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  • Query regarding opting for two degree together

    Is it possible to study two degrees together: music and science? Searching for advice to resolve the confusion? No worries, check out this page where ISC experts have answered your query and resolved your confusion of opting for two degree together.

    I want to do two degrees simultaneously. One of music i.e B.P.A. in music or B.A. in music and other is BSc in Maths. I am preferring music but my dad does not want me to do it. He is preferring BSc or BCom.
    Can I do both music degrees: that is BPA and BSc degree together. I have completed my 12th class in 2017.
    And if no than should I go in music line or in what my dad is saying?
    I really want to be in music line?
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  • No student is allowed to do two-degree courses simultaneously either by regular mode or by distance mode. Even one degree in regular mode and another degree in distance mode is also not allowed. There is no provision as on date to do two-degree courses either from the same university or from different universities.

    However, a person can do a one-degree course and one diploma course simultaneously from the same university or from different universities. One course you have to do in regular mode and the other in distance mode.

    Coming to the selection of degree course, it is always advisable to go for the subject what we like. If you join in B.Sc if you have no interest you may not fare well in the study. So you can select the subject you want. Otherwise what you can do is join in B.Sc and opt for a diploma in music simultaneously. That will be acceptable to your parents also. However, you have to take a call based on your interest.

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  • As per the rules in India, no one can pursue 2 degrees at one time and the same is applicable to you too. You can pursue some part-time courses like certification in Music along with B.Sc. in mathematics or B.Com as per your choice.
    You have mentioned that you completed 12th in 2017, so now you have a gap of 2 long years. It would have been good if you had mentioned the reason for the same. In which stream you passed 12th? This detail is important because it makes us understand your grip over the subject.
    Secondly, as your father is insisting you for B.Sc. or B. Com, I guess you should go for it because he is aware of the competition in the field of Music and the struggles one has to face to reach good heights and then again it has no guarantee of a stable career. Music can be a hobby for a person belonging to a non-musical background or else he or she needs to be extraordinarily talented in that field.
    By enrolling for B.Sc. Mathematics and B.Com and then going for a master's degree can give you a good stable career for the future. You can work in banks, in school or colleges as a teacher or professor, you can work in firms and even in research labs depending upon your highest qualification. You can keep your interest in music alive by practicing on your own and by attending classes as a hobby.


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  • Many students are thinking like you and would like to know about the asked query about pursuing 2-degree courses at the same time but there are many clauses that one needs to know.
    - It needs a lot of hard work and dedication
    - It needs proper studying in both the subject
    - It needs good preparation
    - You need to be good at both to have their advantage.

    Some of the plus points about pursuing 2-degree courses at the same time are:
    - Provides and the upper edge at work
    - Able to complete education with the desired subject and of your parents at the same time

    The Validity of your query is as below:
    i) Two degrees or diploma at the same time is not allowed.
    ii) You can pursue one degree with one diploma or PG diploma or a certificate course at the same time.
    iii) One can pursue one diploma and one certificate at the same time.
    iv) One can pursue one PG diploma and one diploma or one certificate course simultaneously.
    v) One can even pursue two diplomae or certificate course together

    As per the circular of December 2012 by the University Grant Commission, a student can pursue a degree in regular mode from a state or Central University and even apply for a degree program from IGNOU in open or distance learning mode. Circular link:

    Now coming to your next query about selecting the stream i.e. B.A. Music or B.Sc. or B. Com as your fathers wish. Now it is upto you to convince your father about your selection and choice. It is right from your fathers point of view as B.Sc. or B. Com ill help to have a stable job and growth whereas B.A. Music is risky as it requires dedication, talent and luck. If you are not sure or able to convince your father, it is better to opt B.Sc. or B. Com and complete your gratuation. After the completion, you can start working in school, firms, company, banks, under CA firms, etc and along side complete your passion of doing B.A. Music by attending night college or part time classes. This will help you gain experience and even follow your passion and liking.

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  • The courses to be opted by you ie B.Sc with Mathematics and a degree in Music cannot be persued through the regular course from the same university. However, there is the provision of persual a degree course in the regular mode from a recognised university and other from the distance mode for which the course is recognised by an open university.
    Prior to selection of the two courses simulteneously, you will have to analyse the impact for such selection of courses. B.Sc with Mathematics has to be persued with other two elective subjects such as Physics and Geology, Physics and Chemistry, Physics and Electronics etc apart from Mathematics. So as to have a gran scoring in the final examination, you need to have a consistent effort to fare well in all the subjects. In that way, substantial time has to be devoted for the better performance and then again you will have to put an effort for B.A with Music through the distance mode. The course of cirriculam of the humanities is not that much easy especially Music calls for consistent practice for both written and practical. Then again, there would be two additional elective papers to be cleared. You will face time constraint in such a situation.
    Hence the rational step to be followed in such a case would to follow B.Sc with Mathematics in the regular mode and opt for Diploma in Music from the distance mode so as to gain two prestigious qualifications.

  • There is a problem of doing two regular courses simultaneously as it is not allowed under the UGC guidelines. However, you can very well join one regular course and other course on distance education or correspondence basis. Only thing is you have to see whether you would be able to do justice to do two courses at one time and able to take up the load of studies accordingly. In such situations there is always a danger of losing percentage in both the courses as one cannot concentrate on so many things during the same academic year. Anyway, it is the judgement one has to make.

    As regards choosing the subject for making a career, I strongly believe and advise that one should focus and concentrate in one's area of interest. The reason is very simple and that is that an individual can achieve any heights in one's area of interest and passion. There are many many examples in the world where the person went for his passion rather than what was suggested by the parents or the friends and then became very successful in that line. One can pursue one's interest wholeheartedly and take it as a challenge to show the world one's worth.

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