated by an insulating membrane. The two layers contain an electric current flowing through them and when pressure is applied to the surface, the top flexible layer and the rigid bottom layer together touch making the circuit complete. It detects this contact accurately and provides the output. They are more affordable, cost-efficient and use simple algorithms. The disadvantage of these screens is that they lack screen clarity as it transmits only 75% of the light from the monitor and input precision and can be damaged by sharp objects.

    ii) Capacitive type touchscreen display - These are made from multiple transparent conductive electrode layers of glass that store electrical charges and separated by an insulator. When we touch the screen using a finger or stylus, the movement of electric charges occurs that detects the point touched by the controller present in the system. This screen type provides great image clarity as it transmits nearly 90% of the light from the monitor, extreme resistance to dust, grease and water, react only to touch of the finger, etc.

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  • There are lots of display types employed in mobile phones. They can be either monochromatic types or the the coloured ones. Monochrome can have either graphic or alphanumeric arrangement. Alphanumeric displays can only indicate symbols with a constant size while graphic displays can show fronts of different sizes and animations.
    Display of the colours are of various types such as CSTN, TFT, TFD or OLED having the arrangement of TFT display in the current versions.
    The touch screen displays are of two types - Capacitive and resistive based and both are based upon TFT technology.
    Capacitive touchscreen operate by sensing the electrical properties of the human body where as the resistive ones work by sensing direct pressure being applied by the users.
    The resistive type can be activated by pressing not only with the human skin but also by means of stylus enabling hand written recognition inputs.

  • There are a lot of display types employed in the mobile phones. They can be either monochromatic type or the coloured ones. Alphanumeric display can only indicate symbols with a constant size while graphic displays can show fronts of different sizes and animations.
    Display of the colours are of various types such as CSTN, TFT, TFD or OLED. The current versions are based on TFT arrangement.
    The touch screen displays are of two types - capacitive and resistive types both based on TFT technology.
    Capacitive touch screen operate by sensing the electrical properties of the human body where as the resistive ones work on sensing the direct pressure being applied by the users.
    The resistive type can be activated by pressing not only with the human skin but also by means of stylus enabling hand written recognition inputs.

  • While purchasing any phone, it is important to know about its screen because all the work is done on the phone display.

    1. LCD
    It prevents strong light on the eyes. Nowadays it is prevalent in mobile phones. The LCD itself does not generate any light but instead modulates the light coming from another source. Also, LCD screens have high-resolution availability.

    2. TFT LCD
    The thin-film transistor liquid crystal display screen is similar to LCD. It can also be called a developed form of LCD. The use of the TFT screen is a better option. Technology has been better used in its display.

    3. IPS
    This screen gives a new feel with high-level colors. LG's smartphones are known only for high-quality IPS screens. It requires a more powerful backlight and shows better colors. Through this, the screen can be viewed from a wide-angle.

    4. Resistive touchscreen LCD
    The resistive touchscreen panel consists of several layers with a thin space in between. When the finger or stylus tows on that screen, its surface is pressed, after which two layers are connected at a point. This screen is now used in low-budget phones in touchscreen phones.

    5. Capacitive touchscreen LCD
    The capacitive touchscreen works by sensing the electrical properties of a person's body. The capacitive touchscreen panel consists of an indium tin oxide transporter conductor. The human body also has an electrical conductor, which destroys the electrostatic field by touching the screen and is taken as a point order. Talking about the capacitive touchscreen, resistive is much better than a touchscreen.

    6. OLED display
    OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) consists of small dots of organic polymer that emit light after being charged with electricity. OLED is a new display technology that works at lower power than LCD. In this display, you can enjoy better viewing angles, videos, and great animations.

    7. AMOLED Display
    AMOLED (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display is a modern display technology used for mobile phones and TVs. It has better color, a better image, and less power consumption compared to LCD. Also, its specialty is that the phone is thin and light with its use.

    8. Super AMOLED Display
    Super AMOLED can also be called an upgrade version of AMOLED and it is capable of giving even better performance than AMOLED. While AMOLED is difficult to use in direct sunlight, Super Amoled also gives better performance in sunlight as well as it supports brighter images and uses less power.

    9. Retina Display
    The Retina Display is manufactured by Apple and used in Apple devices. Many times the high light in the phone stings the eyes, which is reduced due to this display. It also depends on the distance between the phone and the consumer. It is used in most of Apple's devices including the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad mini, and iPad Air.

    10. Mobile Bravia
    This is the brand used by Sony. This display is highly used in LCD HD TVs. But now it is also being used in mobile phones. This makes the screen of the phone look much better with sharpness. The use of this screen can be seen more in Sony Xperia series phones.

    Screen protection
    To protect the screen, it is coated with a variety of techniques to prevent the phone from falling or from scratch in any manner. Apart from this, some techniques also protect the phone from getting dirty.

    Dragon trail
    The technology prevents the screen from being damaged. This technique is very similar to Corning Gorilla Glass. In this, a layer of hard and thin glass is used which protects the screen from rubbing and scratching.

    gorilla Glass
    Whenever talking about the screen of the phone, the safety of the screen in it is also important. In such a situation, the screen is available in the phone being gorilla glass-coated today. Gorilla glass is a type of aluminosilicate glass shield which is damage resistant. Using this, the display of the phone can be saved from scratch.

    Oleophobic coating
    With this display, you can save your phone screen from getting dirty and dirty. Many times, when using the phone's dirty and smooth hands, its screen becomes dirty. In such a situation, this problem can be avoided if your phone screen is covered with olio phobic coating.

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