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  • Which degree marks will be valid for assistant professor post?

    Are you interested in taking up the post of an assistant professor? Want to know the eligibility criteria pertaining to the degree marks? Find responses from experts here which can enable you to decide further course of action.

    I have only 50% marks in B.Sc. and according to UGC 2018 regulations, a candidate with 50% marks in bachelor degree will get 5 marks only for shortlisting a assistant prof. post. If I do a new B.Sc. with same subject with higher percentage, which degree marks will be valid, the new one or the older one only?
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  • If you want to go for the same degree again, as far as my knowledge goes, you have to cancel the present result and then you have to attend the examination again. But in some universities, there is a system of there is a betterment chance but this should be done before you complete your final year degree.
    What I suggest is go for PG without canceling the previous degree results and try to get a good percentage in the post-graduation course. That will give better chances for you to get the post of Assistant Professor. However, to become Assistant Professor you have to get qualified in the NET examination that is being conducted by CBSE. Once you get a good percentage in that examination and if you get a good percentage in your PG, chances will be better. Instead of worrying about your B.Sc percentage concentrate on PG and NET.

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  • Presently for applying for Assistant Professor post one has to qualify NET test. This is of course exempted for the PhD candidates who can apply without going through NET. While calculating the score for selection for the post of Assistant Professor the weight given for the marks in B.Sc. is 0 to 15 depending upon the percentage in B.Sc. that is up to the percentage of 55% the score is zero, up to 60% it is 10, up to 65% it is 11, up to 70% it is 12, up to 75% it is 13%, up to 80% it is 14 and above 80% it is the maximum that is 15.

    If you observe the above pattern there is a small change in score with increasing percentage of B.Sc. So, even by doing another B.Sc. exam the score is not significant and it is not worth going for. The corresponding score for M.Sc. is zero to 40 depending on the percentage from 55% upwards which is more signifiant. PhD candidates also get an additional score of 10. Then there are other things which get you additional score like experience (maximum score 5), academic medals etc (maximum score 8), paper publication (maximum score 7) and finally interview (maximum score 15).

    You can go through the above scheme and find out where do you stand. Good marks in Post Graduation are contributing much to the score towards selection. It is imperative that the candidates should aspire for that.

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  • Instead of concentrating for your graduation marks, you should strive for better performance in your post graduate examination where your final aggregate should exceed beyond 55 percent and you must qualify in the NET test conducted by CBSE so as to be included in the final panel list. By approaching this rout, you would save your time which you could have otherwise wasted by reappearing for B.Sc Examination for the improvement purpose.
    With the existing pattern of concession to be offered for betterment for B.Sc course is marginal and there is no merit for reappearing for the B.Sc course.
    Additional scores can be obtained on the following parameters-
    1) One must be a Ph. d holder for which maximum 10 marks is allocated apart from exemption of NET test.
    2) Length of teaching experience in the college level ( Max 5 marks) in the procedure of selection process for associate professor.
    3) Academic - medals.
    4) Reseach - paper publication ( Max 7 marks)
    5) Final interview ( Max score 15)
    Hence there are different stages where your score would go high and these points should be taken into consideration so as to attain success during the selection for the post of Associate - professor.

  • A Master's degree in the related stream is the basic requirement for the post of Assistant Professor.
    A Ph.D. degree is also required for the post of Assistant Professor.
    The NET certificate is also required for the post of Assistant Professor.
    Generally, the experience is not mandatory but preferred

  • If you want to join teaching profession your academic record must be good. Points has been fixed for every degree (10th upto ph.d)in this profession. At first, for applying assistant professor in any university or college you must have qualified NET. Even though for appearing in NET exam you must have minimum 55% marks in post graduation. Earlier, rule was not like that as of now. Recently, many rules and regulations has been updated. Those candidate who having ph.d degree with UGC regulation 2019 has been exempted from NET. These candidate are eligible for assistant professor. those candidate who are not having NET and ph.d degree without UGC regulation 2019 , are not eligible to apply. Two year back, one announcement has been made by UGC that whether ph.d degree with regulation or without regulation, NET must be minimum criteria for assistant professor. Beside this, many criteria is fixed to judge qualified candidate such as total no of published research paper, published articles , participated/presented paper in national seminar as well as performance in interview. All these criteria are seen at selection time for the post of assistant professor.

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