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  • What are the latest online teaching tool available nowadays?

    Are you interested in knowing more about the common teaching tools used nowadays? Looking out for answers on-line? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can read the responses and decide which one is a best online teaching tool.

    I am an assistant professor in engineering college. I want to use teaching tools for better teaching tasks. Can anybody guide me to what are the latest online teaching tools available? Are you using any tool? Are they free or paid tools? Please share your feedback also.
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  • There are many educational tools available online these days. Many teachers use WhatsApp and create a group with students and communicate through the group. They will forward the information available online and ask the students to read and ask for any doubts.

    Another tool is PowerPoint presentation. This will help the teacher to deliver a lecture systematically in an orderly manner. All points can be brought in this PPT. Then the matter can be explained extempore.

    Edmodo is an educational tool that connects teachers and students by creating groups and that will be useful to interact with students as well as the parents of the students. Almost 350 lakh people are using this tool for a better teaching process.

    Socrative is another tool to create exercises and educational games. These projects will be given to students and they can solve using mobile devices. The results can be reviewed by teachers. They can design the subsequent lessons by evaluating the results.

    Thinglink can be used by teachers to create images. In making these images they can use music, sounds, texts, and photographs. This tool is an interactive tool.

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  • There are many online teaching tools available for the teachers for communicating with the students and thereby using the latest techniques of doing exercises by the students and assessing them by the teachers continuously. Some of the popular and useful online tools are as follows -

    1. Socrative - This is a system in which a teacher can create exercises or educational games for the students and students in turn can solve them in their mobile devices or tablets or laptops. Students can then submit them to the teacher who can assess and refine them further as per the need of the students.

    2. Edmodo - This is one interesting tool which connects teachers and students through a social media network and they can create their own groups for interacting on educational matters. It claims a user base of more than 34 million people. Parents are also connected to this platform and can interact with the teachers time and again.

    3. Thinglink - This tool is very interesting as it gives opportunity to the teachers to create interactive material like photos and texts etc and can share it in social media platforms. There are immense opportunities here for the teachers to create content for attracting the students.

    4. TED-Ed - This is a great platform where teachers and students can expand their knowledge and have active participation in the learning process. Teachers can create good educational lessons here.

    5. Projeqt - This has a capability of combining multimedia presentations with other elements like maps, links etc. Teachers can share their lessons with the students.

    6. ClassDojo - This has a quick reward system for the students who are responding to the lessons etc and submitting their assessment in time. The teacher would reward the students with appropriate comments and all this would be available online and the parents would also have access to that. This is a good system of continuous monitoring.

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  • With the advancement in technology and free daily internet data, one can make use of it to learn or educate in various ways. There are many educational online teaching tools available that help students, teachers and even parents to learn and understand lessons, topics, problems, concepts, project works, etc at one's fingertip. The one to make online teaching famous is Byju through their ads in the online and print media. There are many online teaching tools available on the internet and few are mentioned below for your review and knowledge.

    i) Twinkl - It has lessons prepared by experienced and passionate teachers that provide lesson planning, interactive educational games and activities at a subscription price.

    ii) Kahoot! - It was launched in 2013 with easy-to-use features that allow teachers to create a free game-based or fun learning games for students for any subject, in any language, based around multiple-choice questions.

    iii) Buncee - It helps to Create, Present and Share Multimedia Lessons using friendly graphics design that helps creativity, communication and critical thinking. It can also help in creating digital posters, micro-movies or simple games for the class activity.

    iv) Teaching Channel - It is a video resource that covers major topics and subjects of all classes and grades. One can find more topics that are useful for teaching and learning.

    v) Matific - It promotes inclusive learning by using common objects that allow children to master math concepts.

    vi) Wakelet - It helps to share, quickly organize and collect digital assignments with students. It can embed videos, share articles, notes, etc.

    vii) Wabisabi - It's an online community that shares and collaborates with students and parents for lesson planning, topics, reports, projects, etc.

    viii) Times Table Rockstars - It is an online learning platform that helps children to complete their daily time tables practice with the animated theme and motivational reward system.

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