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  • I am having Eczema in my legs and in two fingers. What medicine and ointment I should take?

    Suffering from eczema and want to know the best ointments and tablets? Looking out for advice here? Here, on this page check out the medical advice provided by experts for your query.

    During the past few years I am having eczema in my ankle and fingers in my hand. I am using Betnovate ointment during the past years. It vanishes and comes again in days.
    What are the other ointments I should use externally and tablets internally?
    I use one brand Hamam shop during the past 10 years. It is somewhat a problem to me? Please give advise.
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  • Eczema is common skin conditions wherein our skin turns red and itches due to allergies to certain food, clothes, substance or things. It can be seen in children as well as in adults. There are different types of Eczemas has its own set of symptoms, causes and remedy.

    As per the information provided by you, you may be having one of the two types:
    i) Atopic dermatitis - It is the most common form of eczema which starts in childhood and fades away as you grow. These can be due to genes i.e inherited tendency to allergies, immune system problem or dry skin. Some of the symptoms of this type are:
    - Rashes appear near the creases of your knee and elbow and the skin gets thicker
    - gets the tendency to scratch it
    - Fluid-filled small bumps may appear like bristles and breaks once you scratch it causing it to worsen.

    ii) Hand eczema - As the name indicate, these type appears on your hand and fingers and are common with the person handling chemicals, pesticides, laundry or dry cleaning, etc that irritate the skin. Some of the symptoms of this type are:
    - Hand and fingers get itchy, dry and red
    - Small blisters or cracks are formed on the hand or fingers.

    Some of the remedy and medicines for this type of eczema are:
    i) corticosteroid cream or ointment which can be applied directly to the infected portion or you can even wrap the affected area with a wet bandage after applying the topical corticosteroids ointment.
    ii) light therapy or phototherapy - It is a form of exposing the skin to controlled amounts of natural sunlight. If natural sunlight is not possible, an artificial form of ultraviolet A (UV-A) and ultraviolet B (UV-B) through narrow band can be used with medication or as a stand-alone medicine.
    iii) dupilumab (Dupixent) injection is an expensive medicine used to treat severe disease patient which was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
    iv) Oral corticosteroids like 'prednisone' are even prescribed to more-severe cases but have found side effects.

    Some of the home remedies that one can use are:
    - Always keep your skin moisturized as it will prevent itching and drying. You can apply oils, creams, ointments or sprays at least twice a day i.e before going out and before bedtime.
    - Take a lukewarm water bath and while bathing use some baking soda in your bath water, rest it for 10 to 15 minutes and then take your bath. Pat dry and apply any moisturizer.
    - Use non-alkaline soap or soap without dyes or perfumes. and always wash off the soap from your body with ample water.
    - Use clean, neat and loose clothes that will avoid itching, scratching and excessive sweating.
    - Avoid scratching and cover the area as it will prevent you from itching and scratching.
    - Relax and be free as this will help to relieve stress and anxiety.

    Note: Kindly consult your skin specialist or doctor before taking any medication as your skin may be allergic to some combination which can make matter worse.

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  • Thank you for ur advise. I wish to use the ointment and do as your advise.

  • Eczema is generally caused by allergies and can be triggered by many factors and items like Pollen grains, excessive sweating, prolonged contact with water, Nickel and Cobalt metal present in jewellery, keys, cell phones, eyeglass frames, stainless steel items, metal buttons, and zippers etc. Nickel and Cobalt metal present in small quantities in foods such as chocolate, soy beans, oatmeal, nuts, almonds, fresh and dried legumes, canned foods etc can also trigger it. Materials like cement, mortar, leather, paints and anticorrosives contain Chromium salts which can also trigger it.

    In the common eczema small, intensely itchy blisters are created on the edges of the fingers, toes, palms, and soles of the feet. These blisters last for a few weeks and then dry up making the skin torn and cracks at places. This type of eczema is known as dyshidrotic eczema. Atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis might also look alike this.

    The general treatment suggested by the doctor in this case is use of topical steroids and phototherapy. There are many medicines in form of ointments which are prescribed by the doctor in this ailment. Some of them are triamcinolone, mometasone, hydrocortisone, clobetasol, desonide, Elton etc. These are to be used only under prescription of a doctor.

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  • Natural substances like aloe Vera gel, olive oil, coconut oil can offer moisturisation to the affected skin and can help in combating the inflammation and eliminating the harmful bacteria so as to reduce swelling and prevent the infection of the disease.
    In order to curb the disease effectively. a few herbs would work wonders if used with the recommendation of the Ayurvedic- doctors.
    1) Aloe - Vera Gel - It is derived from Aloe - plant and has been found effective in numerous disease including eczema due to the following inherent properties of Aloe - Vera
    1) Antibacterial
    2) Antimicrobial
    3) Wound healers
    4) Immune booster
    Hence Aloe would work effectively in the elimination of this disease .
    2) Avena Sativa - Avena Sativa is derived from Oats and this if taken in the form of mother tincture twice daily in the empty stomach to the extent of 15 drops each time would eliminate the disease effectively if used at least for two months. This enhances the immune system thereby controlling the disease effectively.
    3) Neem Leaves are antibacterial and antivirus in nature and hence consumption of five to six leaves in the empty stomach for a couple of weeks would address the disease effectively apart from purification of blood. After your dinner take Guduchi tablets each containing at least 250 mg regularly for two months for the enhancement of your immunity.
    4) Calendula cream has been used for centuries for burns, infection and cuts. You may apply calendula cream twice twice daily on the affected part.
    5) Evening primerose oil - This oil is derived from the primerose plant being used to soothe the irritated skin. Presence of Omega 6 fatty acid and linolenic acid play a role in preventing the disease.
    6) Tea tree oil - This oil can be applied on the affected part to enhance moisturisation so as to reduce inflammation and kill the Bacterias associated with the disease.
    7) Take Tulasi leaves regularly in the morning in the empty stomach for enhancing your immunity and this being antibacterial and antifungal in nature can control the disease effectively.

  • Eczema is one of the very common problems nowadays because of pollution increasing day by day skin problems also increasing. I would not just any cream or medicine for this as home remedies will work best for it but if you want to have some medicine then I would suggest taking SAAFI an ayurvedic syrup which helps to clean the blood and has no side effects. There are some home remedies these will help you to get rid of Eczema -

    Coconut Oil - This is the best remedy for Eczema, you should always keep a small bottle of coconut oil with you and whenever you feel itching on your eczema infected part just apply coconut oil on it, use a cotton to apply it don't rub it apply slowly.
    Neem Leafs and neem bark - Neem bark and leaves reduce the infection so you can apply them to the infected area. Neem bark is the dry part of neem tree so to use it you have to keep in water for 1 night then next morning you case use it.
    Always moisturizing skin - Don't allow your skin to be fry so keep it moisturized apply cream or lotion which suits on your skin, but as I advise coconut oil is best for it also.
    Have more water - I know it is suggested by everyone for any problem but that's true water plays a very important role especially in the skin necessary to have 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

    These remedies are important but the thing which is most important for eczema is your precautions so there I am giving you some tips which you to keep in mind all the time.

    Wear cotton cloths as much as possible.
    don't apply soap on the infected part, you can apply neep leaves paste or turmeric paste or besan instead of soap.
    Weather effects can increase your problem so when there is a sudden change in weather be alert and start remedies before it started itching.
    Eat nutritional food.
    Avoid dust, as it increases the problem.
    Don't be stressed it always the root of most physical problems.

    Kepp patience it will take some time but if you apply these remedies and remind these tips then you will get rid of it very soon, and again don't forget to keep a coconut oil bottle with you.

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