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  • What are the scope of teaching job in Australia if a person has PhD from NIT ?

    Planning to teach in Australia? Want to know if an Indian PhD holder can get a teaching job at university level easily? Check out this page where our experts have responded to your query.

    More and more students prefer to do a job in foreign countries like New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada. What are the chances of an Indian Ph.D. degree (from the National Institute of Technology (NIT)) holder in Australia on a teaching position at the university level? Is there any specific exam to be passed?
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  • The following are the requirements for becoming a faculty in Australia at the university level.
    1. The candidate should have completed a study comparable to at least a 4-year full-time tertiary level qualification in Australia.
    2. The candidate should have completed at least 1 year of full-time education training.
    3. The candidate should have a minimum of 6 weeks of supervised teaching practice. You have to produce a proof for this training.
    4. Your qualifications should meet the requirements in your country to work as a teacher
    5. The candidate should meet all English language requirements.

    Once you have all the above qualifications, your qualification will be assessed by AITSL whether your qualification meets the standards of the Australian Bachelor Degree or higher.

    Then you will be interviewed and selected as per their requirement.

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  • There is good scope of teaching in some countries like Australia but they have some primary requisites for that. Simply PhD would not suffice. The basic requirement for teaching assignments in Australia are as follows -

    1. The person desirous of becoming a teacher in Australia should have a 4 years Bachelor of Education degree or 3 year undergraduate degree in Education and a 1 year post graduate diploma or 2 years Master's in Education.

    2. Should have at least 1 to 2 years teaching experience in the classroom.

    3. One has to get the Overseas Teaching Qualifications assessment by Australia authorities by providing the passport, academic transcripts and educational experience certificate. For this one has to register in the Teacher's Registration Board of Australia website: An application fee of AUD 120 and registration fee of AUD 355 would be applicable.

    4. The application is to be sent by mail as online applications are not accepted. Online is only for registration. It takes about 2 months time for processing of the application.

    5. Once the assessment is complete, one has to provide a copy of birth certificate, driver's license or passport, and overseas criminal background check. One can access the status of ones application in the online site.

    6. One of the important thing is to acquire an English language proficiency certificate which is essential for applying for a teaching job.

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  • In order to be a teacher in Australia, you need to meet the following criterias -
    1) The aspirants interested to continue a teaching job should have a degree course of B.Ed consisting of four year or a three year undergraduate course in education followed by one year post graduate diploma or a post graduate degree in Education.
    2) The aspirants should have acquired practical experience in the teaching for at least a year in the class - room session.
    3) One needs to have overseas teaching qualification assessment approved by the Austrilian Authorities. One needs to produce passport, the academic achievements and the related educational certificate and in this connection, the aspirants should register in the teachers registration board in the website of Australia. They need to pay the requisite amount of fee in this connection.
    4) The application is to be sent through email so that it could be processed. Online application is not entertained.
    5) After completing the assessment procedure, the aspirants should provide birth certificate, passport, driver's license and an overseas criminal back ground check up.
    6) The aspirants should have acquired a proficiency certificate in English and this is mandatory for applying a teaching job.

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