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  • How do I implement Google Analytics for my blog?

    Want to know how to implement Google analytics for a blog? Searching for detailed information about how to proceed, whether its is chargeable and the competitive platforms for the same? No worries, our ISC experts shall respond to your query here.

    In order to assess the performance of Google AdSense or any other earning scheme, we should know the page views and page activities daily or monthly. There are many options available for getting visitor activities like Statcounter, Google Analytics, etc. I want to implement Google Analytics for my blog. How do I proceed with it? Is it chargeable? What are the rivals of Google Analytics in this area? Which is advisable?
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  • Hi,

    As you have told, there are many options available to tract the page views and audience activity on your website or a blog. But the Google Analytics is the most popular one. The reason is very simple. It is from GOOGLE. Since It is the Search Engine which crawls the page and ranks the data, It can exactly tell how exactly audience are interacting with your page in the same manner.

    Now I will come to your questions.

    1) Is Google Analytics Chargeable?
    No. It is free tool provided by Google.

    2) How do you implement Google Analytics in your Blog.
    If you have a Google account, You are good to start an Google Analytics Profile as well. Go to Login with your Google Credentials. Then click on "Create New Property" . You can mention the URL of the Website or blog. Once you click on "Get Tracking ID". You will get a Tracking ID and a Script as well in the same Page. You can add the script to the part of your website code or If you are using some Wordpress Plugin, you can just enter the Tracking ID. Simple. From Then you can track the views and demographics in your Google Analytics Account.

    3) The Rivals of Google Analytics
    There are many rivals for Google Analytics such as Statcounter, Semrush, Adobe Analytics etc but most of them are chargeable from the start or after some limit.

    4) Which is Advisable?
    If you are using it for the basic purpose and if your blog is having medium level traffic. I will advise Google Analytics only. Google Analytics have become a powerful tool which is now providing all the details such as Demographics, Where the audience landed and where they left your website. If your website is e-commerce website, you can even see the Sales Funnel where the customer had done the sale or leaving in between. So for General Purposes, Google Analytics is sufficient. If any specific purpose wise tools are required, you can choose some other Analytics Tool .

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  • A. How to use Analytics for your blog.
    1. Go to
    2. If you have an account already log in.
    3. If you don't have an account open it.
    4.Set up a property in your Analytics account. A property is your webpage, blog or App.
    5. Set up a reporting view of your property. A reporting view is a level in Analytics and here you can view reports and analysis tools.
    6. Filters can be used to customize views and see only a subset of data you want in your reports.
    B. Google Analytics is free and not chargeable,
    C. There are many other tools like Analytics. Stat Counter is one such tool. Adobe Analytics is another such tool. Some of them are not free for a lifetime. After certain usage, they may ask for some payment.
    D. I feel google Analytics is the best tool available to use on your blog.

    always confident

  • Google Analytics is a platform which helps a website owner for many functions like the keeping a track of visitors to one's site or sites, the interaction of the visitors with one's site like finding what keywords they used to come there etc. Google Analytics is very vast in its scope and statistical usages and can help the site owner in many ways.

    After signing up in the Google Analytics, one has to register in Google Analytics for getting the tracking codes (tracking ID) for its sites. In the Google Analytics nomenclature the sites are commonly known as the properties and when people visit them one can plan various renumeration type of things once a visitor frequently visits there. Something like accumulation of points for future exchange with some coupons etc.

    The owner can customise the Google Analytics reports as desired by him for finding out the performance of the site in terms of the user base and usage based and can monitor the business generated by the site and can take actions and modifications accordingly to make it more versatile and user friendly.

    Knowledge is power.

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