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  • What are the tablets for treatment of Prostate Cancer

    Do you have a question about treating prostrate cancer? Looking out for medical advice online? On this Ask Expert page you can scroll through advice and suggestions from experts and decide the line of treatment.

    My friend is diagnosed as having prostate cancer and he is taking some medicines as prescribed by the Urologist. I think he is suffering a lot. What are the names of medicines he should take and what are the diet systems he should follow for speedy recovery?
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  • The treatment is a very specialized treatment and only the specialist doctors after examining the patient will decide the course of treatment. It is not correct to follow the treatment by asking questions and nobody can suggest correct medicine without examining the patient. I suggest your friend go and contact the concerned specialist and follow his suggestions.

    Recently one of my relatives got brain cancer. Some of his friends suggested him get the treatment from a doctor from Shimoga, Karnataka. This doctor will be treating cancer patients with plant medicines. He has gone there and undergoing treatment for the last 15 days. The results are still to be seen.

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  • Cancer is a disease, many forms of which are not curable but some of the cancers are treated by multiple cycles of therapy with specialised medicines. Only a qualified doctor can prescribe those medicines and there are many considerations and combinations in which these medicines are given to the patient. The doses and frequency is determined by the doctor as per the experience gathered in this area by himself or other doctors in other places. The treatment of cancer is still under great research and newer medicines and newer combinations are being experimented by the doctors. Sometimes, they would give medicines as well as radiation therapy to kill the cancerous cells by it. There are many trial and errors also in this treatment as this is still an evolving area.

    Some of the common medicines used in the treatment of prostate cancer are Prednisone, Abiraterone acetate, Cabazitaxel, Docetaxel, Enzalutamide, Leuprolide acetate, Nilutamide, Mitoxantrone hydrochloride etc and many more like them. Depending upon the advancement and type of the prostate cancer the doctor would decide which medicine or which combination in which dose is to be given to the patient. The list of medicines mentioned here is only indicative and there are many others which are being added to this list as more and more research is being carried out. These medicines have their own side effects and no one other than a qualified doctor is authorised to suggest or prescribe them to the patients.

    Another thing in the cancer treatment which is to be understood is that depending upon the stage of the cancer these medicines show their result. The medicines mentioned above are not only meant for prostate cancer only but are used for may other types of cancers and ailments also.

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  • Prostrate Cancer is a type of Cancer occurring in the Prostrate having a small and walnut sized gland. It is located just below the bladder in men and surrounds the urethra. It is a slow development, however some prostrate cancer are aggressive and quickly spread out the confines of the prostrate.
    The following list of medications are often prescribed depending upon the severity of the disease-
    1) Bicalutamide
    2) Zytiga
    3) Eligard
    4) Casodex
    5) Firmagon
    6) Degarelix
    7) Estradeol Patch
    8) Zoladex etc
    These medications are to be taken under the supervision of the competent doctors/ oncologists for the periods as suggested by them.
    Flax - seeds are often suggested by Ayurvedic Doctors as an alternative remedy but prior to use, these are to be purchased from the reputed firms so as to avoid any contamination causing unnecessary side - effects.
    You need to take special care if you have the following health conditions-
    1) Diabetes
    2) Gastrointestinal obstruction
    3) High or Low Blood Pressure
    4) High triglycerides
    5) Blood Clotting Problem etc.

  • In my opinion, no one who is not an expert in medicine or a specialist Doctor should be able to say what will be the Medicine for the treatment of such a case. That it is the only way, to meet the specialist doctors and follow their medical procedures.
    Asking on social media or other media about what medication to give a cancer patient is not the right trend. There are many types of cancer. Similarly, many individuals may need different or different dosages of medicine for the same disease. It depends on the patient's health status and whether there are other illnesses associated with such diseases. such as the dosage and the nature of the drug.

    Therefore, it is best to find a doctor who specializes in the treatment of the disease and discuss these with him and do medications and other things according to him.

    When you take any medicine (for cancer and other common ailments), it is best to take coarse turmeric powder with just a little water in the morning. This is because turmeric has the property to remove toxins from the body. Experiments have shown that turmeric can be used for chemotherapy, but this has not been tested in humans.

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