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  • How do the Youtube videos work?

    Are you in doubt as to how YouTube works? Do you want to know how videos are to be uploaded, how advertisements are placed, how you are paid and so on? Follow this thread to know the details about YouTube and its modalities.

    I have always been fascinated by advanced technology. I also believe that Google will simply dominate the internet space for a long time to come. Their Youtube videos are special.

    However, I am not aware of how it works and how the revenues are shared. The first question is does Youtube charge anything to produce and upload any video. If yes, will the Youtube stop paying the owner of the video at any point in time?

    How does Youtube arrive at what to pay for the particular video? And who gets the advertisements that are seen in each video? How does the entire business model work? Members who are aware of this business model and who know every detail about youtube may please share their information.
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  • First of all, Youtube solicits such videos that are natural and made by the uploader. That means original videos are given the credence and copied videos from sources and made editing to them and shared are rejected and not eligible for monetization. And the videos should be of high quality and should tell the content clearly without having a link to other videos. Once the videos are uploaded, it goes public and the views start pouring in with comments and that should be addressed. Once some videos are successfully posted and being viewed with great comments, the uploader can apply for monetization with Youtube and get benefited.

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  • YouTube is a place where people (channel owners) up load their videos and depending upon the number of persons seeing and subscribing to their channel the advertisement revenue is shared by the channel owner as per Google Adsense or other You Tube schemes. So, the first thing is register in the You Tube and create a channel or location where you would be up loading your videos on any subject of interest to the viewers. Once the videos get popular and traffic to the channel increases there is a possibility of sharing revenue with the advertisements which are being shown either inside the videos or along the side of the page where video is residing and ready for playing for a viewer.

    Once a good number of subscriber and visitors are there one has to apply to You Tube for revenue sharing program and once the administration of You Tube is satisfied with the performance of the channel it would approve one's channel for that and revenue sharing would start. One should be at least 18 years old, or have a legal guardian older than 18 years of age who can handle one's payments via AdSense. Further, one has to create content that meets You Tube advertiser-friendly content guidelines. One can view these terms and condition after signing in You Tube.

    Today, You tube or any other such sites is having millions of channels (currently You Tube is having more than 30 million channels) and so many people are engaged in uploading videos on a myriad of subjects. So, the competition is tough and revenue sharing is also quite less than what it used to be in the initial period after the You Tube inception. Only people who can upload a large number of videos full of content and are also able to attract a large number of viewers can hope to generate a revenue from it.

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  • No need for any payment for you to get registered on youtube and upload any videos. How you register yourself on Yahoo or google you can register on youtube also.

    Once you register, you can upload your contributions. The visitors on youtube will see the items uploaded by you. If they are good and a number of views are there you will become popular.

    Youtube revenue development is purely dependent on advertisements. More advertisements will come if the videos are popular and more viewers are seeing and subscribing your channel. Once the revenue that is being good the youtube will share the revenue with the members also. You can apply for Adsense revenue and if google oK it, your application can be viewed by the channel and they approve it if certain laid down conditions are fulfilled. Then you will start getting some income.

    These days many people are trying this way to earn some money but the money that is coming as your share will be very less. However, there is nothing wrong in applying.

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  • The most common word among YouTubers is the YouTube algorithm.

    Uploading video, commenting on videos, watching videos is all free on youtube. you can do anything and they won't charge you a penny. The only thing is not allowed is offensive content or language in the comment section or in your videoes.

    Now comes the thing when you want to make money with youtube. It's not easy in India. they don't pay the same in every country. They don't assure you how many people will your content reach. Will you get viral or not it's your luck. On average for every 1000 views, they give fifty rupees. And for the first video on your channel, they don't pay you. You can monetize your account only after a while you have posted your first video.

    I have also observed that the person who gains 1M views overnight earns way less than the person who gained 1M views in months. So, the speed of traffic matters.

    Youtube can choose to demonetize your video and they won't explain to you a thing because they are not obliged too as they never promised they will pay you for your every video.

    You can choose ads after you start getting constant loads of view in your videos. how much you earn from these ads depends upon how long people watched the ad and if they clicked upon the ad or not. so again it's all youtube algorithm which cannot be understood perfectly ever. because youtube doesn't provide a job it's just a platform where few YouTubers help youtube to earn more so youtube awards them with money. youtube doesn't promise money ever.

  • In case, you want to get registered in the Utube channel, you need not require any money for registration but the essential condition would be to have a utube contains materials of high order attracting the viewers. More is the traffic.more is the chances of revenue earnings.
    Hence it would be a fine idea to upload a Video containing any material irrespective of the subject stream but the same should not be categorised as an obscene content.
    Once you get registered, you are eligible to get revenue through the YouTube but to what extent the earnings would go up, it would be difficult to predict and the same can be decided with the traffic response. However, only nature of content would alone not attract traffic response but the style of representation should be equally effective to attract more viewers fetching you good earnings.
    Earnings would vary from period to period but ensure that there should be heavy traffic after a couple of weeks. Since different types of Videos are uploaded in different contents, there is heavy competition as a result of the overcrowding and hence to have a decent income, you need to post videos regularly so as to have attractive incomes.

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