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  • What are the reliable sources of recruitment of engineers?

    Are you looking out for an engineering job? Wondering what is the most reliable source for recruitment? Find suggestions of reliable sources of recruitment drive messages, genuine websites and consultancy services here.

    Currently, India is facing challenges in job creation, particularly in engineering because of very low demand from the industry. The demand and supply ratio is unbalanced. The huge numbers of engineering getting degrees year by year increasing.
    In such a scenario, what are the reliable sources of recruitment drive messages or websites? Is it advisable to pay some job consultancies for getting a job?
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  • Jobs are less and more qualified people are there in the country. How to create more jobs is a very big question now. Not only for engineers but also for other educated people also there are no jobs. Another problem we see these days is nobody wants to have filed jobs. All want a job in front of a laptop in an AC room. Even though there are many posts for engineers, they prefer IT jobs.

    You can try various procedures for getting a job.

    1. Register your name on or These two are very good almost all the recruiters will look at these sites for selecting a good candidate for their requirement. You will also get alerts and you can also select the jobs you want in this portal. You can also go through the various posts that are advertised on this site and you can apply for suitable posts.
    2. Other Job Portals. There are many portals for recruiting. You can register your name there and you may get good job advertisements from there also.
    3. On the India Study Channel, you have a job section. In that section, various jobs advertised elsewhere will be published. You can refer and apply for suitable posts. Similarly, you can refer to various newspapers wherein you will see various advertisements and apply for them.
    4. If you have any friends working in IT industries you can ask them to refer your CV to any suitable job and the chances of getting selected will be more here.
    5. Many government jobs are looking for your score in the GATE examination. So an Engineer can prepare well for this examination and get a good score. If your score is good you will get selected for government jobs.
    6. Walk-in interviews and recruitment drives are being advertised and you can see the details in the papers and accordingly you can attend.
    7. There are good placement agencies and they will also try for the jobs. Earlier days they used to charge money only after you got selected and some agents are not collecting any money from the candidates. The recruiters are paying them. But these are asking for some money for registration. If the agency is reliable and the charges are low you can pay and register. Otherwise, it is not advisable to pay and register there. You can promise them after getting a job and joining there.

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  • Since the absorption rate of Enginners are slow due to sluggish demand in the various manufacturing industries and also in the IT companies due to less projects in their hands. However, such a grim situation should not frustrate the candidates opting for Engineering in the various streams, rather they should focus their goal in updating their knowledge in their streams so as to get lucrative assignments in MNC's. They need to be efficient in their communication skill as well to impress the employers.
    The following tips would prove to be helpful in getting a proper assignment -
    1) Make an attractive resume indicating your positive attributes in both your academic achievements and extra curricular activities. Year wise indicate your scorings reflecting your performance. In respect of your contributions in Cricket and Foot - balls, you should indicate your medals won in each play. Impressive resumes attract prospective employers. With such resumes, you can go in for walk in interviews conducted by various companies.
    2) Aim for GATE - Your scorings of marks beyond 98 in your own stream not only enhances your admission prospects in M.Tech but also there is special quota for absorption of such Engineers in the PSU in the Management- trainee cadres with the two additional increments in their basic range.
    3) Meet the job consultants in your town / city with the updated resume so as to get an appropriate assignment. Consultants are to get hefty commission in case, they forward the resumes of such candidates who are ultimately selected during the process of interviews. You need to be registered with such prospective consultants.
    4) Get registered with Naukari. com or for getting assignments of your choice. They have the tie- ups with the leading employers.
    5) Look out for your friends/ relatives working in IT companies and offer them your updated resume. The referral process of the relatives can land into a job of your choice with the handsome start.

  • It is true that the demand of engineers is not commensurate with their coming out of the colleges and universities and that is creating a big unemployment situation. There are many recruitment agencies but they would only help as a conduit for application transfer from the candidate to the company and if the candidate is selected they would take their fee. Some of these are not reliable also. One has to be cautious on that front. Still, there are some avenues where one has to try to go ahead himself for making a career. Some of the measures are suggested as follows -

    1. Upload the CV in reputed job channels - This is one thing that is to be done as a primary means so that one can get all the job alerts by email. Theindiajobs, Naukri, Monster, TimesJobs, Jobket, Naukrihub, Careerjet, CareerAge etc are some of these sites.

    2. Apply for PSU entrance exam - There are many PSUs which take engineering radiates for their executive posts and every year they conduct exam for the vacancies. This is a very good opportunity for the engineers and one cannot only opt for his core area but also for other functions like stores, management, safety etc.

    3. Prepare for administrative services - Every year there are many administrative posts advertised by the central Govt or various state Govt. Though competition is tough in it but it is worth trying as it is considered as the top career today.

    4. Technical jobs in private companies - Many private organisations offer temporary jobs to the engineering graduate. But these jobs do not pay much. Fresh engineering graduates do not like to join such positions but for gaining experience it is not a bad idea. One should not shy away from them. It is only a step for future jobs.

    5. Teaching in coaching centres - As a stop gap arrangement one can also search for teaching in some coaching centre. This is good for revising ones own knowledge also which would be helpful in appearing in competitive exams.

    6. Join an entrepreneurship group - Many people have created their own entrepreneurship group and are engaged in different services. They take Mudra loan or other loans for their working. One can join a group of ones liking and learn the intricacies of business environment.

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  • It is very alarming for everyone that the unemployment rate in our country(India) has raised to 7.78% as of February 2020 which is the highest since October 2019. Getting a job after completion of one's degree or professional courses are getting harder and harder. There are many ways to get into a job for freshers and experienced persons and some of them are:

    i) Employment Exchanges: It is a set-up to bring both employers and job seekers looking for prospective jobs under one platform. The role of employment exchange is to register entries for job seekers and then send a notification to the registered members about the vacancies received from time-to-time as per the Employment Exchanges Act, 1959 that covers all institutions/organizations in public sector and non- agricultural establishments.

    ii) Educational Institutions / Campus Recruitment: This is the best and easiest way of getting a job of your choice with a fine salary and getting into a genuine company. Many colleges have a tie-up with reputed companies that hire qualified and ambitious students directly from universities, vocational schools/colleges and management institutes.

    iii) Professional Agencies / Placement Consultants: Many professional agencies provide their services to big and reputed companies for enlisting new people for jobs. They also have registration with a nominal fee wherein they provide new openings in companies and organizations at regular intervals as per your registered profile.

    iv) Advertisement / Telecasting / Web Publishing: It has become the most suited and used method wherein the vacancies for a said post along with job descriptions, job specifications, qualification required, experience, etc are printed in media like paper, shown on TV or put in website for widespread transfer of information and to receive applications from most suited applicants across country.

    v) Recommendations / Family relations: Many big companies or MNC's have a referral program wherein they advertise the vacancies in the organization itself and any new recruitment through referrals receives points or perks. It helps to get a reliable candidate for the post, help the employees to get their people a job and build a good bond between employers and employees.

    vi) Manpower Supply: Many manpower supply companies have a good relationship with the reputed public and private sector companies. Whenever they have new vacancies in terms of the temporary or permanent type, they inform the manpower suppliers that supply them with the required strength. They charge both the worker and the company some commission for their service.

    vii) Job Fair / Job Mela: There are many institutes, firms, groups, etc that organize a job fair for freshers and experienced people at a venue wherein one needs to register and attend the fair r mela. Many companies use it to hire people or candidates for their organization.

    (Note: All the above means mentioned above are not restricted to engineers or professionals but for all categories.)

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