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  • When 5G connectivity will come in India

    Want to know when India can get 5G connectivity? Searching for updates regarding when India will move from 4G to 5G? On this page experts shall respond to your query so that you can decide to use the 5G phone.

    As you may be knowing that few brands have launched 5G smartphones in India recently. As per our Telecom, we have 4G connectivity only as of now but there is uncertain or no update on 5G connectivity in India. Though we got 5G smartphones order here. When 5G connectivity will come to India? What will be the use if we buy 5G phone at the moment despite 4G phone is sufficient on the same usage?
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  • As per the reports available in the newspapers, the 5G connectivity will be available in India from 2022. Many other countries are already having 5G connectivity. But in India, it will come at a later date only. The reports also say that by 2025 11% of the users will go for this 5G.

    The phones which are designed for 5G connectivity will work for 3G and 4 G also. But the phones which are designed for 4 G can't be used for 5 G.

    5G connectivity will give a better bandwidth to the users. Because of the higher bandwidth, the speed will be faster. Many technology options will be available on 5G connectivity. But the coverage area may become less.

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  • In India 5G will take some time and tentatively it is expected that by 2022 it would get introduced here. This is a new technology in which the customer will get enhanced speed, more bandwidth and new experience of using the network. It was introduced in South Korea and US during 2019 and now picking up further. Australia, Argentina, Canada, and Japan are likely to go for it during 2020.

    The deployment of 4G LTE technology in India was done at a faster rate and we can hope that 5G would also follow the same spirit. The exact time of introduction of 5G would also depend upon the timely allocation of the spectrum by the Govt to the telcos. As per the information available the Department of Telecom has received recommendation of TRAI for frequency band 3,300-3,600 Mhz to be used for 5G. It is also mentioned that 5G would deliver a speed up to 10 Gbps as compared to present 4G speed of 8-10 Mbps. Another thing is the present 4G technology can support about 1 lakh devices in 1 square kilometre area while 5G can support up to 10 lakh devices in the same area.

    The existing 4G mobile devices will not be able to work on 5G network and compatible 5G mobiles would be required. Meanwhile the telcos and equipment manufacturers would be testing their equipment and software for 5G connectivity so that they can give the service immediately. Some of these companies have already started testing their systems. Though we are expecting that 5G would hopefully be introduced in India by 2022 but its large scale adoption by the masses would take some time even a few years as a lot of infrastructure is required to be upgraded or redesigned for this purpose.

    As regards the decision of buying of a 5G phone is considered, it is advisable to wait for some time and once the 5G network is established in India then only one should go for it. By that time the new models would come up incorporating all the features and variations required as per the developing scenario in 5G arena.

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  • The most generation mobile service 5G technology is expected to be launched in India by 2022. This statement has come through the management of Ericsson recently.
    TRAI ( The Telcom Regulatory Authority) has started the process for auctioning the 5G spectrum in India.The Government has published its National Digital Communication Policy in 2018 and has allocated 5 billion Indian rupees in connection with 5G development. Partially the fund will be diverted for the setting up laboratory around the country and involve students, researchers and teachers from IIT. Ericsson would have partnership with IIT in setting up the infrastructure.
    The launch of 5G in India will require massive fund amounting to several billion dollars for the setting up infrastructure and spectrum. Hence to raise fund, it would be a delicate question at this moment.
    In India. the 5G launch will immensely help in the deployment of Ericsson service in public places such as Railway Station, Air Port and even in the new models of trains/ buses. The launch of fixed wireless service would provide to cut down the operational cost in the provision of such services.However, with the push of the Government on smart cities, introduction of 5G would be seen as huge benifits.

  • 5G is the upgrade to 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks to mobile and internet services which will provide roughly 10Gbps (gigabits per second)/one-millisecond which is higher than 8 to 10Mbps as on the 4G network. It will help to provide connectivity in remote areas whether on land, at sea or in the air. As per the frequency and spectrum, the analog voice was delivered in 1G, a digital voice through CDMA was delivered in 2G, mobile data was delivered in 3G, mobile Internet through Long Term Evolution (LTE) was delivered by 4G and High-speed internet will be provided by 5G Spectrum.

    The 5G frequency spectrum is divided into three types i.e. low-band, mid-band and millimeter-wave. Talking about the speed of each type, the low-band would have the same frequency range as that of the current 4G network. The mid-band would provide constant speed in both indoors and outdoors as compared to Low-range spectrum. The millimeter-wave is difficult to reach indoor concerning its coverage but is the fastest spectrum out of the three types. Thus looking at the cost-effective and other parameters, the telcos would be providing the mid-band spectrum.

    India is the potential market for the 5G spectrum, the government has to solve regulatory, financial and procedural issues so as not to face any problem or scam as it had earlier with other spectrum. We may expect auction for the 5G spectrum in the second quarter of 2020 i.e. in April to June but only after conducting trials for the 5G spectrum or network. As buying of the spectrum will need huge funds i.e approximately 10,000 crores for 20MHz to 50,000 crores for 100 Mhz rupees as per the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI), It may take nearly 5-6 years to reach masses in India. The rolling out of 5G frequency may start in 2022 by the telcos in India as they will slowly increase their range. Telcos like Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio have started conducted initial 5G tests and handset or model makers like Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung and Huawei are also testing their equipment for the 5G spectrum or frequency.

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