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  • For suggestion after fail in document verification.

    Have you faced a rejection in document verification because of wrong entry of name and DoB? Wondering how to resolve the issue? On this page you can find ample advice for your query.

    I have passed my BSNL JAO examination but due to wrong name and DOB in application form they cancel my candidature. i gave them an affidavit attested by magistrate. But they rejected clearly. Do I have any option to get my job? Please Help.
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  • It is not understood clearly as how your name could be wrong in the application form. I mean that how you have filled your wrong name and wrong BOB there. We have to fill the correct name and DOB there matching with our basic documents and for other mismatching ones we have to produce affidavit. Anyway what has happened is happened and now you have to take care for the future. First thing is check your birth certificate, high school certificate, mark sheet and all the later educational certificates, Aadhar card etc and see where are the mismatches and what should have been the correct name or DOB in them. Once this is found then go for a comprehensive affidavit where clearly it should be mentioned that such and such certificates are bearing the correct name but there is mistake in such and such documents. Next time when you fill any application form fill the correct name and DOB and present the affidavit for those documents where mistake is there. If you fill wrong name and DOB in the application form then there is nothing which can be done at a later stage.

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  • No affidavit is accepted for writing a wrong name and date of birth in the application you are applying for a post. How a person can do such a mistake. Not a single mistake but two. It is not acceptable to have the wrong name and wrong DOB in the application you have applied. It shows the carelessness of the individual who is applying for the job. One should keep the official document on the side and fill up the application by referring to the document.

    If there is any mistake in your certificates then only you can go for affidavit and these days simply going for an affidavit is not sufficient, a gazette publication is essential.

    You can make a trial by writing a representation to the concerned authority saying that it is mistake happened due to oversite and you can give a notarized declaration that any third person approaches the authorities with proper documents you will quit that post. But I have my own doubts and chances of acceptance are very less. But you can make a try.

    Hereafter be sure that you are filling all the columns in the application form properly without any mistakes.

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  • Once you fill up the application- form containing your wrong name along with the insertion of wrong date of birth, there is every possibility of rejection of such applications. It is altogether a different matter that you have provided them an affidavit in support of your candidature but this did not yield any positive result ultimately.
    However, the past mistake cannot be remedied now, you need to be extra alert in your subsequent filling up of such forms.
    If you notice any discrepancy in the names and DOB of different certificates such as Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Class ten, Class twelve Certificate or in the graduation - level, the same can be corrected from the source from where it has been originated providing the photocopy of authentic documents so that correction can be initiated from their end.
    The other option for such discrepancies can be corrected through the affidavit from the First Class Magistrate by handing over lawyers of such photocopies which contain correct entries.
    Once you get the affidavit signed by the Magistrate, get it published in two newspapers one in Local paper and the other one in noted English - paper. Preserve the cutting for its subsequent presentation during the certificate verification process.
    However, the mistake commited this time while filling up the form in respect of your name and DOB, send an application indicating the enclosure of correct entries and with your due apology.

  • I am sorry to say but the query mentioned by you give rise to 2 questions:
    i) How did they accept your application form?
    ii) How were you able to give the BSNL JAO examination?

    The question rising is to know that during acceptance of the form they might have checked the attached documents and a small correction may be overlooked but your name was wrong. When the application form is put for verification, they would have found the wrong details and there itself, your application form would have been rejected.

    As the mistake committed cannot be ignored, you can check all your valid documents like Passport, Pan Card, Driving License, Ration card, Mark sheet of school and colleges, Aadhar card and check for correction in all the documents. If you find any mismatch in these documents, kindly do the correction making an affidavit and if required, through a known lawyer make a gazette publication in one local newspaper and the other one in National English newspaper. Keep the paper cutting or the paper for further reference. This will help you to be on a safer side for any further process.

    In the meanwhile, you can approach the concerned authority by writing or self-presentation and make them understand the mistake and also provide them the supporting documents and also provide them some reason for such mistake as it shows negligence.

    i) Always fill the application form with other documents in front so as to keep it neat and correct.
    ii) Always have a double-check of the filled application for correction if any before submission.
    iii) Read all the instructions before filling the form as it will help to fill the form correctly without mistakes.

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