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  • UPSC CSE application form query for changed surname after marriage.

    Facing a query regarding filling the UPSC form? Want to know how to handle a name change because of marriage? Find responses from all our experts on this page and decide how to handle the change in surname after marriage.

    Hi, I am applying online for upsc cse prelims. In the form it asks for name as per matriculation certificate and also asks for identity proof. I got married 2 months before and now all my documents except for my educational qualification certificates bear my changed surname. Now if I fill my name as per matriculation certificate it won't match my identity proof. Should I fill in my new surname or continue with old one even though the mismatch?
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  • In my opinion you should fill the application form with your maiden surname. Because your educational documents does not have your changed surname. And if you will be applying with the changed surname and if you will get selected then at the time of document verification your surname will be different in your application form and in the educational mark sheets and certificates. In that case your candidature may be rejected.

    Further you can continue with your maiden surname and after selection in job and appointment you can apply for change in name in your service by following a simple procedure.

    If you are going with your maiden surname, you can get the name change in your identity proof. And in my opinion change in surname after marriage is not mandatory. A woman can continue writing her maiden surname as per her choice.

    But still if you want to apply with your changed surname, you can follow the below mentioned procedure for name change
    1. Prepare an affidavit and get it printed on Rs. 10 stamp paper. You can prepare affidavit like this:
    I, xxxxxxxxx D/of xxxxxxxx and wife of xxxxxxxxxx aged xxx , residing at (address), do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as Under:
    1. That my maiden name is xxxxxxx.
    2. That I got married to (name of the husband) on (date of marriage) at (place of marriage).
    3. After marriage my name is changed to xxxxxxxxx and all the records have the same name.
    4. I state that [maiden name] and the [current name] is the name of one and the same person and that is myself.
    I am executing this declaration to be submitted to the concerned authorities for the change of name.
    I hereby state that whatever is stated herein above are true to the best of my Knowledge.

    [Deponent] Date_________

    Paste a joint photographs of you and your husband.

    2. Get it notarized before a Notary Public.
    3. Publish an advertisement in two news papers (one in local language and other in English language). Keep copy of them with you safely.
    4. Gazette publication is the last step. Contact the Controller of Publication of any Government Gazette along with the affidavit prepared and other valid ID, clippings of the newspaper ads for publication in Government gazette.

    But there is no such necessity to change surname after marriage. You can continue with your maiden surname and on any occasion you can use your new name.

  • If you are thinking in the line of changing of your surname because of your recent marriage, this can be done by an affidavit by the Notary- magistrate and in that affidavit your signature will appear in the left corner of the affidavit
    Such a recourse is to be delayed on twin reasons - firstly you will be undergoing through the process of document- verification shortly once you clear the written followed by viva in your Civil Services Examination. Any discrepancy in respect of your surname in the Matriculation certificate might cause the case of your permanent rejection of your candidature.
    The other factor would be the prolonged time consumption in getting the affidavit of the changed surname and the procurement of Marriage - certificate with your changed title.
    Taking all these points into consideration, it would be better to retain your old surname in all the forms being filled up as your candidature.
    This can be continued till life long and this would not create any problem.
    Otherwise at the later stage, you may procure an affidavit certificate of the Notary - magistrate and due notification is to be made in both local news paper and an English - daily for the wider circulation of the same. This cutting is to be preserved for its subsequent presentation during the process of documentation.

  • Changing the surname is not compulsory. Even after marriage, you can continue with your maiden surname. Now the question is different proofs are having different surnames. Now you have to bridge both. For that what I suggest is make an affidavit. You can contact a lawyer in your area and make an affidavit. The lawyer will make an affidavit in which he will clearly mention that your maiden surname and the surname after marriage. This will be notarized. Once the process is completed, give an advertisement in two newspapers. Then you have to send the information to the gazette and they will publish the same in the Gazette. Once the process is over you can continue with the name in the affidavit what you have suggested. There will not be any problem. Please start the process immediately and complete it at the earliest.

    always confident

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